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You show up on my doorstep, it's a rainy night.

You were broken, at first, after the accident. You were shattered. I thought for sure, you would find a way to follow him up there, wherever he went. I was so scared.

I held on to you. I needed you.

You're doing much better, now. You've learned how to smile again. Your smile...is not as radiant as before. But it's here, and it's still beautiful.

You're wearing his ring, still, on a delicate chain around your neck. It's still sparkling, still glittering with all the promises of eternity. Shuichi, you have eternity.

But on nights like this, you miss him. You need him.

You need...someone.

Come into my arms, Shuichi, hold on to me. Cry with me. It's okay...it's okay to cry.

Cry for the love you have lost, and I'll cry for the love I never found.

We'll cry for eternity.


A/N: I dunno. I'm a little sad today, I guess. I wrote this in about two minutes, so forgive me if it's no good. Thanks for reading!