Chapter 4

"Wrenpaw! Wrenpaw, wake up!"

Wrenpaw awoke to safts of light coming through the apprentices den. Goldenpaw was standing over her with an annoyed expression on her face. It was sunhigh, and Wrenpaw was still asleep. Jumping to her paws, she let out a huge yawn.

"Finally!" Goldenpaw rolled her eyes. "Bearstars calling a clan meeting. Sandfurs kits are going to be apprentices!"

Joy filled Wrenpaw from ear to tail tip. There would be four more apprentices to share the den, go hunting together, and train together with. Leaping out of the den, she skidded to a stop beside Ghostfur. He looked down and purred in amusement at his apprentice. Goldenpaw sat down beside her and Cinderfur.

Two dark tabby kits, a light tabby kit, and a silver kit were sitting beneath the moss-rock squirming as Sandfur groomed their coats. Making sure the whole clan was here, Bearstar began.

"Today we gather together to name four new apprentices." He flicked his tail for the four kits to join him on the rock. They scrambled up, pushing and shoving their litter mates to reach the top first. The silver one won.

"Wolfkit," Bearstar continued starting in front of the line, "From this day forward until you have earned your warrior name, you will be known as Wolfpaw. Lucktail," Bearstar called, "You will be Wolfpaws mentor. I expect you to to pass on everything Clawheart had taught you to this apprentice."

"Sandykit," he went on with the light tabby, "You will be known as Sandypaw. Dawnfur, you are ready for your first apprentice. Pass on everything Fernpelt taught you to her."

"Gemkit," he said to one of the darker tabbys, "You will be known as Gempaw. Patchpelt, Share everything Nightfur taught you to this apprentice."

The last dark tabby kit was practicaly bouncing up and down with excitement. Bearstar twitched his whiskers in amusement at the kit. He would more proud of these apprentices then any other because they were his own.

"Loudkit, you will be known as Loudpaw. Ambereyes, Pass all the skills you learned from Badgerclaw to him."

The four warriors went up to touch noses to their new apprentices. Lucktail looked huge up next to Bearstar. If no one knew any better, they would probably say Lucktail was leader.

After that, Wrenpaw joined the clan started in a chant, "Wolfpaw! Sandypaw! Gempaw! Loudpaw! Wolfpaw! Sandypaw! Gempaw! Loudpaw!"

She and Goldenpaw rushed over to greet the new apprentices. They were bouncing up and down with excitement and chatting away between themselves.

"Congratulations!" Wrenpaw mewed.

"Come on, well show you to where you will sleep," Goldenpaw said, and they started to follow her to the den. Wrenpaw stayed behind though. If she wanted to venture on the island, she could do it today. But then she would have to get to the Moon-light place tonight too. That was times to sneak out in one day. It was hard enough one time. Following the five other apprentices to the den, she knew she couldnt do it today.

Goldenpaw was bounding over from moss nest to moss nest and talking really fast. Loudpaw was looking at her with wide eyes, while Wolfpaw was giving her a look like she was crazy. The two she-cats looked like they were about to burst out laughing.

Wrenpaw walked into the den and tapped her friend on the shoulder with her tail.

"Uh, Goldenpaw," she said, "Give it a rest."

The orange she-cat looked at her then at the four new apprentices, and gave an embarrassed look. "Sorry," she said, "I got carried away, didt I?"

Four heads nodded.

"Wrenpaw!" Ghostfurs mew called from outside, "Lets go hunting."

"Coming!" she called back. Tomorrow I'll find a way.

- - - - - - -

When Wrenpaw sneaked out of camp, the sky was cloudy. By the time she reached the Moon-light place, it was drizzling. Silverpaw and Darkpaw were already there, taking shelter under a thin limb of a bush. They looked up as she bounded over to them.

"Wheres Smallpaw?" she asked.

Darkpaw shrugged. "He hasnt come yet."

Silverpaw spoke up, "Did you tell Bearstar about your dream?"

Bearstar? "Oh!" Wrenpaw exclaimed, "I forgot all about it. Sorry."

The silver medicine cat apprentice just shook his head. "Darkpaw forgot too," he said. "It seems that I was the only one that told anyone."

"What did Sharpstar say?" Wrenpaw asked him.

Silverpaw snorted. "You know Sharpstar. I told him about the prophecy and he didnt believe me. He said that we were the only clans that existed and that it would be impossible for two more to come." He paused. "He also said that I should stop eating so much before I sleep."

"Did you tell him that you snuck out?" Darkpaw asked.

"You kidding? I'd be kicked out of the clan!"

No one said much after that. The rain came heavier and faster. Darkpaw shook water out of his long fur.

"Hes not going to show," he said, "We should head back to camp before someone notices us missing.

"You're right," Wrenpaw agreed. She thought about the now five apprentices that would notice her out of the den. It wasnt a very good thought.

Silverpaw hesitated before saying, "Yeah. We could come back the next clear night. Maybe Smallpaw fell into a deep sleep or something."

The three cats said goodnight and rushed back to their clans. Wrenpaw couldnt help but to look at the island though. Tomorrow, rain or shine, she was going to find a way over there. She would find the clan Lucktail had found.

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