Note: If I owned the Covenant I wouldn't be writing this story, I'd be directing it.

"It happened again," Caleb sighed as he relayed his new found information over his cell phone to Pogue.

"No way, man. That would've been two attacks just this month!" Pogue exclaimed.

"I know," Caleb said turning his attention towards his television.

"—the victim was found in the woods located 10 miles outside of Ipswich. Police say it was the most vicious attack so far-- puncture wounds were found across the victim's neck, arms, legs and chest. Similar to the previous attack two weeks ago, the body was completely drained of blood. Investigators believe that the attack was committed by the same person. The killer is still at large and police have issued a $1,000 reward to anyone who knows valid information of the murderer--"

"Things are getting weird," Caleb worried as he turned off his TV.

"Do you think it could be Chase?" Pogue inquired, his voice dripping with disdain at the sound of the warlock's name.

"I don't know, it doesn't seem like his style."

"Trust me, man. Chase will do anything for revenge," Pogue growled.

"I hope not. He'd have to sink pretty low for this one,"Caleb sighed. "That victim was a 13-year old girl."

"I don't put anything past him," Pogue snarled.

"Me neither," Caleb said glancing at his watch. "It's 30 minutes 'til 7, I gotta go meet Sarah."

"Catch ya later, man."

"Can you do me a favor?"

"Yeah, what is it?"

"Make sure Sarah doesn't find out about the attack."



Caleb placed his phone on his bed and headed towards his bathroom. He still had time for a quick shower before he met his girlfriend for dinner. He turned on the warm water and let its soothing heat trickle over his body while he pondered over what he just heard. He had to forget about these attacks. As much as they bothered him it affected Sarah ten times worse. When she learned of the first attack, they were at Nicky's. Her vivacious personality that she was previously showing immediately faded. She clammed up, gazing off into the distance, barely saying a word to anyone. When asked about her behavior she stated she was fine but Caleb knew she was lying. In fact, everyone did. Her blue, wavering eyes showed something else--fear.

The next couple of days Sarah refused to leave her dorm at night, complaining of too much homework. It would have been a valid excuse until Kate caught her sleeping instead of studying.

Fortunately, she'd recently recovered from her trepidation and had asked Caleb out to dinner. He wasn't going to ruin it by bringing up the murder.

Caleb turned off the water, dried himself off and got dressed. He looked at the digital clock on his nightstand. It was now 6:45. If he didn't hurry he was going to be late.

He rushed out of his house, with his car keys in his hand, opened the car door then stopped. Something or some one was watching him--he could feel it.

Caleb turned around to survey the area. The sun had almost completely disappeared behind the horizon leaving dying pockets of sunlight across his property. Yet, even the small rays of light were in the mist of being consumed by the darkness of the oncoming night. The forest near his house was now completely enshrouded in black and whispered with the mystery of the cryptic night.

A tingling sensation in the wizard's chest caused him to stop and stare at the forest. A hushed silence seemed to descend upon the vicinity. No birds chirped, no insects buzzed and the air was tense, heavy with the anxiety of his next move. Whatever he was feeling seemed to be coming from the dense, obscure woods. Then as quickly as that feeling came, it disappeared.