Reid stepped outside into the darkness and peered into the night to make out his surroundings. There were no forests, no buildings and thankfully, no cemeteries which left one problem. He saw absolutely nothing.

"I don't see anything," Reid said as he walked forward.

"That's because your eyes weren't meant to see in the dark," the female teased as she pressed on. "Follow me, if you can."

Reid rolled his eyes and opened his hand as a small ball of light emerged from the center of his palm. Extending his arm upwards, he shined the beam of light on his surroundings revealing their location: a meadow.

"Why are we in a field?" Reid asked as his peculiar companion.

"Because this is where the war took place," she responded as she placed her hands on her hips and looked around.

"You've gotta be shitting me," he muttered as he surveyed the area.

"This place is more than just a battleground," Maya stated as she walked ahead. "It's an unmarked graveyard."


"Warlocks, vampires and humans all buried here together," she informed giving out a half-hearted laugh. "Rather ironic, since our kinds can't seem to get along."

"So how can you tell where they've been buried?" he pondered. "I don't see any headstones."

"That would be too obvious," the vampiress acknowledged as she kneeled down and placed her hand on a rock embedded in the dirt. Digging her nails in deep, she clenched the object and pulled it from its earthly prison.

"Ah, this is it," she said giving a small smile and turned towards Reid. "Here's your headstone."

"It's a rock," he snapped.

"Actually it's a grave marker," she said as she tossed the item at her befuddled friend. "Catch!"

Reid grabbed the rock with his free hand and used his other hand to shine the light onto the specimen.

"It's got these deep scratches on it," he declared as he examined it.

"The scratches determined whether or not it was a warlock or a vampire; One scratch if they a warlock, two if they were a vampire. How many scratches does that one have?"

"Two," Reid replied. "Friend of yours, maybe?"

"None of them were ever my friends," Maya snarled.

"Sorry to hear that," the blonde sneered sarcastically as he tossed the rock back. "Heads up!"

Maya grabbed it and placed the rock back into the ground then stood up.

"How many scratches did the humans have?"

"What do you mean?"

"You said we had one scratch and the vamps had two," Reid repeated. "So the humans had three, right?"

"The humans were burned and their ashes were scattered over the field."

"I thought you said they were buried," Reid said.

"Only if they were alive."

"You mean dead."



"I meant they were buried alive!" Maya exclaimed.

"I don't get it," Reid said stopping in his tracks. "Why would they be buried alive?"

"Because both the Covenant and the vampires felt it was the best thing to do in order to protect the secrecy of our races."

"And this was the solution they came up with?" Reid said angrily.

"That wasn't the only solution," Maya continued. "We incinerated them as well; dead or alive."

Reid's pale complexion flushed red with ire. His fists clenched into tight balls as he bowed his head in confusion.

"That's not true," he said in a low voice full with fury.

"It is true," Maya replied softly as she approached the scorned wizard.

"THAT'S NOT TRUE!" Reid yelled as his head snapped up and he glared at Maya with his enraged, black orbs.

"IT IS THE TRUTH!" she shot back at him. "I WAS THERE!"


"Do you honestly think that just because they didn't tell you that it didn't happen?" Maya growled. "Wake up! It's time for you to realize that the Covenant isn't as innocent as you believed."

"You're lying!" Reid snapped.

"Am I?" Maya sneered. "The Covenant's been kept secret for exactly how long?"

Reid shot her a venomous glare but said nothing.

"Do you truly believe that the Covenant relied solely on its oath of secrecy to keep them safe without taking further action? If you do then you're a fool. We and the Covenant killed the witnesses—the ones who weren't already joined with the Covenant. We did it in order to preserve our races and to silence the humans who knew of our existence. The war had to be erased from time which is why the graves are unmarked."

"I don't believe you," Reid sniped.

"It's in the Book of the Damned," Maya mentioned. "Read it for yourself if you don't believe me."

"I have," Reid barked. "It's not in there."

"Have you read all of it?" Maya asked as she stared him in his eyes.

Reid held her gaze then looked away without answering.

"I didn't think so," she said icily. "Read it again and this time take a good look at the pictures."

Reid stood still, dumbfounded by what he just heard as Maya turned around and walked back to her car.

"Come on," she ushered with a softness now lingering in her tone. "I'll drive you home."

"No," Reid refused. "I have another place I want you to take me."


"The Danvers family's first house," he answered darkly. "It's where the Book of the Damned is."

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