The Untold Stories of the

Dark Planet

Chapter 1

"Hey Ben got the flashlight?" I asked when we were in front of the old professor's door. "Ya, its right here" he said, struggling with the switch. "OW!!! You stepped on my foot stupid!!" I said jumping on one foot " Can't you turn the thing on??" "Sorry June, the switch wont move! I can't seem to turn…" He hesitated then the light flickered on.

We eminently put are air makes on. Even though we were indoors we had to put them on because if we switched on the filtered air switch, that every room had it would make to much noise and people would know that we were there. We snuck out at night because during the day the area were the library is its heavily guarded so we could not go in… you may be thinking how coming at night would be any different but at night they cant see us very well so we could climb the wall without anyone seeing us.

Ben and I were good friends for a long time. Are parents were also very good friends with each other. But ever since my mother died two years ago from to much bad air, my father became depressed and never made contact with his parents again. But Ben and me continued to see each other. Even though he's a year older than me we still get along well. I guess is because I'm different from other girls. I like to play sports more and I'm more courageous than most girls. I'm also one of the troublemakers of our town. Which had its ups and its downs at times.

Now why are we in the old professors library is a whole other story. A while back when I was… I don't remember… 5? A place called "Atherton" was created. Both of are parents signed us up for it but obviously, we were not selected. Ever since then all the citizens of the Dark Plant had to sort of brain wash themselves by not ever mentioning "Atherton" to anybody ever again. But my mother, when she died, in her will she left me her diary of "Atherton". She describes it so well I wish that I were selected.

A big crash spread through the room. "Sorry" Ben said lifting up an old candlestick holder. I looked around the room. There was thousands if not millions of books, Journals, or pieces of paper lying everywhere. Ben ground. I turned around and looked at him. He was rubbing his forehead looking at one piece of paper. "This is worse than 7th grade advanced algebra!!" ha said. Of course I had no clue on what he was saying because I was in the 6th grade. But I new that just 6th grade algebra was hard so I had no trouble knowing that 7th grade advanced is much worse. I took the paper from him. "See what I mean," he said "There's just numbers on this thing, nothing else" Ben was good at math but he was not the best at it. There was 25 people taking advanced math and he ranked around 13th place.

"My mother said we have to find some kind of journal that explains how to create a radio connection with Atherton." I said. "Well wasn't it already created?? Because what difference would it make for us to make a radio connection and a radio if they wont have one?? Its kind of worthless if you ask me." Ben said. "Well at one point they did have contact my mother said. But then one day it got cut somehow. But all I know is that we have two hours till are masks shut off" I said. Ben nodded in agreement and said "You search that side, I'll search this side. If you find something call me." We began as the clock stroke 11.