The Untold Stories of the Dark Planet

Chapter 2

An hour or two passed since we began searching. I looked out the old scratched-up window. Everything seemed to be the same. The Dark Planet isn't a beautiful place as we see in our old textbooks from life in the years of 2000s. We always have a water problem, trash everywhere, bad air blasts, and no wild life whatsoever. We always seem to get floods, because the air blasts weaken the levies that we try to keep in good condition. (But it never seems to do any good) That would seem to be a good thing because of our water problem… but the floods are the thing that actually causes it. We try to keep the water filters working… but when it floods… the murky water just breaks them.

Yes, the dark planet does not sound like a great tourist attraction. But… there is more. The one thing that we have to think about 24-7 is the bad air blasts. That's when the bad chemicals in the air rise up more than usual. Sometimes up to 99 more then usual. That's how my mother died. On a normal day, my mom was coming home from the I.L.T.D.P. meaning "Inventors Lab for The Dark Planet". Then the air blast hit. About 500 people died from this one air blast. Then the I.L.D.T.P decided to market my mother's invention. She invented the air masks. Now everyone owns one… If only they decided to put it out earlier… then maybe my mother could have lived during that air blast.

"Oh… My… GOD!!!!" Ben exclaimed as he was reading a journal. "Did you find it?!" I asked intently. "You know what" Ben said, "now I'm actually glad we weren't accepted to go to Atherton" I stood their awed. "What?!?!?!" I said "Ben, in case you lost your mind, that place had TREES!!! And they have CLEAN AIR something that we NEED!!! That place sounds like heaven if you ask me! Are you-" " Yea some kind of heaven!" Ben interrupted "June, that place has MONSTERS!!! Real live MONSTERS!!! Now we don't need those do we?" Monsters? I thought why would such a great place have monsters?? "Look here" Ben said pointing at a page. "This is only ONE of the monsters in Atherton." "What is it?" I asked "that is a Cleaner" an unfamiliar voice said behind us.

We spun around and there, in the middle of the doorway, a old man with a key around his neck and a journal in his hand. "Now isn't a little late for you two kids to be out of bed?" He asked jokingly. "We had an appointment for her father, but he couldn't make it earlier, so we came instead." Ben said holding a piece of paper in his hand. I looked at him like what are you doing?? Then he gave me of the look of just follow along, we well get through this. So I acted casual. Then the man started laughing. " I remember when I used to do that trick!!!" he laughed for a little bit more then he said "Now why are you really here?" the man asked seriously. We stood there blankly. "Your trying to get in contact with Atherton aren't you?" He said then turned to me "Your mother could never have kept a secret" I looked at him confused "Your mother didn't die from the 99 air blast you know. She was held in custody, and then we had to kill her. We were scared that she would tell someone about Atherton. But it obviously did no good." Then he looked very stern and angry "Who did you tell???" "No one sir." We both said in unison. "Well you better not tell anyone. If you do or did… well I have no choice… But we would just have to kill you." Tears came to my eyes. "Anyways" the man said "I'll be taking that book back" said while grabbing it out of Ben's hands. "And now go straight back were you came from. Remember I have my eye on you." He said. Then he began to walk away. He turn around abruptly and said "Remember… If you tell… we have to kill you two understood? And June, I don't think your dad needs to have another death in the family" We both nodded "Good" he said, and then left. Ever since then, finding Atherton became more dear to me then it ever has been.