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Summary: It was once said that one who could summon a dragon was one who was truly great and one who could befriend said dragon and make it their partner as one might have a partnership with a Ninken or comrade - perhaps true friendship - was a very worthy, not to mention, a truly pure, untainted soul…. Uzumaki Naruto is about to learn how true these quotes of the past really are….

Rated: T for violence and language

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Prophecy of the Dragon Clan

Prologue --

Summoning animals was relatively common, most people had summons or partners of some sort - birds, frogs, toads, dogs, wolves, snakes, bees, cats, tigers, and other creatures just to name a few were rather common. But long ago, it was said that one who could summon a dragon was one who was truly great and one who could befriend said dragon and make it their partner as one might have a partnership with a Ninken or comrade - perhaps true friendship - was a very worthy, not to mention, a truly pure, untainted soul. Of course, this was never proven, though many sought after the Dragon Clan, in hopes of being able to befriend, or rather, capture a dragon in order to make it their partner, or force the Head Dragon to let them sigh the Dragon Clan Summoning Contract. Needless to say, none of those brave - or more so, foolish - men and women came back from their journeys and it was unknown whether or not those who sought after the ancient beasts actually found what they were looking for. After a while, the Ninja World just forgot about the Dragons and went on with their lives, but there were still some who believed that one day, one with a pure heart would actually befriend the Dragon Clan and be granted the ability to sign the Dragon contract and take one of the ancient beasts of legend as their partner. No one though, had believed that the child shunned and despised by his own people would be the one - the one that would become the Dragon Summoner.


Uzumaki Naruto was not a very happy, nor a very privileged boy. All his life, he had been shunned by the children whom he wished to befriend, and despised by the adult villagers. The glares were unbearable, boring holes, figuratively, in the back of his skull as he walked by. The beatings were almost constant, but by the next day, the wounds, the scars, at least the physical ones, had disappeared from his tanned skin. He was practically at the breaking point, he could no longer bear it and at one point or another, he wished that he would just die and end the endless suffering. But it was as if the world was playing some sort of cruel joke on the poor boy, for every time, every single time, just when he was about to die, just when it was about to end, he would be saved, and by the next morning, his body would be unmarred…

At this point in his life, Young Uzumaki Naruto was only six years old, in fact, today was his sixth birthday. While any other little kid would be hopping around, cheering about it being their sixth birthday, demanding for cake and ice cream and presents, now that they were too old to be able to count their age on just one hand, Naruto was scared… He was scared for his life, and while many times he had wish he would just die, he hated the glares, and more so, he hated the beatings, the names that they, the villagers and Shinobi of the village, called him, and he hated, even more, the pain, physical and emotional, that they caused his frail body and mind. It hurt so bad to know that the villagers hated him for a reason that he did not know, nor comprehend. As far as he knew, he had done nothing, nothing at all, to anger the villagers, especially to the extent of his punishments, as many of the villagers called it.

Now, he ran, ran as fast as his stubby legs and frail body could take him. He was panting, sweating to the point that he looked as if he had been standing under a waterfall for the past hour, as was still doing so. His clothing, old, dirty, and many sizes to big for his small stature, were falling off his dirty, sweat-drenched body, and his feet, bare of any protection were worn, blistered and bleeding from running for so long and so far… His small, tanned body was covered in cuts and bruises from earlier in the day, and he left arm dangled uselessly at his side, dripping with thick crimson blood. His spiky blond hair drooped miserably into his eyes, streaked with his own blood. His eyes were shaded over with the very same blood-streaked hair as sheer, crystalline tears flowed from his formally happy, bright, now practically dead cerulean eyes.

A crowd of angry civilians and Shinobi drew menacingly close, half of them drunk beyond belief from festivities earlier in the night. Many held any weapon they could find - hoes and rakes, shovels and sticks, kunai and shuriken, and even swords. They were shouting, many of them, incoherent things, while other words stood out more among the others -- "Demon," "Hell Spawn," "Evil Fox," "Kyuubi," just to name a few of the name.

"Why," Naruto chocked out though his tears, "Why do they hate me?"

Naruto had been running for quite some time, now, and his limbs ached, and his head pounded. He was starving, tired, cold and dirty. But he felt no pain, he had become immune to it by now, yet he was only six. No six years old should have had to live through this, already, in their young life… He stopped, fell to his knees, and sobbed. The mob closed in around him, and, although their yelling was very loud, it was very faint in Naruto's ears, for his own thoughts over-powered the voices of the other villagers.

'Why…? Why do they hate me? What did I do…? What did I do to deserve this punishment? When will it end? When will this suffering end? It doesn't hurt my body anymore…. But my heart… it hurts… I wish it would go away…. I just wish it would go away…! WHY!?… The darkness…. The pain…. Why…. Why?'

All around him, the mob attacked, spouting curses, throwing things and beating him within an inch of his life. It didn't hurt, though, physically, anyway. But inside, Naruto was in turmoil. He didn't understand, maybe it was just too complicated for him to understand, in the first place. He didn't know he just wanted it, all of it, to end. The Pain, the suffering, the name-calling, the hurt, the turmoil, his life… When would it all just … Go AWAY!?!?

It seemed like hours, yet at the same time, seconds, before the mob dissipated. The agonizing torture - physical torture that went unnoticed by his numb body - and even more agonizing torture mental torture had ended, leaving the poor boy both mentally and physically scarred, lying in a pool of his own thick crimson blood.

At that moment - that very moment - if one were to look into that boy's eyes, they would have seen, not cheerful, glee-filled eyes, but cold, emotionless, dead orbs…

'If I … die… then they will be happy …. And I won't be a burden to them… and the old man…"


Elsewhere, two glowing red eyes peered into a crystalline, opaque orb. The orb was clouded over with the image of a young, dying blonde, lying in a pool of blood. The boy's thoughts projected themselves into the creature's - the owner of those glowing red eyes' - mind.

"Hmmm…. Very interesting… This human thinks not of revenge, like a normal human would… his heart, despite what he has been through, is purer than any human I have ever seen… Even with the demon that 'Shui-sama' (1) sealed within him… how odd…"

The creature watched as Naruto, though conscious, made no attempt to stand, or even sit up. He just laid their, his eyes glazed over.

"But this boy's spirit… it's weak, and he's practically dead on the inside… Poor child, he has been though so much! Worthy, his soul is…"

The creature stopped watching, and placed a hand, or rather, claw, on top of the ball, turning the cloudy crystalline ball into a completely clear ball.

The creature stepped from the shadows in which he sat. The creature had scaly green skin and glowing red eyes. He was obviously taller that any normal man, but stood on its hind legs, as if it were one. He had hands, as well as the human trait of opposable thumbs, but his hands, were also green, and noticeable scaly, and each of his fingers, which were both thicker and shorter than a humans', was tipped with a large, very sharp, black claws. The creature's neck was much longer than a human's, and the back of it was lined with very sharp yellow spikes. The creature's head and face were also both very scaly and spiky. Spikes, like the ones that lined the creature's neck, also lined his back and tail, though partially hidden by the royal blue kimono that the creature wore on its body. Lastly, poking out from two slits cut into the back of the creature's kimono were two large, slightly transparent, reptilian wings, also green in color. As well as that, the creature held an odd golden staff in his clawed hand that showed a three-fingered claw gripping a palm sized purple orb. Across the creature's back was a large scroll, one that was old and tattered, decomposing from age.

He, the creature, was a Dragon, one of the clan of ancient and magnificent beasts known as the Dragon Clan. Not just that, but he was the High Priest of the Dragon Clan, a leader and an Elder among the other Dragons. His name was Ryuu no Hi to Koori (2) -- or Ryuu-sama.

Ryuu walked through the halls of the Castle Complex (3) in which the Dragon Clan, or most of it, anyway, resided. His path to his destination cleared as the younger, lower-ranked Dragons of the Dragon Clan scurried from the path of the High Priest's.

Finally, Ryuu stopped at a large door, ten times taller than his own tall stature and tentatively knocked on the door. A loud rumble sounded through the whole Castle Complex and the large wooden doors swung inward with a loud, resounding 'ccccrrrreeeeaaaakkkk.'

The room on the other side of the door was absolutely, positively HUGE. Tall crystalline spikes pierced though the shiny wood flooring, but seemed to have been their before the room had been built. There was no lighting source, yet the room was glowing brightly because of the light emitted from the all crystalline structures that sprouted from the ground.

In the back of the room, a large, black creature lay on the floor, or rather, an extremely large royal blue blanket or rug. The creature's front claws were folder and its large head sat on those folded paws. The creature was absolutely huge, even compared to Ryuu. It had thick, scaly black skin and a thick, spiky mane, as well as a row of neat black spikes that ran down the large creature's back, neck and tail. The creature opened its eyes, revealing large, but bright yellow eyes, each with a slit pupil. The creature lifted its long neck and head and looked down at Ryuu with half-lidded yellow eyes.

"What is it, Ryuu-kun?" the creature asked, its voice was loud, but not as deep as one would expect from such a large creature. Its voice was very feminine, and was warm, like the voice of a mother.

Ryuu bowed to the larger Dragon.

"Sundakurohikari-Hime (4), I have found him," Ryuu said, still bowing.

The larger Dragon, Sundakurohikari, giggled slightly.

"I told you, Ryuu-kun, call me Kari-Chan! I don't like all of those formalities! I'm not that old, in fact, you BABYSAT ME when I was just a little Hatchling!" the Sundakurohikari, now known as Kari.

Kari was the Princess or the Dragon Clan, as well as its leader. She was the daughter of the original King of the Dragons, who had died long ago, and the original Queen of the Dragons, who died as well, before the King.

"Now, tell me about him…"

Ryuu nodded.

"He is a child with a Pure Heart, but he is about at the breaking point. He is not liked … no detested by his village, yet wants no revenge… He was beaten by his villagers… so if he is the one, then we should work fast."

Kari nodded and closed her eyes.

"Show me this child."

Ryuu nodded to his leader and touched the purple orb at the top of his Dragon-Claw staff. At that point, the orb flashed with a bright light and images projected into the air. They were images of the beatings, and the thoughts of the boy. The showed the boy and his eyes, the people, the village and the boy's emotions, happy and sad.

Kari watched and sighed.

"Stop the images, Ryuu-Kun. I believe that he could be the one.." Kari said, "go there - save the boy, and give him the contract. If it doesn't reject him, we'll know if he is the one."

Ryuu nodded and disappeared in a poof of smoke.

"I know that he is the one, I can see it in his eyes, and he looks so much like him… 'Shui-kun'…" Kari whispered after Ryuu no Hi to Koori left.


End of Prologue of "Prophecy of the Dragon Clan."



'Dragon Thinking'

'Demonic Thinking'


"Dragon Talking"

"Demonic Talking"


(1) - Shui-sama - Leader

(2) - Ryuu no Hi to Koori - Dragon of Fire and Ice - High Priest of the Dragon Clan

(3) - Castle Complex - A labyrinth of halls and chambers that make up the home of most of the Dragon Clan.

(4) - Sundakurohikari - Pure Black Light - Princess of the Dragon Clan

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