Dear unbelievably faithful readers,

Today, on a whim, I went back to check the reviews on my very old, very much abandoned fan fiction. I was astonished to find several of my works, many not updated since 2007, have accumulated reviews and encouragements, despite laying inactive for five years. This has inspired me. Believe it or not, many of these stories were written when I was in seventh and eighth grade. I am not about to enter freshman year at college. I promise, once I get settled in, I will begin writing fan fiction once more. This will include a rewrite of Prophecy of the Dragon Clan, as well as new stories, likely of the Avengers, Doctor Who, Supernatural and Being Human (UK) fandoms. My other unfinished stories such as Kyuubi's Legacy, Artificial, and Demonic Duo, will be reread and reconsidered for salvaging, though it is unlikely that they will be continued do to their (if I remember correctly, it's been a while) drastic departures from cannon. I haven't read the Naruto manga in several years, so I should probably catch up, huh... Anyway, I'm not done yet. Sorry for the unwarranted and exceedingly long hiatus. Thanks for reading.