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Chapter 4

Aizen was very…how could you put it? Interested, was more like it. He knew of Toshiro's ability's and wanted to use them, even if it meant breaking him in the process. It would be pitiful to see him break so why not let these hallucinations continue, in a way. The male was going to use a very interesting way, the young captain would forget about his days in the soul society and all before his time there. Simple as it was it was still time consuming.

"Grimmjow go get Hitsugaya for me." He said his eyes never leaving the patch of concrete below him. He got a simple nod and the teal haired male came back in about ten minutes looking as though he had one the lottery. The young captain looked very flushed and very mad.

"What do you want Aizen?" he said with venom in his voice. Grimmjow just looked too happy and looked at his master like a dog wanting a bone to be thrown for him to catch and tear it to ribbons.

"Toshiro, come here. I want to show you something. Everyone else…leave." He said and then everyone, even the ones he couldn't see left. The teal haired male's smile dropped but when Aizen smiled again he smiled with a wicked grin.

Toshiro obeyed because he knew Aizen could easily bring back the hallucinations like throwing a rock at a building. His sea green eyes narrowed in suspicion and Aizen could clearly see that. Every thought possible went threw his mind at that moment but it all froze in place as Aizen took out his sword. His eyes never left it and then he fell into a pit off nothingness.


The young white haired male opened his eyes and he was in a white room. He sat up quickly, as he always did. He had no idea what happened except that he was there and he was…he couldn't recall where he was originally, like he popped out of nothingness. A brunette male walked in and the teen looked at him fairly confused and he felt threatened. The man just smiled at him.

"Well, well, well. I see you woke up, nice to see you again." The man said, and the teen looked bewildered. His eyes narrowed from suspicion.

"Who are you?" He asked as the venom could be heard through each and every word. The man's smile didn't once falter and he walked closer to the white haired boy.

"I found you after the soul society lied to you and I gave you the truth. But I need you to do something my Toshiro and please call me Aizen-sama." The man said with a trusting smile that Toshiro couldn't help but believe.


Toshiro walked back in the human world as he left behind someone who looked so familiar. He had learned the man's name was Gin Ichimaru. He had thought at the time that Gin was a type of drink. He certainly could believe it, but he carried out on his way following Aizen-sama's orders.

When he got to the house he was told to he saw the gigai and got into it. He was so uncomfortable in it. Tight and he didn't have his own personal sword anymore. As he was flexing all his muscles and bones, a large breasted woman came in looking at him with mixed emotions, anger, happiness, and then shock. The young Hitsugaya was told this was Matsumoto, his old lieutenant. His face planted in a frown as she came up and hugged him.

"Captain, where have you been?" She yelled as she let go of the young captain. Worry crossing her features and with her hands on her hips. "Come on tell me."

Toshiro didn't let his features slip from a frown. He didn't like this woman and then he just walked out on her, passing her and then he looked guilty. He didn't want to but Aizen-sama said not to like anyone…he couldn't get into a relationship with any of his past "friends." He just couldn't live with both the guilt from the betrayal to Aizen-sama and the guilt that he would leave the people he had befriended.

Matsumoto turned around and grabbed her captain by the arm and turned him around causing him to flinch in the process. She seemed very angry by the fact he had ignored her. Her blue eyes just bore into him and caused the teen to look away.

"Captain, you have been gone for four days. Where did you go?" The woman demanded from her captain.

"Don't ever speak to me like that Matsumoto, and where I was is none of your business. Leave me alone for right now." He snapped back and freed himself from the strawberry blondes grip and then stormed off. He went to the roof and stared at the moon. It was night when he got there but some how the moon just made his feel better. He ran his hand over his arm were Matsumoto grabbed him and the he gasped in shock.

He felt a hand slide over every bit of him and he moaned. It was a strange feeling because he had never had someone that close to him had done that. He felt a smile on his neck from the body the hands were connected to. Then the silver haired man moved down to his pant line and kissed dangerously close to his area, but always above his pants. He heard himself moan and arched his well built body in pleasure.