Title: What You Did Not Know
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
Theme no.: 13. Oh! Oh! Malediction!
Pairing: Ed/Winry, Al
Rating: K
Summary: Ed's return to Rush Valley.
Notes: A follow up to Prompt 1 (Chapter 1), because I like when things tie up all nice and neatly like that.

Before I let you read, can I just thank everyone who read these and dropped a supportive note while I was writing these? Your encouragement made this whole process a whole lot of fun, even on the nights when this was almost torturous. And as always, my thanks goes out to JoJoDancer, who beta read every single one of these faithfully every week, no matter how much I was whining.

13. Oh! Oh! Malediction!

The ride back to Rush Valley was calm, with absolutely no notable events whatsoever; a direct juxtaposition with the chaotic train he'd taken back into Central. It didn't help that he would have absolutely loved an excuse to be late – the inevitable was coming, but he wouldn't have minded putting it off for an hour or two before having to face Winry again.

It was after dinner when he arrived in the city, and deciding that he didn't care what her customers thought, he walked right past the inn to reach her tiny apartment building and crawled up the dirty wooden steps to her place, pausing to take a deep breath before knocking shortly.

The door burst open and there was Winry, her eyes wide, nearly breathless from her scramble to answer his call. For a moment they stood there, he blinking in surprise, her in disbelief, and then she threw herself into his arms, her own locking around his neck and nearly choking him as she dragged him back into the apartment.

"Idiot!" she cursed at him, pulling him down next to her on the couch and looking him over. Ed was still speechless, shocked into silence at the greeting. Her face was scrunched up, her lips pursed as she trailed her eyes down his arms and back up to his face – he'd known she would be angry, but he hadn't expected her to be quite so upset.

"Winry-" he started to say, though he lapsed into silence once again at the look on her face. There was the outraged look he new so well.

"You're just fine!" she said accusingly.

"Well… yeah," he agreed, not sure exactly where she was going with this train of thought. Wasn't that a good thing?

"Alphonse called me and told me you'd been in a fight! I thought you were coming back here all beat up and half-dead or something! I've been worried sick all day!"

Ed blinked at these words, and then suddenly realized that Al had tried in vain to get him out of trouble – and succeeded only in making Winry panic instead. "I did get into a fight," Ed explained. "But it was only three guys."

"And you're okay?" Winry demanded.

"Mostly." Ed held up his mangled right arm and let her take in the remains of her prototype ventilation system. "I had a little bit of trouble…"

He didn't even see the arm lash out, let alone wonder where on her person she'd been keeping the wrench.

When he came to, Winry was sitting on the couch next to him, holding an ice pack against the lump that was rapidly swelling on his forehead.

"Tell Alphonse better luck next time," she said wryly, removing the ice pack to lean over and brush her lips against the wounded area. Ed hissed, and Winry snorted before turning her attention back to his automail.