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Chapter 1

She could hear her heart pounding in her ears her blood was running wild. All she could think about was how close they were to finding and capturing him. She looked down at the ninja dog in front of her, ignoring the sweat glistening on her brow.

"He's just a little further up."

"But will the others get here in time?"

"My companion is one of the fastest, once he finds any one of them they will start heading this way and he will gather all of them, if he finds Naruto first that would work out perfect as he has the loudest of all of us."

There was a loud howling sound a moment later and she smirked, "That wouldn't have been him would it?"

"Yes it was, they should be here soon, this way."

The ninja dog in front of her turned a hair pin corner still running as fast as he could. If she wasn't a ninja she probably would have tripped.

A little further down the path a group of four shinobi all wearing black cloaks were walking silently. The only female stopped and turned around to look back at the trail. The others stopped to look at her. One man with spiky ebony hair spoke.

"Karin what is it?"

"Someone is heading this way at a fast pace, they will be coming around that corner in just a moment."

Sasuke knew he probably should have jumped into the trees and hid along with his team but curiosity had gotten the best of him and he had a strange feeling in his stomach ever since the morning and wanted to throw caution to the wind. A moment later a flash of pink and white came around the corner and continued to run forward stopping about 10 feet away from the four shinobi.

Sakura stopped, trying to catch her breath, as did the ninja dog in front of her. She stood up straight locking eyes with the Uchiha. She was too concentrated on the young man in front of her to notice his three companions. She was trying to mentally preparing herself for what was to come next.

"My, my, what do we have here? You're a pretty thing aren't you?"

She broke her gaze with the onyx eyes to look at a man with shoulder length hair and sharp teeth. Her lip turned upward a look of disgust on her face annoyed by his comment. Sasuke merely looked at Suigetsu from behind glaring at him, which no one seemed to catch. Suigetsu was about to talk again when Sasuke beat him to it.


Her attention was ripped back to Sasuke who turned his head to the side his expression stoic. The other 3 gaped at him then back to the pink haired Kunoichi standing in front of them shocked that he seemed to know her.

"Sasuke-kun we have come to take you back."

Karin glared at the girl in front of them, angry to hear her call him with the suffix 'kun.' Juugo and Suigetsu gaped at Sasuke who didn't seem to mind that they were all staring at him. He smirked at her.

"Have you? And where is the rest of this 'we'?"

She took a step forward past the ninja dog that was staying silent, "Don't worry they're coming." She paused for a moment, "You won't escape this time Sasuke-kun."

"What makes you so confidant this time Sakura?"

She noted the way he said her name. It made her shiver with a slight bit of fear. Trying to mask her emotions she smirked back at him taking another step forward, "Because this time we came prepared."

"Sasuke there are others heading this way and fast, we need to move." Karin said.

"How many?"

"At least 7 others, possibly more."

There was a long silent pause where everyone stood staring form the pink haired leaf Kunoichi to Sasuke.


Sakura knew of his speed the last time they encountered and was trying to keep ready but, he moved too fast for her to even react. He slammed her body against a tree and put a hand on her throat. The ninja dog growled at him and jumped only to be grabbed by Suigetsu while he was in the air. He bit hard into his hand but it seemed to not have an effect.

"Hehe, that wont work on me little pup." He tightened his grip so the dog wouldn't struggle. Sasuke stared down at her with a stoic expression, he had placed his hand on her neck but was not yet squeezing. They're faces were inches apart. Sakura was trying to think about what to do and trying to avoid thinking about how close they were which Sasuke didn't seem to register.




Naruto had just run around the corner with Hinata and Yamato right behind him. He gaped at the sight before him trying to catch his breath. The ninja dog which was on his shoulder howled as loud as it could. Naruto's and Sasuke's group all covered they're ears, the ninja dog Suigetsu was holding wiggled out of his grasp and ran to help Sakura but Sasuke kicked him backwards. He rolled in the dirt staggering to his feet a moment later.


He turned his attention to Naruto, "Naruto. I thought you would be happy to see me."

He tightened his grip on her throat suddenly and lifted her up off the ground with one hand. Sakura let out a muffled scream. Juugo, Karin and Suigetsu continued to watch not wanting to get in the middle of the fray unless they were asked to, knowing they needed to leave and fast.

"SASUKE! Let her go!"

"Naruto if you come any closer I will kill her."

He glared at his best friend and teammate looking at Sakura struggle for air. "You wouldn't kill Sakura-chan you don't have it in you."

He said nothing but tightened his grip around her neck making her scream with what little breath she had. Naruto balled his fists together feeling anger surge through his body.

Sakura's vision was starting to blur, she could feel the artery in her neck pounding against Sasuke's firm grip. 'I need to do something, Sasuke-kun would you actually kill me?' Suppressing her tears she began to gather chakra in her right hand. Naruto noticed this but was confused to see it was a blue glow and not a green one. 'Sasuke-kun I'm sorry.' Sasuke looked back to her watching Naruto's expression change but it was too late by the time he did look. She placed her hand on his forearm and tore all the muscles using her chakra. Sasuke immediately dropped her pulling his arm away feeling a sharp pain jump through his arm at a fast pace. Sakura fell to the ground hard gasping for air; she could feel her neck was bruised.

Once she fell Naruto lunged toward Sasuke charging his resangan as he ran. Sasuke looked up seeing him coming at them; he grabbed Sakura with his good hand and was gone a moment later. Naruto stopped in his tracks looking over to where Sasuke had gone. Suigetsu was holding Sakura's hair back and Sasuke, with his good arm, held his katana at her neck his other arm lying limp at his side. Sakura was envisioning flashbacks when something of the same happened to her a long time ago. She swallowed still gaping for air and trying not to cry. 'Sasuke-kun have you really changed this much that you would kill me?'

"Naruto I don't have time to fool around. If you come after us I will kill her."

"Sasuke, I don't believe you."

Sasuke moved his hand slightly and cut her neck, blood started to pour down her white skin. She gasped for air feeling the hard, cold metal graze her skin. Naruto gritted his teeth together taking a step back. He was stuck in a staring contest with Sasuke glaring daggers at him.

"Teme! If you hurt her-"

"You'll what? I'm serious Naruto don't come after me again, I will kill her."

A moment later they were gone. Naruto stood still staring at the spot he was a moment before.


Kakashi landed a moment later followed by everyone else, Sai, Shino, Kiba and Akamaru and all the ninja dogs.

"What happened, where is Sasuke?" Kakashi asked surveying the area with Pakkun on his shoulder.

"Where is Sakura?" Sai asked after taking a quick look through everyone. Naruto was too upset to answer. He was still thinking of ways to kill his best friend.

"Sasuke took her with him."

"What!" yelled Sai and Kiba.

"H-He said if we came a-after him he would for certain k-kill Sakura-san." Hinata explained. Kakashi looked at Naruto. He could have sworn he saw a flash of red pass through his eyes.

"Naruto. Do you think Sasuke will follow through with his threat?"

He slowly took his attention up to meet Kakashi's face. He thought about it for a moment and balled his fists together.

"I don't know."

Everyone was surprised to hear him say it, except Hinata and Yamato since they were there. Kakashi was having a hard time trying to think Sasuke had changed so much that he would actually kill his old teammate, although you wouldn't know it if you looked at his face, since he looked like he always did. Naruto continued, "This time I don't know what he'll do." He continued to stare at the ground letting anger boil over inside him. 'Teme, if you hurt Sakura-chan I'll never forgive you.'

Sakura was being carried underneath the arm of Suigetsu. She watched the ground beneath them go by as they jumped through the trees. She was trying to internally deal with the fact that Sasuke had almost just killed her twice. She wouldn't allow herself to cry though. She looked up to see if she could tell where they were going but only saw the backs of Sasuke and to the left was the dark haired Kunoichi. She knew the other Shinobi was to the right of the man carrying her, since she could hear the sound of him jumping from branch to branch. She would have struggled against him, but she feared what Sasuke might try to do to her if she tried to run away.

She continued to watch Sasuke's back staring at his black hair which was blowing in the wind. 'He has grown up but, he seems to have changed so much.' Her eyes lingered on to his right arm, which she could see was still laying limp beside him. 'I guess I should fix his arm for him later, he is probably in some pain because of it.'

Suigetsu looked down to the girl under his arm and noticed she seemed to be staring at Sasuke's back. He threw her up higher trying to get a better grip on her before she fell, as well he did it to annoy her.


He smirked looking down at her, "You're pretty heavy for a girl."

She glared up at him balling her fists together. A thought came into her mind and she smirked back at him. Sasuke heard the sound of her voice and looked back to hear what she was going to say back.

"Well you're pretty handsome compared to a snapping turtle."

"Why you little-"

"It's getting dark we're stopping here for the night." Sasuke interrupted trying to suppress the smirk he felt from hearing Sakura's insult. They each landed on the ground a moment later in a small clearing of trees. Suigetsu dropped Sakura on the ground which earned him a glare from Sasuke.


"What!" He snapped back at the Uchiha. With a stoic expression he responded, "Go and get some food."

He glared at Sasuke before turning on his heel and walking away grumbling. Sakura who was lying on her stomach got up and sat against a tree. The tallest man who she noticed still had not spoken was gone. It was just her, the other Kunoichi and Sasuke left; they were each sitting a couple feet away from her. She suddenly felt rather awkward sitting there. She looked to the Kunoichi and noticed she was glaring at Sakura.

"I don't see anything special about you." Karin spat out at her. Sasuke seemed not to hear her at all. He was more focused on Sakura.

Sakura was about to lash out at the Kunoichi with a fire of nasty words but stopped when Sasuke suddenly stood up. He walked over to where she was and knelt down in front of her. Sakura felt her hand start to shake but stopped it immediately. He brought his face closer to hers, staring into her eyes. Sakura felt her cheeks start to warm up. It seemed to her that Sasuke was studying her. She thought she heard a low growl from the girl sitting across from her but ignored it.

"What did you do to my arm Sakura?"

The large man arrived behind Sasuke putting down a pile of wood and then taking a seat adjacent of Karin still not speaking. She swallowed remembering what had happened earlier and the pink from her cheeks faded. She was now angry at him for trying to kill her.

"Why should I tell you Sasuke-kun?"

She noticed his brows furrow slightly, it was almost the most emotion she had seen him show since running into him again.

"Can you fix it?"

"I might be able to."

Suigetsu came back at that moment still grumbling and looking grumpy. He brought with him 5 fish and sat down on the other side of Karin catching her glare then following suit with Juugo and watched the scene play out in front of them.

"Fix it Sakura."

"Why should I?!" She started raising her voice meeting his glance with her own angry one. Seeing her mad at him made his expression change slightly from stoic to annoyed. She was at least happy that she could see what he was feeling.

"If you don't-"

"You'll what Sasuke-kun?! Kill me?! First of all you need me to tell you what is wrong with your arm and second you need me to fix it, I would think that fighting Itachi might be a little harder with your arm in that condition."

Sasuke glared at her not bothering to respond. He stood up turning around to face the wood, which was placed in a pile. Performing a series of hand signs he spoke, "Katon: Goukakyuu No Jutsu."

Sasuke took a seat sitting against a tree adjacent to Sakura and watched as the fish started to cook. The other three had never seen something so incredible. She had yelled at him and he didn't even retort to her in any way. He didn't hurt her and he didn't lash out verbally at her. Karin disliked Sakura more and more as time went by. She was trying to size her up. 'She is the complete opposite of me, pink hair, green eyes, light clothes.' She glanced at Sasuke who was staring at the fire not saying anything, but looked pensive.

"So your name is Sakura ne?"

Sakura looked up across the fire to the one who had carried her. She made no move to answer but had a scowl on her face.

"I'm Suigetsu one of the seven swords men of the mist." He grabbed his sword and waved it over the fire twice then put it back onto his back. Sakura noticed something weird when he took his sword off his back.

"Interesting sword Suigetsu, where did you get it?"

He smirked and leaned to one side putting a hand up in the air and closed his eyes, "It is rightfully mine now that my Sempai is deceased, it took me a couple years to finally came and get it though."

"Your Sempai? You mean Zabuza?"

"Oh you have heard of the great demon of the mist. Yes he was my sempai; he taught me a lot a long time ago."

"And where did you find his sword?"

"At his grave of course."

"You just happened to know where he was buried?"

"Of course not! Sasuke showed me where he was, actually you never told me how you knew that Sasuke."

Sakura looked over to him; he was staring at her intently. Sakura felt her cheeks start to turn red and looked away from him thankful it was dark.

"My name is Karin and I don't really like you."

Sakura raised an eye brow at her analyzing her for a moment. A thought crossed her mind and she smirked, "Well it's safe to say that I don't care if you like me or not." 'But it's pretty obvious who you do like.'

Juugo was still starring at the fire when Suigetsu threw a rock near him getting his attention, "Oi Juugo are you going to tell her your name."

"My name is Juugo; it's nice to meet you."

Sakura was shocked at his introduction, so much that she forgot to introduce herself back. 'He was actually polite.'

It was a long quiet night for Sakura. They each had they're own private tents and went to bed soon after they ate. No one had really spoken for the rest of the night except for right before Sasuke was about to go to sleep.

"Sakura, get in here."


"I said get in the tent."

Karin who had just gotten into her tent made a strange noise from inside it. Sakura was shocked she didn't know what to say or do.

"S-Sasuke-kun I can sleep outside-"

"I don't trust you, and I can't keep an eye on you if you are out here so get in."

Sakura stood up swallowing whatever saliva was in her mouth. She stopped before him staring into his eyes, 'Sasuke-kun, you have grown even more tall and handsome then before.' The top of her head came to his lips. She got inside the tent and heard him zip it up from outside. She looked behind her hearing the zipper go up. 'Silly me, I thought for a moment there he meant that we were going to sleep side by side.' Sakura felt her cheeks start to burn and shook the image she was seeing out of her head.

'Good night Sasuke-kun.'

Sakura had a hard time sleeping that night since flashes of what had happened earlier kept running through her mind. She was silently crying to herself knowing he almost killed her and looked like he didn't even care. Eventually she dried her tears and rolled over sighing. 'How long am I going to be with him and his team?' She thought about each of them in turn wondering about each of they're stories and how they came to be with Sasuke. Finally she fell asleep thinking about Naruto, Kakashi, Sai, the others and Konoha. 'What will Tsunade-sama do when they tell her Sasuke-kun has kidnapped me?' Sakura lingered in this thought for a while before shaking her head and trying to go to sleep once again.