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Hobbling on crutches out to the garage was not my favorite thing to do. Especially since the ground was mushy from the recent rain. Very recent. I scowled when the sky began to drip again. Leave it to me to fall for someone who preferred dark, wet weather.

I smiled despite the dull pain shooting up my leg. Edward was worth every moment, no matter what he said about being dangerous to me. He had become the sun in this sunless world.

I gritted my teeth against the inner monologue. If I didn't get into the garage soon and lean up against something I was going to become irritable. I should have accepted when Esme offered to carry me out. She had told me where Edward was. The building is about a football field's length away from the house. I thought I could handle going that far. I would be grateful when this plaster was gone.

As I approached, I heard the atrocious 50's station Edward insisted on playing. The music seemed to be a little cheesy to me with its upbeat tempo and love struck lyrics. I smiled in irony. I thought 50's music was bad, but some of the times Edward and I had been spending together recently were up there on the cheesiness scale.

Like the night of old movies. We quoted Casablanca lines back and forth to each other. Edward danced with Ginger Rogers. I fake swooned over Jimmy Stewart. It was a particularly ridiculous night.

I shook myself out of my ever present daze and began toward the open door of the garage. As I got closer I could hear Edward's voice singing along with the music, which was heavenly, but I also heard a female voice. Rosalie.

I sighed heavily. She still didn't like me. I was just going to have to accept that. Emmett still liked me.

Edward was working on the Volvo. From my view inside I could see that it was up on a jack on the driver's side. Edward's feet were sticking out. I stifled a laugh at the picture. He still hadn't sensed my presence. I hobbled closer and looked for Rosalie. Her blonde head was no where to be found.

"Bella?" Edward's beautiful voice echoed around the room. He must have caught my scent. His foot moved to roll himself from underneath the car, but stopped in indecision. Probably wondering if I was actually right outside or if he'd caught a whiff of me from across the field. He rolled out anyways.

"I can hear your heart." He chuckled. And his perfect smile appeared. He was standing quicker than my eyes could discern and coming towards me. His beauty always shocked me for a moment so he had crossed the distance before I could properly blink.

"Don't stand out here in the rain," he caught me up in his arms and carried me inside.

"My crutches." I sighed, watching them fall onto the ground.

"Like you need them when I'm around." He laughed, kissing my forehead and depositing me onto a workbench. He had my leg propped and my crutches inside before I could say anything else.

"What brings you out this fine evening? And why, for that matter, didn't Esme bring you out here?" he leaned against the workbench and waited for my response.

"I thought I could make it out here. I didn't realize how soft the ground was, I suppose. And as far as why I'm out here, I woke up from my nap and felt pretty good. I knew you wouldn't be up to the house for a few more hours, so I thought I'd surprise you. I didn't realize you would be working on your car. Is there something wrong?" I looked over where I saw the inhuman movements of Rosalie working on her own car that was up on the garage's rack. She must have been rushing to finish.

"Nope. I was just fiddling around mostly. I heard a little jingle and decided to check it out. Tightened up a few things while I was under there. That's all." He saw that I was distracted by Rosalie's motions and moved to block her from my view, "Have you taken your pain killers in a while?" He must have read the pain from my facial expression. Good thing he didn't realize it was more about Rosalie's disdain for me and less about my bum leg.

"Yes." I scowled in mock annoyance and then laughed, "What are you, my doctor?"

"I do have two medical degrees." He challenged.

"Means nothing to me. Except that you are pompous." I laughed.

"Did you just call me pompous?" Edward's face was incredulous.

"You are," Rosalie called over her shoulder and ran out of the garage. Somehow she'd taken her car off the rack and parked it in her usual space. I giggled.

"I'll deal with her later. But you, miss, are under my care and mercy." Edward barely glanced at Rosalie's departure and turned his full attention on me. His gaze made me forget what we were talking about.

"Stop that!" I smacked his stone shoulder and glared when he turned his heartbreaking smile my way. I didn't glare for long though.

"You infuriate me," I reached out to touch his face gingerly, not wanting to startle him in any way. His hand met mine and held it to his face.

"If I infuriate you so much, why are you still sitting here?" he laughed, and moved to trap me further.

"I guess I'm just crazy." I sighed.

"That you are," he smiled and flashed his white teeth at me in warning. I knew that look. He had proven that he could handle being around me. He had even tasted my blood—per my late nemesis James—but he seemed to need to remind me daily that he was a vampire and that I was his exact brand of heroin. As if I needed the memo.

"Alright, alright. Feel free to go back to your tinkering." I tried to free my hand from his face, but his stone grip wouldn't release.

"I'm comfortable right here." He inched closer. "How are you feeling? Your ribs ok?" He reached to touch my torso gently, but only felt the supportive tape that was there. I was sore still, but getting stronger everyday.

"They're healing pretty well. They don't feel like anything more than a bruise. The tape itches more than anything else." I answered, trying not to sound affected. His hand had rested at my waist. I sighed at his touch. It always took my breath away, no matter how light. His eyes seemed to scan my entire profile before looking back into my eyes. They seemed sad and my head involuntarily shook back and forth, trying to dispel the bleak thoughts I knew were going through his mind.

"Bella, you are too much." He murmured, looking away. I seemed to be getting better and better at my own mind reading technique. With him anyways.

"Haven't I always been?" I challenged.

"It's true." He nodded and broke contact, walking back towards the car. He released the jack's strain on the car slowly and began putting tools away. Just like Rosalie, he had his car parked in its usual place within seconds.

"Ready to go in? I feel really bad about having you propped up on a hard workbench when you could be resting on my couch." He grimaced. His face seemed to be schooled again, no hint of any negativity in the depths of his eyes, other than for my discomfort.

"Will you walk normal? No running." I gave him a pointed look.

"Of course. How else would I carry you? Seriously, if I ran with you, in the state you're in, I have a higher chance of breaking you, than when you're completely healthy." His brow furrowed in that maddening way that made me want to reach out and smooth it down again.

"Passenger ready to board, I suppose." I shrugged. In one swift, gentle movement I was in Edward's arms, cradled against his chest.

"Grab your crutches, please," he angled so that I could reach them. I laid them across my lap so that the tops were leaned against Edward's unoccupied shoulder, pointed down.

"Why can't we do this at school again?" I asked, snuggling into his neck.

"Because other than being completely inappropriate, it is also a little more than your father would handle hearing. He hates me already. We don't need to edge him over the precipice." He laughed as he covered the distance between the garage and the house in long strides.

"He just doesn't understand how I could have that huge fight with you on one night then five days later be crazy about you again." I reminded him.

"No matter what, we must tread lightly around Charlie. Remember, I can hear his thoughts. You cannot. And he does not like me." He snickered.

"One battle at a time. The one I'm choosing right now would be the obvious—the battle against this cast." I glared at the bulge underneath my pants leg.

"Good choice," Edward nodded as he whisked me into the house and up to his room.

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