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Second Chances

Prologue: Second Times the Charm

Professor Oak sighed as he leaned back in his chair inside his lab. He knew that he shouldn't feel bad for Ash; I mean he was late unlike everyone else and there for lost his chance to get a pokemon this year, and yet he still did. Professor Oak once again sighed and pressed a button on the bottom of his desk, bringing up the hidden pokeball from the platform in the center of his lab. He supposed he should have not lied to Ash and given him his final pokemon, but the pokemon in this pokeball was still so wild that even the Kanto league champion would have a hard time taming it. With one final sigh Professor Oak turned back to his work, Ash was just going to have to wait to get a pokemon until next year.

A little ways outside of Pallet Town

Ash was beyond mad at the moment; no he was just plain pissed. He felt like his whole life was falling down around him. No matter how hard he tried, everything that ever made his life worth living was ripped away from him. First he had lost his dad and now he had even lost his chance at getting a Pokemon until next year. Now Gary was going to was going to be a year ahead of him at Pokemon training and he knew that almost all chances of him becoming a Pokemon Master were fading away fast. It looked like his dads dream for him was never going to be for filled.

Letting out a cry of frustration Ash picked up a rock and hurled it at a near by tree as fast as he could, leaving a nice sized dent in the tree.

"Why, why can't anything in my life ever go right for me?!" Ash yelled out angrily, tears streaming down his face as he went to pick up another rock. Grabbing the rock he went to once again throw it at the tree when he realized something was weird about the 'rock' he just picked up. The object in his hand didn't feel like a rock at all, but in fact felt metallic and was in the shape of a sphere. Looking down at the object in his hand he realized with joy that it was a pokeball.

Happily bringing the pokeball out in front of him, he quickly realized the pokeball in front of him wasn't like all of the pokeballs he was used to seeing. Instead of being red and white in color, this one was a pure white in color and instead of having a black line like normal pokeballs; this had a line of red. While still admiring his pokeball, a thought crossed though his mind, he still probably wasn't going to be able to use this pokeball until he got a Pokemon next year. This thought brought back all of the anger he had felt earlier rushing back, and in one split second decision he clenched his hand around the sphere and then hurled it as hard as he could behind him before starting to run off in the opposite direction.

It was only a flash of red light in the corner of his eye that made him stop running and turn around to see what caused it. He was surprised to see what looked like red colored energy getting sucked into the white pokeball. It wasn't until the pokeball hit the ground and started shaking back and forth that he realized what had happen. He had some how managed to hit a pokemon that was right in front of him and he hadn't even noticed.

His joy over actually capturing a pokemon in the pokeball only increased when it looked like the pokemon wasn't going to be able to break free of the pokeball. He held his breath and unconscious crossed his fingers as he watched the pokeball continue to shake until he heard the tell tale ping the signaled the pokemon had been caught.

"Yes! I caught a pokemon!" Ash yelled to the heavens, so excited that he had managed to capture a pokemon, not even caring if it was a weak common pokemon, all that mattered is that it was his pokemon. Hugging the pokeball to his chest as if it was the most important thing in the world to him, Ash began to wonder what kind of pokemon he had managed to capture.

"Well I guess there is only one way to find out, pokeball go." Ash said excitedly he threw the ball out in front of him, causing the pokeball to split open and white energy to burst out, while the pokeball returned to his hand.

The white energy started to take shape and soon before him stood, no floated a light pink cat with bright blue eyes, a large head, large feet and a long thin tail. The little cat looked at him questionably, its tail moving behind it, before it tilted its head and said softly, "Mew."

Chapter 1: I What!!!

Ash stood there staring blankly at his new pokemon, not really sure what to make of it. He was sure that if any of the girls he knew in Pallet Town were here, they would start talking about how cute it looked, and this and that, but he wasn't really sure what to make of it at all.

But Ash was of course brought out of his thoughts by his new pokemon which was now only a few inches in front of his face causing him to jump back in his surprise to fall backwards, hurting himself in the process. He looked up to see his pokemon giggling above him, clearly amused. Ash glared back at his pokemon for a few minutes before he realized that he would be laughing at himself right now and started laughing along with his Pokemon.

"Well any way since I'm going to be your trainer now, what's your name?" Ash asked his new pokemon as he got back to his feet, staring in a bit of wonderment at his new pokemon.

His pokemon stared at him blankly for a second before simply saying, "Mew."

"So your name is Mew." Ash said as he continued to look at his pokemon, wondering somewhat absent mindedly how it had the ability to float.

"Mew." Mew said shaking her head yes, slightly amused at her new trainer.

"Oh yeah, I remember Professor Oak saying something about how pokemon can usually only say their names, but some pokemon have been trained to speak normally or something like that. Well this could be a problem." Ash said mostly to himself, but Mew nodded along with him, not really understanding what was going on at all.

"Well Mew I think it's about time we start our journey that is if you want to come with me." Ash said looking at Mew hopefully.

"Mew mew mew meeew eew." Mew said happily as she floated down to sit on one of Ash's shoulders.

"Uh I'll take that as a yes." Ash said not really understanding what Mew said but he figured for its cheerful nature that it must have decided to come with him.

"Well we should probably head back to my house and get some money for our journey, I kind of forgot to grab so this morning. But I think it might by a good idea for now for you to go into your pokeball. You aren't one of the pokemon Professor Oak normally gives out, which could cause a bit of a problem." Ash said trying to work everything out in his head while Mew on his shoulder just nodded along with him, before floating down to the pokeball in his hand, hitting it with her nose and allowing herself to be pulled inside. Sighing a little Ash went to put Mew's pokeball on his belt, only to realize something.

"Oh man, I'm still in my pajamas; I really need to get back to my house and fast." Ash said to himself as he dashed off back towards town, Mew's pokeball clutched tightly in his hand.

Ash's House: Pallet Town

Ash raced though the front door, not even caring if his mom was home, only thinking about getting to his room as fast as he could. All he had on his mind were getting changed into normal clothes, getting everything for his journey and then leaving Pallet. Nothing else mattered to him at the moment.

"Ash honey, I head about what happened. I'm sorry you couldn't get a pokemon, but there is always next year." His mom said from the kitchen, stopping Ash midway up the stairs.

"Its okay mom, I caught a pokemon all on my own so I can still go on my journey." Ash said happily holding out Mew's pokeball, only to realize his mom wasn't there to even see it.

"That's great honey, you'll have to go see Professor Oak before you leave town. I'm sure he will want to know that you're leaving on your journey, and want to examine that pokemon you caught to make sure it is fine to travel with." His mom said, her voice drifting out form the kitchen.

"But mom, I'm already behind all of the other trainers as it is." Ash said/whined, once again stopping his climb up the stairs, just to complain to his mother.

"Ash, you are going go see Professor Oak before you go and you are going to like, or I'll make sure you won't be going on a pokemon journey for years to come." His mother's voice sounded out angrily from the kitchen.

"Fine," Ash said, clearly annoyed, before quickly rushing off to his room. His mom just didn't understand, ever second he got on his journey would count if he wanted to be a Pokemon Master.

Outside Professor Oak's Lab

At the moment Ash was really starting to get annoyed. First it took him forever to get everything ready for his journey, and then his mom just had to force him to eat something before he left. And now he has to visit Professor Oak before his journey can even start. At this rate his pokemon journey would never begin. If all this wasn't bad enough, he hadn't let Mew out of her pokeball yet and he was starting to feel kind of guilty for not being able to.

"He better be in his lab, or I swear I'm just leaving and I'm not looking back." Ash mumbled under his breath as he knocked on the lab's front door. About a minute or so later the door opened to reveal a somewhat cheerful Professor Oak.

"Well hello there Ash come on in, it's good to see you're actually dressed this time." Professor Oak said half jokingly, as he beckoned Ash to come into the lab, which Ash did some what reluctantly.

"Now Ash your mom just called, what's this about you capturing your own pokemon? That is supposed to be very hard to do, especially with out even weakening it a bit first with another pokemon." Professor Oak questioned, getting a bit more serious when he noticed the white pokeball attached to Ash's belt.

"Well instead of just telling you, why don't I just show you? Come on out." Ash said taking the pokeball off his belt and holding it out in front of him, not even bothering to call Mew's name as Mew was his only pokemon. Once Mew took form, Ash was happy to see his Mew once again, but Professor Oak wasn't so much happy, as he was stunned.

"Well Professor, this is my new friend, and pokemon, Mew." Ash said rubbing his pokemon's head affectionately, while Mew let out soft purring sounds while leaning into Ash's hand.

"My word, never in all my life did I think I'd ever see this pokemon. Ash, do you even know what this pokemon is?" Professor Oak asked, kind of confused as to why Ash was referring to his pokemon is such a casual manor. Didn't he even know what the pokemon he had just captured was?

"Well professor it kept saying mew over and over again in the forest so I kind of figured that it's name must be Mew." Ash said really confused as to why Professor Oak was acting so strange. I mean Mew was just like any other pokemon, wasn't it.

"Ash, don't you even know what a Mew is?" Professor Oak asked/yelled staring in disbelief at Ash.

"Uh its some type of pokemon." Ash answered, not really getting Professor Oak's point.

"Ash, Mew is a psychic type pokemon that was thought by many to be extinct and many consider it a legendary pokemon and some even consider it to be the most powerful pokemon to ever exist. Few even say it has the ability to learn every move in existence." Professor Oak said, recalling some of his limited knowledge on Mew.

"You mean I actually captured a legendary pokemon. Oh yeah, take that Gary!" Ash yelled out in joy, Mew floating over to him, just happy to see her new trainer so happy.

'He only captured Mew a few hours ago and they already have a bond, man this is going to be hard on both of them. Why do I always have to be the bad guy in times like this, heck how do I even get into situations like this?' Professor Oak thought as he watched Ash jump around happily while Mew floated through the air chasing after her trainer.

"Ash, I don't think I can allow you to keep Mew." Professor Oak said in a serious voice, causing Ash to freeze in place, and then turn around and stare at the professor in shock.

"What, but Professor, aren't trainers usually allowed to keep the pokemon they catch?" Ash asked kind of confused, why would the professor what to take his pokemon away from him.

"Ash I know this will be hard for you to understand but you can't train Mew. Mew is a legendary pokemon and you aren't even technically a trainer yet, Mew requires an expert trainer and at the moment that just isn't you." Professor Oak said sadly, already knowing how hard this was going to be on Ash, not even really thinking of how hard it could be on Mew as well.

"No professor, Mew is my first pokemon and I should be allowed to train it." Ash said as he absentmindedly grabbed Mew and held her close to his chest, while shooting an angry look at Professor Oak.

"I'm sorry Ash, normally I would agree with you, but Mew is just to important to be left to such an inexperience trainer." Professor Oak said as he went to put a hand on Ash's shoulder, but Ash just moved away.

"Tell you what, in exchange for Mew I'll give you a psychic type starter pokemon, my brand new prototype pokedex and as many empty pokeballs as you can carry, and I won't take no for a answer." Professor Oak said as he reached behind his desk and grabbed his prototype pokedex and a sack full of empty pokeballs. But Ash just continued to glare at him, Mew still held to his chest.

"Fine Ash don't say anything. I'm going to go get that psychic type pokemon for you and I'll be sure to get the best trainer I can find for Mew. I'm sure he'll let you visit Mew if you ask him and don't worry, the credit for catching Mew will go to you." Professor Oak said trying to cheer Ash up even though he knew there was nothing cheerful about the situation. With a sigh Professor Oak walked out of the main lab and into another room to make arrangements.

"Well I guess nothing ever does go right for me after all." Ash said sadly as he looked down at the Mew still held to his chest. Mew just stared back at him sadly, getting the general gist of what was going on.

"Well Mew, I'm not going to let it end like this for us. We are going to have a pokemon journey together, no matter what Professor Oak says." Ash said suddenly determined, shocking Mew slightly by the sudden change in his demeanor.

"But before we go Mew, you should probably go back in your pokeball, that way you can't be spotted by anyone who could tell Professor Oak." Ash said as he grabbed Mew's pokeball off his belt and pointing it at Mew before calmly saying, "Return." After the familiar beam of red light pulled Mew back into the pokeball, and Ash and attached the ball to his belt, and then he figured he should start getting things that would be useful for his journey. With a sigh Ash went over to Professor Oak's desk.

"Well I guess I'm going to need this, I mean I am kind of clueless about pokemon and the world in general at times, so this should help I guess. Oh and I suppose I should take some of these." Ash said as he grabbed the prototype pokedex off of Professor Oak's desk, along with around five empty pokeballs, and put them in his back pack.

"Well I guess I'd better get out of here before Professor Oak gets back." Ash said to himself before he rushed out of the lab, never once looking back behind him.

A Half Hour Later

"Ash I just got off the phone. I was able to get you an Abra and the trainer I called for Mew should be here in a few hours." Professor Oak said as he walked into the lab, expecting to see Ash saying his good byes to Mew.

"Ash?" Professor Oak questioned as he looked around the lab only to see Ash and Mew gone along with his prototype pokedex and his sack of empty pokeballs wide open. It took a second for all of this to register in his mind before a small smile came to his face.

"Well I can't exactly say I won't have done the same thing when I was his age." Professor Oak said as he walked over to his desk and sat down in his chair. As he leaned back in his chair, he couldn't help but wonder what kind of trainer this Ash Ketchum was going to be.

Somewhere on Route 1

Ash leaned against a tree, breathing kind of heavily. He had run non-stop since he got out of Pallet Town and now it was starting to catch up to him. Sitting down he started to think about what he had done just a little while ago. He knew what he had done would be considered wrong, but at the time, and even now, he really didn't care. All that mattered was he had come really close to losing his Mew , and he wasn't going to let that happen again. With a sight he pulled out Mew's pokeball, figuring he should let Mew out now.

"Come on out Mew." Ash said, calling out his pokemon. In a flash of white light Mew appeared floating before him, before floating over to his shoulder.

"Well Mew what should we do? Professor Oak will probably want you back so if we continue our journey we are on our own." Ash questioned Mew, still not really sure what to do next. On his shoulder Mew seemed to almost think for a moment, before using her to point forward.

"Well I guess there is nothing else to do but to go forward on our journey, you know see were life is going to take us." Ash said looking over and smiling at Mew on his shoulder.

"Even though we got off to a rough start, I still think this pokemon journey will be great." Ash said with a smile on his face as he and Mew moved deeper into the forest.

Two Hours Later

"This pokemon journey sucks." Ash said as he and Mew took cover under a bush as the rain continued to fall and the occasional flash of lighting shown above them. The journey had seemed to finally be starting to look up, but then the storm started, Ash realized he didn't even have a map. He also realized that he had somehow gotten lost in the woods along Route 1. All in all things did not bold well for Ash and Mew.

"Well Mew if this storm doesn't let up soon, I think we're stuck here for the night." Ash said as he sat down on the relatively dry ground, Mew laying down on his head on top of his hat.

"Hey Mew; I wonder what the pokedex has to say about you." Ash said as he grabbed 'his' new prototype pokedex out of his bag. Pointing the pokedex at Mew, Mew's information started to fill the screen.

"Hm, let's see; Mew the new species pokemon. Battle level 8, original trainer Ash, oh and your gender is female. Well that is good to know. Okay it also says that the attacks you know at the moment are pound and confusion. But it also says that you have the possibility to learn every single pokemon attack with the right training." Ash said, looking over some of the information the pokedex had on his Mew, which sadly actually wasn't very much.

"Well Mew, this is all good info, but let's see what this pokedex has on what ever this battle level is." Ash said trying to get the pokedex to show him info on battle level while Mew just stared at the pokedex, not really understanding what it was.

"Let's see it says that battle level is a measure of how much experience a pokemon has battling and the lower the battle level usually the younger the pokemon. It also says that battles levels range from 1 to 100." Ash said looking over the pokedex's info.

"Well Mew it looks like you might be a younger Mew, your battle level is kind of low at the moment. But I'm sure it will get higher once we start our training." Ash said happily, even with the storm still raging above them. Mew just looked happily at her trainer, before lowering herself down into his arms.

"Yep Mew, tomorrow our journey will really begin. Tomorrow I'm going to make sure it's just me and you and the rode that leads to becoming a Pokemon Master." Ash said with a slight yawn as he laid down on the ground, bringing Mew up to his chest is his arms. Dreams of becoming a Pokemon Master playing a crossed Ash's mind and dreams of a new life with her new trainer crossed Mew's mind. The storm above the two of them started to die down as they slept.

(A/N: I was so tempted to end the chapter here, but I want to keep this somewhat like the anime so the first chapter will end as soon as Viridian City comes into site.)

The Next Morning: Route 1

Ash sat up from his spot on the ground, trying to stretch out some what, but Mew still asleep in his arms made that kind of hard. Looking around, Ash could see some sun light starting to pore through parts of the bush, indicating the sun was just starting to rise into the sky. With a sigh Ash started the hard task of standing up in the morning, made even harder by Mew who has taken it upon herself to snuggle even closer into Ash's chest.

Finally managing to stand up with out the use of his hands, Ash wandered out of the bush, looking around the still damp forest, as he tried to find the route's path way. The forest was just starting to come alive again after last night's storm, and Ash looked around in wonder as the sun light started to hit the still damp trees, causing the trees to sparkle slightly as a gentle breeze rustled their leaves. Looking around Ash couldn't help but wonder if this is why pokemon trainers loved to travel so much, simply to enjoy the beauty of nature around them. But as it is with all good things in life, the relative peace that is nature was shattered by a commotion coming from a near by clearing.

Ash, wondering what was going on, started to run towards the clearing, completely forgetting about Mew is his arms, who was now beginning to wake up due to Ash's running. Opening and closing her eyes a few times, Mew slowing crawled up out of Ash's arms and made her way onto on of his shoulder's. Ash all the while continued running, barely even registering that Mew had woken up, he was just wondering what could be going on in the clearing ahead.

Once they had finally reached the clearing, Ash peered inside, not wanting to barge right in incase it was something dangerous. Looking inside Ash saw something that he had always wanted to see, and wished to be part of in real life. In the middle of the clearing stood two trainers engaged in a pokemon battle, and by the looks of the battle these two were really good trainers.

In the clearing stood a boy with black hair and a red baseball cap commanding a Charizard, and another boy with brown spiky hair that was commanding a Pidgeot. By the looks of it both Pokemon looked a little warn, but still seemed to be fighting fit. Sitting down on the grass Ash decided it would be best to just watch the battle and not interrupt. Mew just sat on Ash's shoulder looking out at the clearing, kind of wondering what was going on exactly.

In the Clearing

"Charizard quick use Flamethrower!" The black haired boy yelled, pointing at Pidgeot. Charizard just nodded before shooting a stream of fire right at the large bird.

"Fly up in the air and get out of the way Pidgeot!" The brown haired boy yelled, which Pidgeot readily did, not wanting to get burnt to a crisp by the fire.

"Charizard after it, and use Dragon Rage!" The black haired boy yelled again, pointing at the sky from the side lines. Charizard quickly shot off the ground into the skies up towards the large bird.

"Pidgeot attack it before it can attack you, use Aerial Ace!" The brown haired boy yelled from the ground, causing his Pidgeot to shoot forward at high speeds towards the Charizard. The Pidgeot slammed into the Charizard, knocking it back a few feet and winding it a bit.

"Now Charizard, hit it with Dragon Rage before it can react." The black haired boy yelled quickly, hoping that he might be able to end the battle quickly. Charizard nodded before releasing a burst of strangely colored flames from it's mouth straight at the Pidgeot. Before the Pidgeot could react the flames slammed into it, knocking it off balance and causing it to start plummeting towards the ground.

"Great job Charizard, now grab it and finish it off with Seismic Toss!" The black haired boy yelled exciting, knowing his rivals Pidgeot couldn't recover quick enough. Once again nodding, the large orange dragon shot forward grabbing the large bird in it's arms. The dragon then proceeded to spin around a few times in the air, gaining momentum, before straight down at the ground, releasing the bird right before it hit the ground, saving itself, but causing the large bird to slam into the ground. When the dust cleared the large bird laid there knocked out, while Charizard lowered it self from the air to the ground, and let out a flame in victory.

"Hey Green that was fun, but of course me and my Charizard won." The black haired boy said to the brown haired boy, now identified as Green, with a smirk as they both recalled their pokemon.

"Oh shut it Red that was only a mock battle, it doesn't really count. Besides if I really wanted to win I would of used Blastoise and your Charizard would have been toast." Green said some what annoyed to the black haired boy in front of him known as Red.

"Screw your Blastoise Green, me and Charizard could of taken it out no problem." Red said with a smirk, as he seemed to be thinking to himself about old times.

"Oh what ever Red, any way we should probably go see the old man. We were supposed to be there yesterday, but someone had to go and some how get himself lost on Route 1, and decided it was a good idea to call me for help." Green said with a bit of a glare directed at Red.

"Uh yeah about that, uh . . . race you to the lab!" Red yelled as he took off running it what he believed was the direction of Pallet Town.

"Red were aren't ten anymore, we are both sixteen years old now, and there is no way that you are getting to the lab before me." Green yelled as he chased after his friend/rival.

Back with Ash: Route 1

"Well that was defiantly very interesting, and very strange." Ash said as he tried to make sense of the strange scene that had just played out before him. Sure the pokemon battle had been great to watch, and some of the strategies used he could even use once he started really battling. But those two were just so strange, they were such great trainers and yet they acted like five year olds around each other. As he looked to down at Mew he could of sworn he saw a sweat drop on the young cats head. Shaking it off, Ash decided it was probably time for them to start the day.

"Well Mew I think it is time for use to start moving on, I think the other trainers are already ahead of us, and I can't stand the thought of Gary beating me anymore then he has." Ash said as he stood up from the grass and began walking towards were he believed the path was.

After a few minutes of walking through the some what dense forest, they found the well traveled dirt path again and began to travel down to where Ash believed the next town was. As the walked Ash decided to train Mew a bit so he had Mew battle some of the Rattatas and Pidgeys that they saw as the walked along the route. He felt kind of bad for the pokemon each time he had Mew cause one to faint, but he knew it was the only way Mew could get some more battle experience.

As they walked he and Mew did see a young red haired girl fishing near a waterfall along the route, but decided it would be best not to even bother her. As the sun began to get on their second day of traveling, a large city came into sight. He believed the city was called Viridian City if he remember correctly.

"Well we did it Mew, we've made it to the first city on our journey. One of many cities that I'm sure we will visit." Ash said with a smile on his face as he turned to look at the slightly tired looking pokemon on his shoulder.

"Mew." The pink pokemon agreed, and with that the two of them set out towards the large city, knowing that this was only the start of a great adventure for both of them.

End Chapter 1

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