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Chapter Three: A Month of Training

Ash sighed tiredly as he walked out of the Pokemon Center the next morning, Mew's pokeball hanging from around his neck by his necklace. He knew that this month of training was going to pay off in the end, but alas he also knew it was going to be a lot of work. Yet with Mew by his side he just knew they could get through this training together. In the end he knew they would come out much stronger then before and soon enough be ready to take on anything.

'I'm sure this training will be good for us, we'll just have to make sure we work extra hard.' Ash thought, turning in the direction of Route 1.

"Well I guess I should get going, it's probably better to get this training started as soon as possible." Ash said to himself, before readjusting his backpack and then heading off in the direction of Route 1, leaving the Pokemon Center behind him.

Route 1: Somewhere Close to Pallet Town

Red yawned as he finished putting away the last of his camping equipment. He figured that he should of gone strait to the Pokemon League last night, but it was nice to camp out in the wilderness again, something he rarely got to do now a days.

'Maybe it is about time I step down as champion, I do miss getting to travel on the road. But then again if I step down as champion that jerk Green will just take my place and even the Elite Four don't deserve having to deal with him as their champion,' Red mused with a chuckle.

'I guess I'll just have to wait until someone can defeat me and take my place, I'll just have to make sure it isn't Green. Yes anyone but Green.' Red thought, as he ended his musing and leaned down against a tree, taking the time to stare out at the forest all around him.

"Well I should probably start training that Pikachu Professor Oak gave me before I head back to the League," Red mumbled to himself.

"It will be easier to train it here then at the League, and I suppose he did leave it in my care." Red said, taking the lightning bolt engraved pokeball off of his belt.

"Alright, come on out Pikachu." Red called out, the pokeball in his hand splitting open and then a small electric mouse appearing at his feet after a near blinding flash of white light.

"Pika?" Pikachu said, tilting it's head and staring up at it's new 'trainer.'

"Hi there Pikachu, my names Red, and I'm going to be your new trainer from now on." Red said, reaching down and picking up Pikachu. Pikachu stared at him innocently for a few seconds, before simply closing it's eyes and allowing a large amount of electricity to flow straight from itself into Red.

"Ow." Was all Red could say before he fell to the ground in a blackened heap, Pikachu jumping out of his grasp and landing in front of him. Pikachu couldn't help but stare at Red for a few seconds, before turning around and taking off at full speed heading straight down Route 1 with a bit of smile on her face.

"Wait Pikachu!" Red yelled, lifting himself up off the ground and holding his arms out in vain as the yellow mouse moved further and further a way from his location.

'Man, Professor Oak is going to kill me.' Red thought, before quickly taking off down Route 1, trying in vain tail Pikachu who seemed to just keep getting farther and farther away.

At the Other Side of Route 1

Ash smiled as Mew took down yet another Rattata with a well placed pound attack to the head, leaving the Rattata unconscious on the ground. With a small giggle Mew floated over to where Ash stood, looking no worse for wear after her latest 'intense' battle.

'Well looks like me might have to start taking on stronger opponents soon,' Ash thought as he looked down at the unconscious Rattata, which looked just like the other fifteen similar unconscious pokemon he had already seen today.

"Great Job Mew, It's only the first day and you're already taking out the wild pokemon like they are nothing." Ash said, rubbing Mew's head affectionately.

"Let's take a small break. We've been training for hours, and I'm sure the remaining wild pokemon will appreciate not getting knocked unconscious." Ash said with a smirk.

"Come on I think I say a lake up a head on our way here yesterday, and we could both use some relaxation right about now." Ash said cheerfully while grabbing Mew into his arms and then walking a short distance farther into to Route 1. Sure enough the small lake came into view, breath taking waterfall and all.

"Wow, this place is perfect." Ash said admiring the lake, his eyes drawn to the small rainbow the waterfall was producing.

"I know isn't a it?" A voice from behind said, causing Ash to spin around quickly, a startled Mew being taken with him as she still sat firmly grasped between his two arms.

"Who are you?" Ash questioned, staring at the young red haired girl leaning against a tree in front of him. A fishing pole sat firmly in her grasp, the line already cast out into the lake.

"Oh the names Misty, what's your name?" The girl asked, as she smiled at the boy in front of her cheerfully.

"Oh my name is Ash, and this is Mew." Ash said a bit nervously as recalled Professor Oak's warning about keeping Mew a secret from others. There were times he really wished he thought things through better before speaking. He could only hope she didn't recognize Mew as a legendary.

"Hm, a Mew. I've never heard of that kind of pokemon before. What is it's type?" Misty questioned, fighting the urge leap up and pet the small pink pokemon that was still held firmly in it's trainers grasp.

"Oh, Mew is psychic type." Ash said, and Mew just to prove his point slowing floated out of Ash's arms into the space between the two of them.

"Hm, well I don't care as much as it isn't a water type, but it is still a cutie." Misty said cheerfully, standing up from her spot on the shore and rubbing Mew's head affectionately.

"Yeah I guess she is." Ash said wistfully with a smile, suddenly realizing just how many other trainers would probably just see Mew as cute never even realizing how truly powerful she was. He could probably use that to his advantage.

"So any way, what are you two doing out here? It looks like you two are just starting out and yet you were coming from Viridian. Most new trainers try to take on the gym challenge right away and yet you seem to be going in the opposite direction." Misty questioned.

"Oh me and Mew are out here to train. We figure it is better to train for the gym challenge then to just dive right in like most trainers do." Ash said, remembering some of the things Professor Oak had told him about the night before.

"Yeah I guess that makes sense, it should also make the gyms easier to beat when you decide to challenge them." Misty said thoughtfully, before returning her attention back to her fishing poll and waiting for a bite.

"Yep that is what I'm hoping will happen. Anyway, me and Mew should probably get going, we still have a lot of training to do." Ash said, turning around to make his leave.

"Wait, if you want I could help you train. I mean I could use the company, and I'm sure some of the water pokemon I catch could be great training for that Mew of yours." Misty said a little shyly, a small blush coming to her face out of embarrassment.

"Well sure, I guess I could train here with you for today. I might as well get some experience with water pokemon and this is the best place in the area to do it." Ash said with a smirk, Mew floating over to take her place on his shoulder.

"Well I hope you enjoy waiting, because I haven't caught anything good all day." Misty said, staring down at her fishing rod sadly.

"No problem, I'm sure Mew and I can train with some of wild pokemon in the area until you get a bite." Ash said, noticing the various Pidgey and Rattata that seemed to be moving around the small lake.

"Well then just be sure come over when I call you. Maybe you are quick about getting here I'll even let you try to capture the first pokemon I catch." Misty said.

"That sounds great, well let's go Mew!" Ash yelled, running off towards one of the many groups of wild pokemon around the lake, Mew trailing behind him happily.

Somewhere Else on Route 1

Pikachu sighed tiredly as she stopped to take a break under a tree. It was hard work running from her 'trainer', and even now she could feel the tug of the pokeball her 'trainer' still carried. Pikachu figured that the tug would always be there, but she would just have to do her best to ignore.

An angry squawk brought Pikachu from her thoughts. Moving her head to look above, Pikachu noticed a Spearow glaring down angrily from one of the branches of the tree. Pikachu jumped back, returning the glare back at the Spearow, yellow sparks jumping from each of the pouches on her checks threateningly.

"Pikachu!" She yelled out in anger, before sending out a thunder shock at the Spearow. The electricity connected with a loud crack and Spearow fell from the tree breach to the ground, rendered unconscious from the single attack. It served that Spearow right for yelling at her when she was already in a bad mood. Before Pikachu could celebrate her victory, she noticed all of the angry predatory eyes glaring at her from the various branches around her.

Only one thought crossed Pikachu's mind 'Well shit' before she took off running as quick as he could down Route 1 and the entire colony of angry Spearows launched into the sky after her.

Near Waterfront: Route 1

Ash gave a tired sigh as he put the empty potion bottle back in his backpack. Mew's training was going really well, and she was getting a lot stronger, but the training was still taking a toll on her body. It was times like these that he was really glad he at least had the foresight to grab so many potions from Professor Oak before leaving on his journey.

"Well Mew, do you want to go back and see how Misty is doing?" Ash asked, turning back to Mew who was floating by the lake, looking to be brimming with energy.

"Mew!" Mew said happily while floating over to Ash in a tired manner before landing on top of his hat.

'Well I guess she is more tired than I thought, but I suppose that is to be expected after such a long day of training.' Ash thought while softly rubbing Mew's back as she lay on top of his hat.

"Oh, I guess I should check to see how much stronger you've gotten from all the training today." Ash mumbled to himself as he pulled the Pokedex out from his jacket pocket.

"Wow that training really did pay off." Ash said as he stared down at the screen showing Mew's stats. "It says here that you are already level 12, and it looks like you even learned a new move during training." He continued one excitedly.

"Hm, transform, that sure looks like it might come in handy during battle." Ash said as he looked over the moves information in the Pokedex.

'Well I really would like to try out this move right now, but after all the training we just did I think Mew has earned a break.' Ash thought as he placed his pokedex back in his jacket and began to walk back toward the lake.

"Ash come quickly!" A female voice rang out through the trees, holding a bit of fear in it's tone.

'Crap, that doesn't sound good.' Ash thought as he ran off towards the waterfront at a quick pace.

Waterfront: Route 1

When Ash arrived at the waterfront he was expecting many things, but what he came upon definitely wasn't one of them. Some things he expected were for Misty to be sitting there with a large water pokemon on her line just waiting for a battle, or even for her to have some other dangerous wild pokemon harassing her.

What he didn't expect was to find her in soaking wet clothes leaning over what looked like a large yellow mouse on the lake's shoreline. As soon as she heard the footsteps Misty quickly turned around to face Ash, a look of fear and worry etched on her face.

"Ash help me with this poor Pikachu." Misty said franticly as she moved the pokemon further inland.

"Wh-what happened?" Ash questioned as he made his way over to Misty and the newly identified Pikachu, Mew still clinging to the top of his hat.

"I don't know, I just saw it burst out of the bushes above the lake, and then it tumbled down the falls right into the water. After that I quickly dived into the lake and I was able to rescue it before it was to late." Misty explained as she examined Pikachu, looking for any serious injuries.

"So, uh, what should we do?" Ash questioned confused as Misty continued her examination of the Pikachu.

"Well you do have some potions right? We can use those to heal it." Misty stated, finally turning away from the Pikachu.

"Oh yeah." Ash said slightly embarrassed as he slipped off his backpack and reached down into it and picked up a potion.

He quickly kneeled down before the prone pokemon, potion in hand. Of course right as he was about to spray the potion Pikachu's eyes snapped open. With a glare at the black haired boy standing above her Pikachu used her tail to knock the potion away from herself.

"Hey come on now, you're hurt this potion will help make you feel better." Ash said with a smile as he once again tried to spray the potion on Pikachu's prone form. The key word here would be tried.

"Pika!" Pikachu yelled out weakly as she used her tail to knock the potion bottle right our of Ash's hand.

"Well it looks like this Pikachu doesn't want my help, still I wonder what happened which caused it to distrust humans to such an extent." Ash mused as he watched the Pikachu start to struggle in Misty's arms.

"Come on Ash there has to be something that we can do for it." Misty said with concern as she brought the Pikachu up to her chest.

"Well if it's refusing treatment from us then we will just have to take it to the Pokemon Center in Viridian." Ash said while pointing towards the trail leading back to Viridian City.

"Yeah I'm sure Nurse Joy will know what to do. Let's just head straight there, I can come back for my equipment later." Misty said as she sat up with the still struggling Pikachu in her arms.

"Well lets get going I'm sure we won't-" Ash started only to stop as took a glance at what was behind him.

"What is it Ash?" Misty asked as she turned back to look at him.

"Sorry I was just wondering do Spearow usually flock together in such large groups like that?" Ash as he pointed towards the large group of Spearow approaching from the distance.

"No Spearows don't usually flock together like that, something must of agitated them." Misty said as she turned aground to look at the large flock of Spearows as well.

"You don't think?" Ash questioned while looking at the still weakly struggling Pikachu in Misty's arms.

"It's possible, but I don't think we should stick around to find out." Misty said in a slightly panicked voice before turning around and starting to run down the trail towards Viridian.

"Yeah that is probably a good idea." Ash said he to turned around and ran after Misty, Mew still clinging to his hat cover head.

After 15 minutes of running

'Okay maybe trying to outrun a large flock of Spearows after a long day of training wasn't such a good idea.' Ash thought as both he and Misty stopped at long the side of the trail. The flock of Spearows seemed to get steadily closer behind them no mater how fast they seemed to run.

"We're never going to get to the Pokemon Center at this rate." Misty muttered, looking at the literal swarm of Spearow.

"Well at least we know they are after this Pikachu. It must of done something to really annoy them if they are still chasing us." Ash said a bit jokingly.

"Ash this is serious, Spearow are known for their short tempers and I'm sure they won't think twice about killing us if they see we are between them and this Pikachu." Misty practically yelled, her eyes betraying how scared she was rapidly becoming.

"So what are you suggesting that we just leave the Pikachu here to die while just run away?" Ash questioned, his voice taking on a slightly hard tone.

"No, of course not. I just don't know what to do right now." Misty said remorsefully as she stared down at the injured Pikachu in her arms.

"Well then I guess we're all out of other options." Ash muttered staring at the flock of Spearows and then turning to Misty. "Misty go on a head with Pikachu, Mew and I will stay behind and try to buy you some time."

"What no Ash I can't let you, that is practically suicide!" Misty yelled, using one of her arms to try and move Ash from his spot on the trail.

"No Misty you already said it yourself, we have no other options." Ash said while gently picking Mew up off of his head.

"But, but." Misty muttered mostly to herself trying to work out some other solution in her head.

"Don't worry about me Misty just get that Pikachu to safety, Mew and I will take care of these guys and come straight to the Pokemon Center." Ash said with a smirk as Mew floated up from his hands and on to his shoulder .

"Mew!" Mew yelled cheerfully but not as energetically as normal.

"Fine Ash, just don't die on me, I only just met you." Misty said sadly as she turned away from him and began running down the trail in earnest leaving Ash and Mew alone to face the Spearow.

"Well Mew this is going to be difficult but lets not give up hope. I know you are really tired from all the training earlier today but you're going to have to pull through until we can defeat these Spearows. We can not let them get the best of us." Ash said with determination as he looked to the steadily darkening sky in front of him.

"Mew." Mew muttered out in agreement as she rubbed her head against her trainers for what she hoped wasn't the last time.

"Yeah our story has just begun, we can't afford to end it here to something lame like a flock of Spearow." Ash said with a smirk, "Now dying to a pack of Dragonite, now that would be the way to go."

Mew could only giggle a bit as she floated out in front of Ash and towards the flock of Spearow. She was surprised she could even stay floating with how tired she felt but she wasn't going to let a little thing like exhaustion stop her.

"Alright Mew we are not going to let them through so they can hurt Misty and that Pikachu!" Ash yelled out to Mew as the Spearow closed in. "Now stop them with Confusion!"

Mew gave a sharp nod before raising her right hand, her body giving off a blue glow. Less then a second afterwards every Spearow at the front of the flock was covered in a similar blue as they were halted mid dive. Some of the Spearow not affected by the Confusion dived into their frozen brethren while others tried to find a way around this new obstacle.

"Now Mew send them all flying!" Ash yelled while throwing his arm out forward.

Mew gave another nod before exerting her will on the Spearow affected by her Confusion attack. With a push of her right arm the Spearows went flying, taking many of their brethren not affected by the Confusion attack but were still trapped behind them, with them. The rest of the Spearow that escaped the attack could only look around in alarm before quickly flying off after the rest of their flock.

Even Ash was a little shocked at the sheer power Mew had used with just one attack. "Wow Mew I was expecting you to take out a few of them with Confusion, but I didn't think you could take nearly all of them with a single attack. I guess that's why they call you a legendary." Ash said with a smile as he walked over to his panting pokemon.

Mew just glanced back at him and gave him a tired smile before her eyes closed and she fell into the blissful realm of sleep. Ash made a quick dive to catch her before she hit the ground.

"You did a good job Mew." Ash said as he got back up and looked down at her sleeping form. "Now return." He said as he took out her pokeball and brought her back inside.

"I'm really proud of you." He whispered done at her pokeball before reattaching it to his necklace.

"Now lets see if I can catch up with Misty and Pikachu." Ash muttered to himself before he took off running down the trail towards Viridian City, rain drops beginning to fall from the dark clouds above.

Route 1: Close to Viridian City

Misty leaned against a tree panting, Pikachu lay in her arms in a barely conscious state. She felt horrible for having to abandon Ash and Mew like that, she was supposed to be a Gym Leader damn it and yet she had been helpless during this situation. She felt so stupid for having left most of her gym pokemon in Cerulean City but did need pokemon to run the gym. She was sure if she had all of her pokemon they would of a least stood a chance against the flock of Spearow. Instead she had left a kid she had just met to effectively die just so she could save herself and the Pikachu.

'God and I was so stupid to. I had a bike back at the lake and everything but I completely forgot about it when I saw the flock of Spearow approaching.' Misty mentally scolded herself as she pushed herself off of the tree and walked back over to the trail.

'I've wasted to much time resting, I need to get to the Pokemon Center and fast. I can just hope that Ash will show up there as well.' Misty thought as she turned and began running in the direction of Viridian City. "And on top of that it's pouring out.' She grubbed as an after thought.

She barely made it ten steps before a voice called out to her from behind. "Misty wait up!" Turning around quickly she noticed Ash running towards her at top speed, his clothes, just like hers, were soaked due to the rain.

"Ash you're okay!" Misty yelled out as she waited for him to catch up to her and Pikachu. "Hey were is Mew?" She questioned looking around for the little pink pokemon that seemed to usually reside on one of Ash's shoulders.

"Oh I had to put her back into her pokeball, she was exhausted after she took out most of the Spearow." Ash explained, gesturing to the white pokeball that hung around his neck.

"Well that's a relief." Misty said with a sigh, figuring she should ask later exactly how Mew had pulled off taking out that many Spearow.

"Well then lets head to the Pokemon Center." Ash said in a tired voice as he began to walk towards Viridian. Misty was about to turn to follow him when she caught something moving out of the corner of her eye.

"Well Ash we may have a bit of problem." Misty said as pointed towards the source of the problem.

Ash turned around, noticing the large flock of Spearow Misty was pointing to before muttering the only thing that came to mind. "We are so screwed," and with that he took off running towards Viridian, Misty following close behind with Pikachu in her arms.

5 minutes later

Everything had been going smoothly, well as smoothly as things could go when they were being chased by a flock of Spearow, again. But then Misty had slipped on some of the mud that covering the trail due to the rain and just like that she and Pikachu went tumbling down. And now there Ash stood, his arms stretched out trying to protect the fallen duo from the incoming flock of Spearow. He knew it was mostly a futile gesture but he felt at least had to do something.

'Well at least I'll go out in a blaze of glory.' Ash thought as the flock of Spearow continued to get closer and closer and the storm raged above him.

"My name is Ash Ketchum and I'm going to become the greatest Pokemon Master that ever lived. I don't care if I have to take you all down with out any pokemon, I'm not going to allow to harm my friends!" Ash yelled out in what he already know was a futile attempt.

Yet just as the Spearow began to close in on him he felt a small weight on his shoulder. Glancing to his side he noticed Pikachu standing their glaring as the incoming Spearow flock. With a quick glance at Ash Pikachu leapt up into the air off of Ash's shoulder into the space between him and the Spearow

"PI KA CHUUUU!" Pikachu yelled out unleashing a powerful thunderbolt and causing the flock of Spearow to scatter. Sadly it wasn't enough as the flock began to fly back into formation readying another dive. Pikachu just gave out a tired sigh as unconscious claimed her as well.

"It's okay, at least you tried Pikachu." Ash said as went over and gently picked Pikachu up off the ground before turning to face the startled Spearow flock.

"So Ash any last words?" Misty asked walking up to him after getting up from her fall.

"Didn't you hear my little speech earlier, those were my last words. Now just get to wait for the Spearows to regroup and then kill us." Ash said with a sad smile as the Spearow seemed to start getting back into formation.

"Oh so you two have given up all hope have you?" A voice asked from behind them, causing Ash and Misty to spin around, Pikachu still resting in Ash's arms.

"Who are you?" Misty questioned as the teen in the red hat walked towards them, seemingly coming from the direction of Viridian.

"The name is Red, and if I'm not mistaken you're Misty the new leader of the Cerulean Gym." Red said looking at the red head before turning to look at Ash and Pikachu. "So this is where my Pikachu went, I was wondering were it ran off to but it looks like it got itself into some trouble if those pissed off Spearow are any clue." Red said in a matter of fact tone while gesturing to the flock of Spearow.

"Hey wait a sec I saw battling that other guy with brown hair a few days ago. You guys were battling just a little ways outside of Pallet Town." Ash said as he remembered the rather fierce battle that he had witnessed the conclusion of.

"Oh you saw that, yeah that was a fight between me and Green. You see me and him go way back to when we were kids. You see the bastard used to always." Red started before some angry squawks cut him off, it would seem the Spearow flock had regrouped.

"Wait just a second here, I'll take care of this." Red said as he walked towards the group of Spearow, one of his pokeballs in his hand.

"Lets go Zapdos!" Red yelled throwing out his pokeball. In a flash of white light the legendary bird of thunder appeared in all it's glory before the flock of Spearow.

"Thunder." Red commanded holding his hand and Zapdos began to glow with electric energy. It released that energy straight into the storm clouds and less then a second after the bolt of lightning made contact with the clouds above hundreds of similar bolts of lighting began to rain down from the sky on the Spearows. The lightning was so intense that both Ash and Misty had to shield their eyes, while Red simply averted his gaze and began to stare at his feet. When the lightning bolts stopped all of the Spearow lay on ground unconscious, Zapdos standing triumphantly before them.

"Good Work Zapdos." Red said as he walked up and began to gently rub Zapdos' head.

"Wow, what type of pokemon is that?" Ash questioned as he looked at the large and definitely powerful bird.

"Oh this is Zapdos. He's the legendary bird of thunder. I caught him on my journey while I was investigating this old abandoned power plant. Imagine my surprise when it shows up to fight me just when I was about to leave." Red said with a smirk as he continued to pet his Zapdos.

"Wow that is so cool." Ash said as he approached the legendary bird with what looked like awe in his eyes.

"Yeah as far as I know Zapdos is the only legendary bird that has allowed itself to be captured. But I've heard rumors that Green captured Moltres on the Victory Road before I showed up but I haven't been able to confirm them and I have no clue where Articuno is hiding." Red said as he went to climb up on Zapdos' back.

"Wow I've never heard of legendary pokemon allowing themselves to be captured." Misty said as she to approached the legendary pokemon.

"Yeah it doesn't happen very often, but it doesn't really harm nature in anyway. The legendary pokemon just travels with it's trainer until the trainer dies or it's trainer releases it. Once either of those happen the legendary pokemon goes back to it's proper place in nature." Red explained as he finished mounting his Zapdos.

"Anyway do you two want a lift back to Viridian City? I'll tell you more about my travels on the way and you two can tell how you found my Pikachu." Red said as he held out a hand to lift them up onto his Zapdos.

"Sure." They replied together before Red helped them up onto Zapdos and they took off towards Viridian City.

Viridian City Pokemon Center

Ash could only give out a tired sigh as he climbed down from Red's Zapdos. It had been a really long day and he was just glad to be back at the Pokemon Center, well that and he was just waiting for Red to start grilling him about his Mew.

It really wasn't Misty's fault that she didn't know not to mention Mew when telling the story about how they had come to rescue Pikachu. She really was just oblivious to the fact that Mew was a legendary pokemon as well so he really couldn't fault her. But sadly he was pretty sure that the current Pokemon League Champion was going to want to know why a fresh trainer was walking around with a Mew.

Of course Ash's prediction came true when Red called over to him just as he was about to enter the Pokemon Center.

"Hey Ash can I talk to you for a minute? I'm sure Misty can take Pikachu to Nurse Joy to get treated with out your help." Red said as he motioned Ash to follow him. Giving yet another tired sigh Ash followed after giving a weak wave of farewell to Misty.

Red led the Ash to the ally way besides the Pokemon Center and then sat down with his back against the wall. He motioned for Ash to sit down next to him as he reached into his pocket and took at a familiar if not older model of Pokedex.

"So you're the kid with the Mew huh?" Red more of less stated rather then asked as he flipped to the entry on Mew in his Pokedex.

"Yes I am." Ash said while fingering the white pokeball that rested around his neck.

"Ah, Green and I heard about you from Professor Oak. From what he told use you caught through sheer dumb luck and he was originally going to take it a way from you. Yet he never told us why he changed his mind and let you keep it, he just told use a Mew had been captured by some kid and then asked if I wanted to raise this Pikachu he was having problems with." Red said smiling a bit as he turned to stare at Ash.

"Yeah that's because I decided to run away before Professor Oak could take Mew away from me. I refused to allow someone to take away the first pokemon I had caught with my own two hands." Ash said firmly while refusing to meet Red's gaze.

"Yes I can understand that, but now the question is what should I do now?" Red said while turning his gaze skyward.

"What do you mean?" Ash questioned as he turned to look at Red.

"Well I can't just leave a new trainer with a legendary pokemon defenseless, I just couldn't live with myself if I did that." Red said as he turned to face Ash with a smirk.

"I'll tell you what, I'm going to give you that Pikachu you took to the trouble to rescue for me. I will make me feel a lot better if you both you and that Pikachu are protecting Mew rather than just Mew." Red said as he reached into his pocket taking out Pikachu's pokeball.

"Thank you but what makes you think I can handle Pikachu? I mean you said it has problems obeying people and if it won't obey you why would it obey me?" Ash questioned as he took Pikachu's pokeball from Red.

"Well just call it a gut feeling. I witnessed you little speech while you tried to defend Pikachu and the Misty girl and I think you earned Pikachu's respect. I'm sure it will listen to you a lot better then it would listen to me." Red said with a shrug.

"Oh, you really think so?" Ash asked looking down at Pikachu's pokeball, just now noticing the lightning bolt engraved on it.

"Of course, oh and one more piece of advice, you do know that Mew is a psychic type pokemon right." Red questioned while walking up to Ash.

"Yeah of course I do, the Pokedex Professor Oak gave me told me all about Mew." Ash said while wondering what Red was getting out.

"Well one of the biggest advantages of psychic type pokemon is that fact that they can communicate with their trainer telepathically. If you and Mew can work on this during your training then in battle you can give Mew commands with out even saying a word. Plus it's always nice to be able to understand what your pokemon is actually saying." Red said, remembering some of the conversations he had had with his Alakazam.

"Wow that would be pretty helpful." Ash muttered mostly to himself while fingering Mew's pokeball. "Oh I almost forgot, I have to go get Mew healed."

"Well don't let me keep you waiting." Red said while gesturing to the Pokemon Center's entrance.

"Aren't you going to come inside and see how Pikachu is doing?" Ash asked as he stared at the older teen.

"Nah, I need to head back to the Pokemon League anyway, plus you are Pikachu's trainer now so I really have no place there anymore." Red said, waving his hand in carefree manor.

"You don't even want to say good bye to Misty?" Ash asked.

"No you can tell her good bye for me. Well I'll be see ya." Red said he walked out of the ally way and made his way down the street.

"Yep, hope to see you again soon!" Ash yelled out waving his hand to Red's retreating form before turning around and making his way into the Pokemon Center.

Pokemon Center

"Oh hey Ash, where did Red go?" Misty asked as she came up to him, looking behind Ash to see if he was coming through the entrance behind Ash.

"He said he had to get back to the Pokemon League so he already left." Ash said while glancing around the Pokemon Center. He could still see signs of his battle with Team Rocket the night before.

"Well that's strange, why would he leave with out first at least checking up on his Pikachu. For a Pokemon League Champion he doesn't seem like a very caring trainer if you ask me." Misty said a little annoyed that anyone, champion or not, would abandon their pokemon like that.

"Well that's another thing, he kind of gave Pikachu to me." Ash said with a bit of a smile as he held up Pikachu's pokeball in his hand.

"Wow that was actually pretty nice of him, did he say why?" Misty asked while looking at the pokeball in Ash's hand.

"He just said he felt I would train Pikachu a lot better than he could, and he felt that Pikachu would respect me more than him." Ash explained.

"Why would Pikachu respect you more than it would respect him, I mean shouldn't it be the other way around?" Misty questioned, mostly to herself in this case.

"Well he said it had to do with the fact that I was trying to save Pikachu's life, and Pikachu gained respect for me after that or something." Ash said with a shrug while he placed Pikachu's pokeball back in his pocket.

"Well I don't really understand it, I suppose if that's what Red felt was best for Pikachu." Misty said mostly in musing to herself.

"Excuse me." Nurse Joy said from the counter of the Pokemon Center.. "Could the trainer of the Pikachu that was just brought in please come over here?"

"Yes that would be me." Ash said stepping towards the counter.

"Oh Ash good to see you again, well you will be happy to know that your Pikachu should make a full recover and that she will just need to stay here the night." Nurse Joy said with a smile.

"Oh Pikachu is a girl huh, well that's good to know." Ash said, remembering he had completely forgot the scan any of the pokemon he had seen today with his Pokedex.

"Yes Pikachu is female, but anyway would you like to go see her?" Nurse Joy asked with the smile still on her face.

"Sure, of and Nurse Joy could you heal Mew for me? She is really tired after our long day of training." Ash asked while handing her Mew's pokeball.

"Of course." Nurse Joy said, accepting Mew's pokeball and then leading Ash to the room holding Pikachu while Misty trailed behind the two.

Pikachu's Room

"Here she is safe and sound. She is healing up very nicely and she should be at perfect by morning." Nurse Joy said with a small while gesturing to Pikachu lying down on a small bed.

"Now I'll just leave the two of you alone so you can spend some time with her, just call me if you need anything." Nurse Joy said with a smile before she walked out of the room.

"Well Pikachu I'm just happy to know that you are going to be okay." Ash said with a smile as he rubbed Pikachu's head.

"Yeah, we were worried about you Pikachu." Misty said with concern still in her voice.

"Also Pikachu I have something to tell you. Your trainer Red said that I am going to be your trainer starting today, so I was just wondering if you would accept me as your trainer from now on?" Ash questioned, a little bit of his own worry slipping into his voice.

He got his response in form of a tired "Pika" and then the feeling of something clinging to his head. He looked down to see Pikachu rubbing her head against his hand in somewhat loving manor before drifting off to sleep. His hand still remained clutched between her arms.

"Well I would take that as a yes Ash." Misty said sweetly while helping Ash break his hand free from Pikachu.

"Yeah I guess so." Ash said while looking down at Pikachu's sleeping form.

"So I guess we should leave her alone until morning, she looks like she needs her rest." Misty said while turning to walk out of the room.

"Yeah I guess you're right." Ash said as he to started to walk out of the room. "So Misty do you know of any good places to eat in Viridian City?"

"Oh yeah, there is this really nice restaurant a couple of blocks down. They have some really great food there." Misty said with a smirk as they headed towards the exit of the Pokemon Center.

"Well that is good to know. Oh and what was that I heard earlier about you being the Gym Leader of Cerulean City?" Ash asked with a similar smirk as they walked out of the Pokemon Center.

"Man I was hoping you wouldn't remember that." Misty said as her cheeks lit up slightly with embarrassment.

"Well I didn't, so start spilled." Ash said cheerfully as they continued onward towards the restaurant.

Four Weeks Later

Ash gave off a sigh of relief as he leaned against a tree next to the all to familiar lake on Route 1. Mew and Pikachu mirrored his action as they sat down in his lap, all three of them enjoying the shade the tree provided. The training had been long and hard but Ash felt it had really paid off in the end.

Mew was already at level 27 and she really seemed to be coming into her own. Ash had quickly discovered that he could give orders to her mentally, but for some reason she refused to answer him when ever he tried to communicate with her mentally. He sometimes wondered if she just didn't know how to answer him mentally or if she was just being silent with him because she know it annoyed him. He had a strong feeling that it was the later of the two.

Mew was also getting really good at imitating the moves that she saw other pokemon perform. She was still best at using the moves that she learned naturally, but for some reason that he truly didn't understand she had the ability to perform any move another pokemon had preformed as long as she witnessed it once. He guessed it had to do with the fact that she was a Mew but due to how little was currently known about Mew's he couldn't be completely sure.

Where as Mew seemed to be excelling at being a jack of all trades, Pikachu seemed to only be really good at doing one thing, hitting hard and hitting fast. Pikachu's already impressive speed was only enhanced by her new moves like agility and she just kept becoming even more powerful with moves like thunderbolt and body slam. Plus the fact that she was only trailing Mew by 3 levels also helped.

Ash turned his head to look at the red head that was fishing beside him. He still couldn't understand why she had decided to stick around while he trained here along Route 1 for a month. It also still shocked him slightly to know that she herself was a gym leader, considered one of the best trainers in the entire region.

"So Ash you're heading out towards Pewter City tomorrow right?" Misty question while looking over at him from her own spot leaning against a tree.

"Yep, I'm going to see if I can make it through Viridian Forest in a day tomorrow, and then I'm going to rest up for the night and challenge the gym in Pewter. I have a feeling this Brock guy who leads the gym won't know what hit him." Ash said with a laugh.

"Yeah probably not." Misty said laughing a bit along with him.

"So Misty, are you going to return to your gym in Cerulean. You know that will be my next stop after Pewter right?" Ash questioned with a smirk.

"Oh course, and I'll make sure to stop you in your tracks. You're going to need years of training before you can bet me Ash." Misty said in a teasing voice.

"We'll just see about that. I'm going to beat you on my first try." Ash said with a serious if still playful look on his face.

"Oh would like to make a bet on it then?" Misty asked with a good natured smile still plastered on her face.

"Sure that doesn't sound like a problem to me, but what do you think we should bet on?" Ash asked as he continued to lean against the tree while staring out at the lake.

"Well how about this, if you lose your first gym match against me then you have to stay and help out around the gym for a month, but if you win you'll get this." Misty said with a smile while holding out a slip of paper in her hand.

"What's that?" Ash asked as he gazed at the strip of paper in Misty's hand.

"This is a ticket to S.S. Ann, it's a luxury cruise ship that leaves from the port in Vermillion City. I have a pair of tickets so I don't see the harm in letting you have one." Misty said rather proudly.

"Oh so you're keeping a ticket for yourself then?" Ash questioned with a smile on his face as he gently rubbed Mew and Pikachu's heads on his lap.

"Well of course, you don't really think I'm going to give up the chance to go on a luxury cruise. Besides I'm sure you'll enjoy this cruise Ash, I hear that there are always a lot of trainers on board who are always looking for a battle." Misty said in a matter of fact tone.

"Yeah that would be nice. So anyway Misty have you caught another cool today while we were out training?" Ash asked while gesturing to Misty's fishing pole.

"Nope, just a couple of Magikarp which I really don't have any use for." Misty replied with a tired sigh.

"Oh come on Magikarp can be useful, I was just reading in my Pokedex that they evolve into Gyarados and they certainly aren't useless." Ash said with a smirk as he remembered all the nights he had spent just reading pokemon entries on his Pokedex.

"True Ash, but while Gyarados are powerful I've never really like them very much. They've always scared me a bit." Misty admitted to herself why suppressing a shiver.

"But how can you not like Gyarados? They're huge water serpents that can fly around in the sky, what's not to love?" Ash asked as he stared at Misty in confusion.

"Ash, just drop it." Misty snapped as she turned away from him and went back to focusing on her fishing.

"Fine, fine." Ash muttered. There where times when he really couldn't understand Misty, she could be really nice to him one minute only to suddenly be really angry with him the next minute.

"So anyway, do you want to go back to town and get something to eat before it gets dark?" Ash asked as got up from leaning against the tree. He placed Mew on his head while Pikachu took her place at his shoulder.

"Sure, I don't think I'm going to get anymore fishing done today anyway." Misty said in agreement as she reeled in her line and went to get the rest of her fishing equipment. Once she was all packed the two of them began the somewhat long walk to Viridian City, Pikachu still sitting on Ash's shoulder while Mew dozed off on Ash's head.

The Next Day

Ash rubbed some sleep from his eyes as Misty and him walked down the road out of Viridian City, Misty held her bike a long side her as they walked. Ash found it strange that as he walked out of the city he realized he was actually really going to miss all of the time he spent here. Yet he was also really excited about the fact that all the training Mew, Pikachu and he had done was going to pay off.

"Well Ash this is where we part ways." Misty said and they came upon the trail leading to Viridian Forest.

"I guess so, see you later Misty." Ash said with a smile and a wave while Misty climbed on her bike.

"Yep so you in Cerulean City Ash!" Misty yelled out with a wave as she began to ride down the trail.

'Well I guess I'm by myself again.' Ash thought to himself as he watched ride off down the trail until she was out of sight. "Lets get going you two." Ash said firmly glancing at both Mew and Pikachu who were resting on his shoulders.

"Wait hold on a minute!" A voice behind them yelled, causing Ash to spin around in the direction of Viridian. He noticed a man in white lab coat running towards them wearing a very bulky looking backpack.

"What is it?" Ash asked while staring at the strange man in front of him who had stopped to catch his breath.

"You're Ash, correct?" The man asked while readjusting his glasses after he had caught his breath.

"Yeah, that's me." Ash replied, still a little confused.

"Well I'm one of Professor Oak's lab assistants and he asked me to deliver something to you before you left on your journey." The lab assistant said while slipping the backpack off and bringing it out in front of him.

"What is it?" Ash asked as the lab assistant opened up the backpack.

"This is a Pokemon egg, and Professor Oak ordered this one special just for you." The lab assistant said while taking the egg out of his backpack and holding it out to Ash.

"Really? Wow I'm going to have to thank Professor Oak big time for this." Ash said as he accepted the egg from the lab assistant. "Do you know what kind of Pokemon is inside?"

"Nope, Professor Oak said he wanted it to be a surprise." The lab assistant replied with a smirk. "Just remember to take good care of it."

"Don't worry, I will." Ash said with a smile as he cradled the pokemon egg.

"Well see you around kid." The lab assistant said as he walked back towards Viridian City.

"See ya, and tell Professor Oak thank you for me!" Ash yelled back with a smile as both Ash and Mew waved a good bye from his shoulders.

"Hm I wonder what type of Pokemon you'll be." Ash muttered as he stared down at the egg in his arms.

"Well then, onwards to Pewter City." Ash said with a smile as he began to walk down the trail towards Viridian, the egg in his arms and his Pokemon on his shoulders. He had no clue what would await him on his journey, but he was going to meet it head on.

End Chapter Three

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