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Okay… Since I can't use this pairing for my main story, I decided to go for it in a stand alone. A/U, not an A/U to the game but to my main story. The character backgrounds are the same (though I haven't touched on most of them) but the story line is different (the only thing that remains the same is that Corn has been shot. The story is different from that point on.). There may be a few things here that I'll use in my main story but I'll have to decide on those things later. Like I said before, I just decided to go for it. Hope you like it.

Love Hotel


99th Street, 4:30am

To be honest when she joined our little group (well, there are twelve– technically thirteen– of us so I wouldn't say little) I thought that she might actually replace me. She has enough advantages over me: she's definitely smarter than me, she's stronger than me, she's got actual experience leading a gang, not just being a "co-leader." She came along and started to immediately contribute to the group. She's the one that caught Clutch and shook him down for info. Of all of us that went into the Fortified Residential Zone to find Yoyo (us, Corn, Beat, Combo and Clutch, whom we dragged along) she was the one that actually got to him and freed him, the rest of us got there in time to be shot at by a couple of fighter jets. Even before we actually got to Yoyo she took out most of the bombs the Rhinos had set up all over the place. She even handled that golden armed freak that was terrorizing Chuo, of course I was there to help but she did damn near all the work.

Honestly, at that point I really did feel that my status in the group was falling and hers was rising. I thought that she really would replace me. But you know what? She never tried to do that. She never tried to take my spot as the number two. I actually worked up the courage to ask her about it one day (when no one else was around of course) and she told me herself that that wasn't the case. She was used to doin' all that stuff herself anyway… maybe not the exact same stuff but I think you know what I mean. She said she wasn't used to being in a gang with so many individuals and that she thought she might have a little trouble getting acclimated and finding her place. I don't know how or why but we just started hanging out together. You ever make a friend that you didn't expect to make? I have now.

We don't really act like we're going out together. She just gets ready to leave and asks me if I'm coming. I usually say something like "well, I don't have anything better to do today anyway." It feels weird to be putting on that pseudo-charade because everyone knows we're friends. We go out every day. We hardly ever tell anyone where we're going; we never tell them when we're coming here. It bugs Corn a bit when we don't tell him; he likes to know where everyone is and what they're doing. It's not that he's a control freak or anything like that; it's just that he wants to make sure he knows where everyone is so we can avoid another "Yoyo situation." We aren't trying to alienate our friends, it's just that the garage gets a bit cramped sometimes. We like to be alone together sometimes. Anyway everyone has a place where they go to be alone or with one or two other friends: Clutch likes going to the far side of Kogane alone, Jazz and Boogie like going to the expo stadium, hell Combo and Garam share an apartment together.

Our spot is an abandoned love hotel in Benten off of 99th street. It's been abandoned for two months because there were a lot of rapes taking place here (management didn't do a good job of documenting who was coming in and whether the sex they were having was consensual). It was her idea to come in here. We were just skating around the Benten area when she got the idea to tag in here. We got to looking around and decided to just chill for a bit. We've been chilling here ever since. It's not a huge place, only seven floors. It's got… I don't know… maybe twenty or thirty rooms per floor. We don't really know because the only floor with any lighting in the halls is the fifth floor where we are now. The room we usually hang out in has outlets that work. But it doesn't have a bed so we go across the hall to another room (where, I might add, a brutal rape occurred) and we sleep there if we're tired. I don't like this room. I've been telling her that we should take the bed into our normal room or, better yet, a different bed entirely but she doesn't listen. Whatever.

When one of us sleeps the other sits in a chair next to the bed with a spiked baseball bat and protects them, you never know if someone might come in here one day. Her breathing changes and I know she's about to wake up. I hear her sit up. I can't see her because the room is so dark, only a few of the rooms on this floor have power. She's getting out of the bed now. "Gum? Are you there?" she whispers to me, she wants to make sure it's safe so she doesn't speak loudly. I hear her feet touch the floor.

"I'm here… how'd you sleep?" I sit my spiked bat on the floor.

"Okay I guess… what time is it?"

"I don't know. I can't see."

"Open the door and let the hall light come in." I did as she suggested. A large beam of dim light pierced the dark and a little bit of it touched her. She's standing there looking directly at me. God she's hot… I'm not saying that in a weird way… I'm just saying that she has a very impressive body, it's nearly flawless. Again, I'm not weird that way… of course it doesn't really help me to tell you that she was only sleeping in her panties. You know what… I'll just stop talking. "Where are my clothes?" she asks me as though I'd know where her clothes were. She was the one who decided to take it all off before she went to sleep in a rape bed that probably has jizz all over it, I didn't tell her too. I help her look for her clothes. It takes me a few minutes to find her tube top and she manages to find her pants. I wish I had a pair of pants like that; they make her ass look really good. I see her slide the tube top on. She picks her skates up off of the ground. She picks up a pair of black socks too; I guess she remembered where she put that shit. Kind of a weird thing to remember. "Come on." She smacks my ass as she passes behind me. I flinch when she does that. I smile though. I don't know when we started doing that to each other.

We cross the hall and go into the other room. The main room… we don't have a proper name for it yet (I'm leaning towards the cave but she wants to call it the black hole). I unlock the door and we enter. I love this fucking place. Really. I swear if the police ever find this place we'll be locked up for years. We've got a lot of stolen merchandise in here: a sound system that we had to take piece by piece, two eighteen inch televisions, three DVD players, two VHS players, black lights, strobe lights, some Christmas lights we took from a street vendor, glow wands, clocks, a flare gun, guns we took from the Golden Rhinos, fireworks, all type of alcohols, clothes, shoes, posters and flags, mangas, hentai mangas (that Yoyo thinks he lost… heh heh), a fountain, a humidifier, incense and incense burners, a couple of bonsai trees, a big Chinese mirror, a fucking Xbox and a PS2 (there aren't enough games for PS3 so we decided not to take one yet), games, a massage chair, a big plush panda (because Cube loves pandas even though they're pretty much only good for destroying bamboo) a couple of radios, an ass-load of CDs, a guitar and an amp, a small drum set, surfboards, skateboards, a football, a basketball, baseball bats, hockey sticks a puck and a net, a slip n' slide, blankets, six digital cameras, kimonos, parasols and umbrellas, a katana and a naginata. Oh and this one time we stole from a porn shop. The owner was trying to get us to be in a movie they were filming so we faked like we were interested and as soon as we went into the store we grabbed a shit-load of magazines and a big box of "toys." How the hell did we get away with taking all this shit? Good thing the room's big enough for all of it. Cube likes to joke that we have enough to put Clutch to shame… or behind bars if we can pin it on him. It's true, we do. He may be a klepto but he doesn't have the balls to take the kind of stuff we take, or the amount of stuff we take.

I look around as she turns on the Christmas lights we have connected to the extension cords that are all plugged into the outlets that actually work (we don't want to overload the extension cords so we don't plug in the stuff we aren't using). The Christmas lights come on. We have them all duct taped the ceiling and they're a beautiful sight when they're all on like they are now. It gets stuffy in this room so we like to keep the window open. The window's small as hell and we hung a Jolly Rodger over it so nobody would see the lights flash. I reach under the flag and push the window out. A few drops of rain hit my hand.

As I turn around Cube sits in the massage chair. I go into the bathroom and grab two things: a crate of cigars (which I failed to mention before) and a bag of orange Kush. I bring them out and push the crate to her. She opens it, reaches in and pulls out two cigars, one for me and one for her. She lights hers and starts smoking it. I sit in one of the leather chairs that were in the room when we first found it and cut open my cigar. I place it on a pizza box that's on the floor and I reach into the bag of weed pulling out a few ounces. I pick up another pizza box and place it on my lap so I can separate the stems and sticks from the bud. When I finish my task I take the tobacco out of the cigar and mix about half of it into the weed then role it up into the remains of the cigar. It burns the hell out of my throat. Cube doesn't smoke marijuana but she doesn't seem to mind that I do as long as I'm careful about the ashes. I prefer not to do it around the others (because I'll end up having to share with Corn, Beat, Jazz, Boogie, Garam and Clutch… and maybe Rhyth, I don't know), but she's cool about it so I light up around her if I feel like it.

Cube turns on the sound system and starts playing a U2 song I heard a thousand times before. She doesn't really like U2 but she plays their music for me because it relaxes me. She likes to be around me when I'm relaxed. The truth is I'm almost always relaxed, I just get a little edgy when I'm high. I notice that she's staring at me; it's making me a bit nervous. She isn't trying to scare me but it's still a little creepy. She does this all the time though; she's just playing with me. I stare back at her. She isn't blinking. Now that I'm staring at her in the dim, flashing Xmas lights, I'm actually getting a good look at her. I haven't gotten a good look at her in a while.

She's beautiful. Her eyes are pretty as hell. Grey… no, silver irises. She isn't wearing most of her piercings; her earrings are all out, but her nose, lip and belly rings were still in and to the best of my knowledge she still has her tongue stud in her mouth… and her more private piercings. Her hair, at the moment is matted down (bed head) and she isn't wearing any makeup. She's prettier without makeup. I like her without all that black shit on her face (well… I do like the lipstick). Sometimes I wonder how I would categorize her. She likes skulls and shit but I don't think she's a goth… hell, I've seen her beat up a few goths. Actually she beats up a lot of people. Where was I? Oh, right… I don't think she's goth. I'm not sure if she's metal, I haven't heard her listening to a lot of metal. She may be a punk. She likes punk rock. She isn't emo though. She says emo is for pussies. She can rap… she can rap really well. Hmm… maybe she can't be categorized. I don't think she'd want to be categorized anyway.

I cough and my eyes close. When they open she's smiling. "You lose." I pout a bit.

It's so early. I tell her that no one in the garage would be awake if we went back now. Corn would be in his apartment. Combo and Garam would be in theirs. I don't know if Clutch or Beat would be in the garage. Beat tended to wonder off at night and Clutch actually lived with the doctor who operated on Corn but he usually backpacked and went off on his own. I actually should be at home right now but lately I've grown more and more detached from my family so I just hang out with Cube at night like I am now (I insensitively forgot that the Golden Rhinos burned her house down). My step-father, when I actually am home, tells me that she's a bad influence on me. I don't listen to him because he's only met her once and he barely spoke to her. Anyway he says the same stuff about Corn. My real father found a reason to like Corn and I bet he would've found a reason to like Cube… if he was still alive. I tell her about some of the stuff my step-dad says about her. She laughs. She thinks he's a fucking douche bag and she says that if she ever sees him again she'll say it to his face.

Just another reason I like hanging out with her.

I tell her about my dad, my real dad. I tell her about how he died. She said that he sounded like the kind of guy she would've wanted as a father. I ask about her parents. She's a bit uncomfortable now. "Never mind. You don't have to tell me about them if you don't want to." She tells me about them and I actually cry. What kind of people do that to their own child? She tells me that they're dead. I don't say it out loud but I'm glad they're dead.

She looks as though a weight has been lifted off of her shoulders. She gets up and approaches me. She extend a hand to me and I take it in mine. She pulls me to my feet. "C'mon… let's get some breakfast."

I check my watch. "It's 5:20. Is any place open this early?"

She smiles at me as she picks my jacket up off of the floor and hands it to me. "I guess we're about to find out." I smile. I watch as she pulls her hoody on.

I turn off the music and she turns off the Christmas lights. When we're in the hallway I lock the door. I intertwine my arm with hers and she smiles again. We proceed down the stairs into the darkness. We finally make it to the first floor and just before we leave the building she… she kisses me on the cheek. That's a hell of a thing, isn't it? I was so surprised. I didn't know she felt that way about me... does she feel that way about me? Sometimes she likes messing with me.

Aw, what the hell?

I kiss her back. She looks surprised. I guess I'm blushing, my cheeks feel warm. I separate from her and push, what was once, an automatic-door open. I wait for her to pass through then I push it shut again (wouldn't want anyone to find our hideout right?). She starts skating down the street and slows down when she gets about thirty feet away from me. She turns around to face me and tells me to hurry up. I speed up and zoom past her. She stays there for a few second then speeds after me. She gave me a head start.

We race but there's no need to hurry… we don't know if there's any place open for us to get any food at.

Fuck it… at least we kissed.

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