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He was really really sick of it.

It was amusing at first; the game of cat and mouse they were playing. Amusing to watch.

But now it was just annoying.

The game had become more frequent by each passing day, and when they started, you knew.

"CHEATER!" Wolfram spat, running after Yuuri.

"Wolfram! It wasn't what it looked like!" He cried, running as fast as he could. Murata massaged his temples. He sweat-dropped.

'All he was doing was telling the new (very cute...) maid where everything was…'

"Ah… Shibuya." He said to no one, shrugging. "You can't stay out of trouble for long, can you?" He started off after them.

"Wimp! Going after pretty ladies when you already have me!" Wolfram said, huffily (crossing his arms.)

"Wolfram! I was just giving her directions! You take things too seriously." Yuuri scolded, defending himself.

"You don't take things seriously enough!"

"You overreact!"

"You're a wimp!"

"You're a snob!"

Murata covered his ears. It was getting increasingly louder and more absurd by the minute.

"You sneak into my room and wear pink frilly nightgowns!"

"You have no fashion sense!"

"You're a----"

"SHUT. UP." Murata said, out of no where. Yuuri and Wolfram jumped. They hadn't noticed him there. Murata started walking towards Yuuri.

"Hey! What are you doing?" Wolfram said, still incensed from the 'maid' incident. Murata said nothing and stood behind Yuuri.

"You both are acting like annoying children." He said. And then… He pushed Yuuri to the space directly in front of him…

In other words, to Wolfram.

Wolfram managed to catch him, but as he did…

Their lips brushed against each other, lightly. Both of the kiss's participants' eyes widened and they immediately jumped apart. Yuuri stood up immediately and turned to yell at Murata.

"Murata! What was that fo----" And Ken Murata was gone already. Behind Yuuri, Wolfram touched his lips with a trembling (tentative) finger. Yuuri turned around.

"Hey, Wolfram, sorry about that." He said, trying to sound oblivious to the kiss. But he couldn't forget the spark. He looked at Wolfram oddly, as if contemplating something. Then suddenly he lunged forward and kissed him again.

And there were sparks.

Murata stepped out of his hiding place. (Behind a tree.) And chuckled.

'Finally. Some peace and quiet.' He thought, triamphantly. His glasses glinted. 'Now where did that cute maid go...'

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