Naruto sat up and yawned, looked around and noticed Drako gone

Naruto sat up and yawned, looked around and noticed Drako gone.

"Damn I better not be late" Naruto said as he quickly got dressed and gathered his gear from the surrounding floor.

He went downstairs to find everyone else eating already. "Why does no one ever wake me?"

Everyone just shrugged and kept eating. Naruto joined them.

"I can't wait for the finals today" Naruto said almost forgetting his food

"Yea that month went by quick" Ino added not forgetting her food

"And if either of you guys lose, that means a lot more training" Jake said

"But it shouldn't be a problem for you guys, hell you can already best a lot of the jounin" Robert said

"But still no match for me" Jiraiya said not wanting to be left out

Naruto noticed that Robert and Jake weren't as talkative as they had been the last month.

"O well I can't wait to test out the ultimate and coolest move I have ever learned" Naruto said as his left hand grabbed his right wrist and he just stared at it.

"Only use that if you need too, but against the hyuuga it will be a perfect counter"

"I know but it is so cool"

Just use it anyway; I haven't gotten to see it yet. Drako pouted because they had been split up again for their training.

"I will" Naruto said as he jumped around flexing and stretching.

"I don't think you should put your armor on during this fight Naruto"

"But why sensei?"

Because, it won't help you at all against Neji, his attacks will completely bypass it.

"Yea, but I look so much cooler with it" Naruto whined but an evil glare from Robert silenced him and he began to take it off and seal it into his scroll. He still had his sword on his back.

"Well I think its about time to go then right?" Jiraiya said patting his stomach

"K Lets move out" Naruto said enthusiastically as he went out the door followed by everyone

"Ok you two do your best" Jake said giving a happy smile

"And don't show off too much"

"And keep an eye on Sasuke" Jiraiya added

"Why is that" Ino asked

"I caught him talking to Orochimaru, and he left when I showed up. Sasuke said that they didn't get to say much because I showed up and ruined it" Jiraiya said in a serious tone

"We will" Naruto assured thinking about his teammate.

You can count on us

"Ok Good Luck then" Jiraiya said and the three of them disappeared in a lightning bolt, flash of shadows and a swirl of leaves.

"I can't wait till we can do that" Naruto said amazed

"Let's go Naruto" Ino said as she interlaced their hands and walked to the stadium




Naruto looked out at all the spectators gathered as he and the rest of the chunnin hopefuls stood there showing themselves off. Drako was on Naruto's shoulder and Kyuubi was just wishing he cold come out and scare all these villagers.

Please, just one, let me scare one villager!

"No, later you can"


"The First match is between Naruto Uzumaki and Neji Hyuuga, will the two participants stay in the ring and the other candidates please go to the waiting area." Genma said in a booming voice.

The participants left and Naruto stood facing Neji, who had a confident scowl on his face.

"You have no chance of beating me" Neji

"Ha, lets find out" Naruto said laughing heavily at Neji's attempt to throw his mind off.

"First match…………..Begin" and Genma jumped back

Neji dropped into a jyuuken stance and activated his bloodline.

Naruto feeling his inner prankster, dropped into a stance identical to Neji's. Causing everyone to stare wondering. This of course pissed Neji off for insulting his sacred style.

"You mock me, with your fake style"

Neji charged and Naruto followed, Drako jumped off to the side. A right attack from Neji was met by an identical one from Naruto's left. Neji swiped his arm to the side and landed a palm strike on Naruto's chest. He slid back a little and exhaled deeply.

Shadow Clone

Then there was 101 Naruto's surrounding Neji. 100 began their assault and Neji began to repel them as best he could. Naruto walked over to Drako to converse letting the clones keep Neji busy.

"So, swords?"

Yes, let's start with me on your back for the first attack and then switch it up, donning armor and all?

"Perfect, I mean sensei might get mad but we get to show off" Naruto bragged

Ooops Drako said sarcastically

Soul Seal Release

Neji just finished off the last of the clones to see Naruto charging with his blood red sword drawn held back behind him with two hands for a powerful overhead strike. Naruto brought the sword down in a powerful arc right where Neji was standing.

Neji jumped back and prepared for a counter strike only to see Naruto continue downwards in his attack and that infernal dragon on his back finishing a jutsu.

Fire Dragon

The attack caught Neji completely off guard and burnt off the entire top of his clothes and scorched part of his chest giving the girls something to look at.

Naruto stood back and looked at Neji

"How did you block my eyes from seeing the dragon on your back?" He inquired confused and worried as he struggled to stand.

"Secret" Naruto replied stiffly

"Too bad you are in my range"

"64 strikes of Divination"

Naruto tried to block all the attacks, but Neji's hand speed was too fast. Naruto wound up taking 20 hits.

"Pretty nice attack there Neji" Naruto said as he got back up feeling the effects of the attack.

How did that feel?

"Feels like a kunai is still in there" Naruto said flexing his arms

Neji charged with a right jab that Naruto sidestepped and punched back with the hilt of his sword nailing Neji in the gut and made him fall and spit out blood.

Everyone in the crows was fully engrossed in this fight, seeing as the Hyuuga prodigy was being beaten by a kid known only to a few.

Neji started again attacking with everything he had, fists, kicks and elbows. But each time he used a jyuuken strike it was blocked by Naruto's armguards. Now Naruto began to unleash his own attacks. A horizontal slash that made Neji duck under and then a kick sending him flying across the arena floor.


Up in the stands


Hyuuga Hanabi, younger sister to Hinata, turned to her father with a partially shocked face.

"Father… how is it that Neji is being beaten so easily?"

Hiashi closed his eyes and sighed deeply. "That boy has been trained by the strongest warrior alive. And I mean the strongest. And the boy there has the potential to surpass his sensei."

"But Neji is the best gennin, he should have no problem?" Hanabi asked wondering how is it that a Hyuuga was being beaten, especially the prodigy.

"Blood does not always mean Strength" Hiashi said as if quoting someone.

"That is wrong, the Hyuuga are the best fighters!" Hanabi protested

"That is what I believed when I was younger, but is not true my child. What I said before was a partial quote from a great friend. The rest goes as this…

"To a true warrior blood does not mean anything. True it gives potential, but it does not give strength. Strength is earned through practice and determination. Look back on all of the greatest warriors of our time and the past. They achieved their strength by their own means, with their own hands, and own will. Not one of the greats was 'granted' strength and none of them had special 'blood'.

"That was said to me when I was bested in a fight during my chunnin exams, very similar to this" Hiashi finished smiling

Hanabi just looked back to the fight and thought about that quote and that her father lost at the chunnin exams.


The Fight


Neji regained his composure and analyzed Naruto and Drako in their stance. Naruto was standing with his sword out to the right, both hands on the hilt, staring back at Neji. His arm guards shone with light and his eyes were fixated on his. Drako stood to his left with his tiny but deadly claws raised.

Neji knew that either way he attacked he would take some kind of damage here. Naruto's stance was able to repel an attack or evade one. Drako could just get out of the way or attack Neji if he went after Naruto.

"So Neji, are you ready to give up?" Naruto asked

"To the likes of you? NEVER!"

Wow this guy doesn't get that he is bleeding and we haven't even started

"Yea but whatever, I want to see someone besides us fight, let's go Drako" Naruto said then sprinted

Neji smirked and waited for them to get close.

Heavenly Spin

Naruto blocked with his sword and was sent flying back. And Drako with him.

Neji smiled proudly as he watched them both not moving.

Naruto jumped up and charged with Drako doing the same to his left.

Drako jumped onto Naruto's right arm as he continued to charge.

Neji waited again until they were close enough. He moved his feet to begin the spin but was surprised when Naruto launched Drako right at him.

"Oh No! If I stop the dragon then Naruto will have a free shot, and vice versa."

Neji still continues with the spin as soon as he could and effectively blocked Naruto from getting to close. He watched as Drako flew like a bullet towards him and slashed him down his right side, leaving a deep bleeding wound.

Neji cried in pain as he dropped to his knees. He sensed Naruto walking towards him.

"It seems you lost Neji" Naruto said smiling

Strong, but not enough to beat us Drako said as he stood behind Neji.

Naruto pointed his blade towards Neji. "Do you yield?"


Come on some time this year!

Neji thought back to his fight with Hinata and how she said the same things as these two. His anger inside him rising. Despite the gaping wound he spun and sent a chakra enhanced strike towards Drako's head. The blow landed and an explosion of smoke erupted as well as a scream.

Everyone in the crowd was full of anticipation for the result. And what they saw was not what anyone expected.

Drako stood in his true form with his wings open and fangs bared at Neji's body. Neji was being held forcefully face first into the ground, one arm obviously broken and bleeding, the whole while screaming in agony.

Damn Sore Loser, I should kill you know

"Drako that's enough" Naruto said sternly still pissed at Neji's actions.

I hate people who want power given Drako said as he threw Neji into the ground harder and transformed back to his small form making his way to the contestants box.

"Well Neji, you lose"

"Winner Naruto Uzumaki and Drako" Genma said as the medical team rushed over.

"The crowd was deathly silent as Naruto stood there watching Neji. As soon as he turned to leave they erupted like a volcano.

Naruto had to pause and look around at all the applause he was getting. He liked it! And continued to the box.


"Father is Neji going to be ok?" Hanabi asked in a low voice

"Yes he will be fine, that boy showed mercy. It is legal to kill in this exam, and for that cheap shot he attempted he is lucky to be alive and with only a broken arm."

"But he lost?"

"All things happen for a reason" Hiashi said as he excused himself


"NEXT MATCH Rock Lee vs. Ino Yamanaka" Genma called in a commanding voice.

They both entered the ring. Naruto glomping Ino in a hug before she went to the ring.


And Lee charged with a right hook that Ino jumped away from. She drew a kunai and threw it at a charging Lee. He stopped momentarily before continuing towards Ino.


She's got to get some room if she is to have any chance Naruto

"I know but Lee is fast even for her, but if she goes all out she should be fine"

True but is she going to now?

"I guess we will just have to see


Ino jumped back and drew her bow of her back and pointed it right at Lee and let an arrow sing. Lee rolled to the side and had to roll again away from another arrow.

"Wow, that is very fast Ino" Lee praised

Lee charged again and threw a kunai right at Ino who was forced to jump away from her stationary position. Now she was on the move running from Lee. She reached back to draw an arrow only to find Lee right in front of her and nailed her with a right hook to the gut knocking her into the wall. Ino swore under her breath and stood up.

"Even though I have been training for a month to defeat you I don't think I can Lee"

"I must agree, but we will still have a great fight" Lee hollered back proudly

"Well Lee I suggest you take of your weights because I am going all out" Ino said as she made a handseal and closed her eyes.

Soul Seal Release


"Wow this is the first time we get to see Ino without her seals." Naruto said in anticipation.

I can't wait

"Wow Inoishi, looks like Ino is pretty strong" Chouza said

"Yea from the looks of it she's the strongest of out children," Shikaku said

"She makes me so proud" Inoishi said smiling

"Wow, great work Jake" Robert said as he and Jake stood up above the Kage's Box


Ino's platinum blonde hair became intertwined with long streaks of white that ran the whole length. A white chest plate materialized and forest green bracers grew around her forearms. And she summoned her crossbow to her right hand. Even her bow seemed to lengthen a little. But the most amazing addition of all was her eyes. They still had her pupils but oozed a white aura that dissipated in the air giving her a sweet but deadly look.

Lee saw this and actually took off his weights.

"Ready Lee?"

"Yes let us begin"

Lee rocketed forward, his body not being visible, only the broken rock along the ground. An arrow flys from Ino and the trail of broken rock shifts to the right. The ground where the arrow hit froze over in a solid sheet of ice for about 10 feet.

Ino smirked when she just though of a plan in her head.

Lee appeared right in front of Ino and she blocked with her left hand as much as she could but was still thrown back. She got right up and started her attack.

Hidden River

Nothing happened except the ground split a little bit. Lee ignored it and continued. Ino ducked a right jab and got her legs taken out with a sweep. Lee grabbed her and threw her towards the other wall. She turned in midair and shot an arrow at the unsuspecting Lee. He almost took the arrow right in the heart, but shifted a little and it scraped his chest and kept going. Even though she missed Lee was still feeling the ice forming on his side.

Ino smirked when she saw that her shot was true, but was still faced with the problem of the incoming wall.

Rebirth of the river

The cracked ground broke open and water rushed out like a geyser. It slowed her momentum enough to not take any serious damage from the impact.

"Damn if I get hit with one of them in the legs my speed is gone." Lee realized as he tried with no effect to take the ice off.

Ino walked right through the geyser as it began to flood the floor of the stadium slowly.

What is she doing with this water?!

Ino smirked and then raised her bow

Artic Shot

Lee sprinted to the right and made it way out of the way of this arrow. He looked back to see the wall completely frozen.

Lee disappeared and Ino jumped straight into the air as the ground exploded in a crater.

She saw Lee look up and then he too jumped in the air. Ino slashed down with a kunai but Lee smashed the kunai to the side with his bare fist and then began a relentless combo on Ino. As they finished their descent Lee kicked her into the ground, creating a crater.

Lee stood and waited for Ino to rise and noticed that the water was up to his ankles


Everyone in the stadium felt the ground pulse.


"Here it comes brother"

"Yes but will it be enough?"

"Of course its my attack" Jake said as he elbowed Robert who just gave a cheesy grin.


"Wow Drako, I think Ino could almost take us" Naruto stated

I've never seen these attacks, have you?

"Nope, new to me"

Well this definitely puts her as the best long range ninja here

"By a long shot"


Frozen Tundra

The water instantly froze, all at once not even giving Lee any warning. His feet were completely stuck. Everyone also noticed that the temperature was dropping. And it was centered on Ino who was climbing out of the hole.

"Wow I never thought that this chest plate would be so effective" Ino said, as she saw no cracks from Lee's attacks.

She looked to see that Lee was still trying to pull himself out. She started a long chain of handseals and then strung her bow.

Artic Fury

An ice dragon rose on Ino's left and right and both looked towards Lee. Ino let loose the arrow and the Dragons followed it like a dog chasing a stick.

Just before the frozen ice hit a shout was heard.

Fifth Gate Release

Lee stood there as if nothing had happened. He punched the ground and freed his feet.

"Nice move Lee but I still have the advantage." Ino said as she drew another arrow.

Lee ignored her and began his charge but stumbled over the ice. The energy that his body was giving off was slowly melting the ice.

"Crap I had better hurry up if I want to win."

Ino began a continuous volley of shots but Lee managed to grab or deflect them all.

"I don't have enough chakra to use any more chakra arrows." Ino realized

The ice had melted enough and Lee shot towards her like a rocket. Ino took the blow in the center of her chest plate, it sent her into the opposite wall and coughed up blood.

"Crap that hurts more than Naruto" Ino said "Okay have to end it right here" Ino said as she waited for Lee. He charged, with his body beginning to feel the effects of the Gates.

He smashed a fist into Ino's side and then grabbed her and tossed her back towards the other wall. Lee appeared facing Ino with his fist reared back.

Lee's fist was shifted off more from Ino's left arm. It glanced down the length of her arm and she felt the power of that hit throughout her whole arm.

Lee stopped his assault even though it looked like he had the upper hand. He appeared above Ino and brought his left arm down towards her, but no impact occurred. No one figured out why until Ino pushed him onto his back, with…… the bolt of the crossbow touching Lee's neck.

"Proctor I surrender" Lee shouted as he smiled and got to his feet.

Ino looked to the crowd and smiled and then fell down. The crowd cheered even louder than Naruto's match making him a little jealous. Naruto and Drako were instantly at her side. Naruto put his hand above her heart.

Soul Seal

Ino returned to her sealed state.

Man she's got a bunch of bruises

"Yea but she'll be alright" Naruto said as he let the medics take her to the hospital wing.

Well let's get back to the box, Lee is fine too with that muscled out body he's got.

"Naruto tell Ino that was the bet fight I have ever had!!"

"Hehehe Yea, I'll do that Lee"


Orochimaru as the Kazekage was awed by the display.

"Hokage-sama, your gennin are amazing, they show skill that rivals some jounin."

"These are a special bunch, probably the best since the sannin" Sarutobi said with a calm voice.

"Yes, the next sannin" Orochimaru said as he looked around.


"Wow, I never thought your girl would be that strong" Chouza said as he finished a bag of chips.

"Yea, she would definitely beat a bunch of jounin in this village. Hell She could probably take on her old man" Shikaku said finishing with a grin.

"I'm starting to think she really could in a while, if not now"


After the crowd had finally died down Genma moved to begin the next match, already awed by the display of the fights. Best chunnin exams he's seen in years.

"Kankuro of the sand vs. Shino Abruame"

"Proctor I forfeit, I just don't have what it takes to beat this guy"

Shino eyed him suspiciously.

"Alright then next match is between Gaara of the Sand and Sasuke Uchiha"

Both contestants entered the ring with a maniacal smile.

"And finally we get to see the two weirdoes going at it" Naruto stated laughing

HAHAHAHA nice one, but who do you think is going to win

"Gaara, Sasuke has nothing, he doesn't even use that sword we gave him anymore."

Really, why did he stop that?

"He said it wasn't worth carrying around, so I took it back and melted it back to something else"

And that would be?

"You'll find out eventually"

And with that said Drako tackled Naruto and they began wrestling. Tell ME!

"Never" argh! And they continued their tumble for a while more until Shikamaru pulled them apart and threw them at he railing.

I am going to find out

"Yea, when I let you know" Naruto retorted


"Ok match is starting shut up you two" Shikamaru said very interested in which opponent he was going to face.


Sasuke tossed a kunai towards Gaara who never moved, never blinked just kept staring back at him. The sand rose from the ground and grabbed the kunai, it was swallowed up and the sand shifted and then the kunai was hurled back at Sasuke who just jumped to the side.

Grand Fireball

Sasuke launched the fireball and followed in its shadow. Again Gaara never moved just stood there as the fireball was stopped against a thick sheet of sand. Sasuke appeared at Gaara's left aiming a punch to his head. It came within an inch but was caught short by the sand, and it held Sasuke in place.

"Why do you try such useless techniques, I am leagues above you"

"We shall see, I am of the great Uchiha clan" Sasuke said confidently and activated his sharingan. He charged with a right hook that was blocked, the sand in turn grabbed his legs and tossed him into the wall.

"Pathetic" Gaara said still staring at the same spot he was looking at in the beginning of the match.

The chirping of birds could be heard and Gaara actually looked towards Sasuke.


Sasuke ran down the walls at a speed that was close to Lee's. His curse seal had activated to level 1, and his eyes showed insanity.

Gaara turned towards Sasuke and held out his hand. The sand flowed away from Gaara and moved towards Sasuke. When he was close enough the sand grabbed his feet and pulled upward. Sasuke fell face first into the ground and his attack created a small crater.

Gaara's sand was already surrounding sasuke's legs and was starting to climb upwards. Sasuke was still felling a little dizzy from being slammed into the ground. He felt the sand crawling up him and began to struggle and try to scrape it off. Gaara just looked on.

The sand had made its way to sasuke's neck and slowly began to squeeze.

"I show you mercy as a request from a friend, surrender now or die" Gaara said flatly

"To the likes of you never.." Sasuke screamed back

"Have it your way then" Gaara raised his arm again.

The sand around Sasuke's legs tightened fast and all Sasuke felt was intense pain through his legs. They were useless now. Gaara released the sand and walked away.


Well Gaara has this one won

"Yea, Sasuke isn't going to escape from that one, not since he's already trapped to his shoulders."

Well it looks like Shikamaru is going to be fighting him.

"That will be a good match"


Orochimaru looked over to his guards who had worried looks on their faces. He couldn't begin his attack with both Sarutobi ad Jiraiya here, he would be dead very quickly. The guards looked confused as to why there would be one of the sannin here as well. He signaled to wait it out more to see if Jiraiya would leave.


"Hm, I would have thought that Orochimaru would have started the attack by now." Jake spoke aloud.

"Yea, but I guess he must be intimidated by Jiriaya's presence as well."

"Hmm, so how do you think that Lightning, Grass and Rock are doing?"

"I suppose that they are waiting for a signal from Orochimaru."

"Well it doesn't matter"

"What do you mean brother?" Robert asked

"Lightning plans on releasing one of their demons from its jinchurriki."

"Yes, but I think I can take them"

"I know you can, but can you do it without sacrificing your life?"

Robert looked down and then to his brother. "That I am not sure of"

"Just don't do anything stupid. Think before acting when it comes down to that stuff"

"Aww, is the little brother worried?" Robert teased

"Yes, for your stupidity."


"O well here is Naruto's next match


"We will have an hour break to let the contestants recover and rest up"

At this everyone began to file out to go the bathroom or the food vendors.

Hey, let's go see Sensei

"Yea, where is he?"

Over there above the Kage's box top left spire

"Ok let's go"


"I'll be back Hokage-sama, bathroom break, anybody want anything?" Jiraiya asked and when no one answered he left

The Kazekage smiled and turned to his guards.


"It seems that Drako finally smelt us, here they come"

"Yea, should we tell them about it?"

"I suppose, but not everything'

'Alright" Jake finished as they turned away from the direction that Naruto and Drako were approaching from.

Naruto and Drako each appeared at the edge at the same time. They jumped towards their senseis with a fist and claw reared back. The next thing they knew was they were both face first against the spire with an arm twisted behind their back and a foot on their head

Damn, still not even close

"Hahahah yea, they are too good"

"So what is it that you two wanted?" Robert asked as they released their hold

"Nothing just wanted to say hi, its kind of boring there because there isn't many contestants there, especially since Kankuro and Shino aren't in it anymore"

"I suppose it could get a little boring"

You have no idea

"Well you two ready to fight against Ino?"

"Yea, but I don't want to hurt her" Naruto admitted and looked away from their gaze.

"You will hurt her more by not going all out against her" Jake said smacking him on the head

I guess

"But on that note, there is something we must tell you" Robert said stoically


"Konoha s going to be invaded today"

What, by who?

'Sound, Sand, Lightning, Grass and Rock"

"Well lets go get them," Naruto said jumping up and looking around

"Just hold on" Jake said grabbing his arm

"They are planning a surprise attack but we already know about it and have set a counter attack"

But they are four countries, we are only one, they greatly outnumber us

"Good then it's a fair fight" Naruto and Robert both said at the same time

"Hahahah, you think that now," Jake said laughing

"We should have no problem, besides if things start to get out of hand, My furry friend can always come take a walk" Naruto said patting his stomach

WOW how cool will that be. The demon that attacked Konoha is now the defender of it

"That will be awesome"

"Just remind him not to 'accidentally' destroy any of Konoha" Jake said with a smile

"I'll make sure of it"

The wind shifted a little and there was now a cool breeze. Drako twisted his head in towards the main gate.

I smell enemy ninja, they are hiding in the forest, he sniffed again nice, I would say about 20,000 troops

"That many? Cool" Naruto said excited while Jake and Robert looked on.

"Ok Naruto and Drako, you two need to go find Ino and tell her this plan"

"O don't worry I'm back" Ino said as she jumped up onto the spire with them

"Well that was quick" Robert said

"Yea, a special soldier pill from Chouza. Him and Shikaka came with my dad to visit me. But then they left in a rush" Ino said smiling as if nothing happened

"Ok well Ino, Konoha is going to be invaded today, soon" Jake said getting back to business


"It's True Ino" Naruto said as he checked all of his supplies

"Well I have an important mission for you three." They all looked at attention. Robert smiled at their maturity

"You three are to defend the main gate from any invaders entering the city. The rest of the Konoha ninja will be clearing out the city first, then will meet you guys on the walls.

"Nice, but one question" Naruto said raising his hand

Do we have any limiters or can we go all out?

"Whatever you want"

YES Naruto and Drako jumped around

"Start off with Drako transformed, try to strike some fear in them. Then go with seals off. And if you need to, Use the Flying Thunder God and Naruto use your speed." Robert commanded

"Don't forget about your weapons, use them well, stick together" Jake added

"Basically you have to keep all the enemies out until the rest of the leaf ninja make it there."

It won't be a problem

"Yea we can handle it hands down." Naruto said growing even more excited

"One more thing…….Jake started

………..Don't forget to show off" Robert said laughing

Jake punched him in the arm "That wasn't what I was going to say. Just beware of any Kages, and don't act stupid like Robert here"

"That is pretty hard to do" Ino said and they all started laughing except for Robert

An explosion rocked underneath them and the whole building shook. Everyone was instantly on alert.

"Go now!" Robert said as he grabbed Naruto and Drako and launched them through the air and Jake did the same to Ino. In the air Drako transformed and grabbed Naruto and Ino out of the air. Ino drew her bow and Naruto his sword. They reached the main gate to see thousands of ninja about a half mile off heading towards them

"Lets Go Drako!!" Naruto shouted and Drako dove towards them.



Orochimaru jumped to the Kage's box with Sarutobi in his grasp.

"Well sensei, it has been a long time" Orochimaru said as he released him and the barrier went up.

"It has been long Orochimaru, I get to see two of my students at the same time." Sarutobi said as he tossed his cloak away and revealed a small toad on his shoulder.

The toad jumped to the ground and out stepped Jiraiya.

"Long time Orochimaru"



The Raikage and Tsuchikage were leading a small force of elite ninja towards the left wall of Konoha. They both stopped and a stonewall rose up in front of them. In front of each Kage was an arrow that was only an inch away from their faces.

"Hello Boys" Jake said as he and Robert stood on top of the stonewall smiling down at them.