If my lack of writing hasn't showed it already, I am having MAJOR writer's block. So I decided to write this to see if I can overcome the thing that frustrates all writers.


I don't own Ghost Hunt. I never will.

This is written out of extreme Writer's Block, and has not been taken seriously.


The entire SPR team was waking up after having a nice night sleeping after they had solved a ghost mystery.

Naru woke up and went to the bathroom. Despite Naru's normal gracefulness, he slumped and dragged his feet as he made it to the bathroom. He made it to the sink so he could see how he looked. Opening his eyes groggily, he stared at the reflection in his mirror.

The person in front of him stared back with the same slack-jawed, bleary eyed expression that he had. The person's hair was a rat's next just like Naru's. Then Naru realized the person in front of him was short. Not only that, for some reason, the person in front of him had a girlish shape.

That's when Naru did something extremely uncharacteristic of him, he screamed. The reflection of him was a girl. He looked down at himself, still a girl. "This is so wrong!" Naru yelled.

He ran to call Lin on the phone, only to trip because his clothes were too big. Picking up his pants, he walked over to the phone and dialed. The phone kept ringing and ringing. "Come on, pick up Lin," Naru said over and over.

Finally the phone was answered by a very groggy Lin. "Naru, it's five in the morning. Something extremely wrong had better be going on."

"Something is wrong! I've been turned into a girl!" Naru shouted in the phone.

"Oh that's nice. What?!" From where he was, he could hear Lin spitting out his coffee.

"Good one Naru. No, really, what's going on?"

"I've…been…turned…into…a…girl," Naru said slowly.

"Are you serious Naru?" Lin asked, starting to wake up more.

"Would I lie about this?" Naru asked.

"…Okay, I'll come over and check it out," Lin said, hanging up the line.

"Don't bring anyone over," Naru said, too late.

Naru waited around, looking for clothes small enough for him, but finding nothing. So he sat on his couch, waiting for Lin, in really baggy, shapeless black pants, and a shapeless baggy black shirt.

Naru heard a knock on his door. He jumped up to answer it, tripping on his way.

Opening it, his heart sank. In front of him stood not Lin, Mai. Mai stood there in a pair of blue jeans and a semi-tight green, short-sleeved shirt.

"Ah! What are you doing here?" Naru practically yelled.

"Lin called in sick, so he sent me, he told me about your problem," Mai explained.

"Oh," Naru said, deflated.

"Can I come in?" Mai asked when she heard a slight sound of thunder.

"Oh, sure," Naru said, opening the door to let her in.

Inside was a slightly larger than normal apartment. Mai saw two black couches facing each other, so she sat down in one.

"Any idea how this happened?" she asked Naru.

Naru stared at her, "No. None whatsoever."

Mai stared thoughtfully, her mind going over many things at the same time. "Do you suppose it had anything to do with that ghost?"

"I honestly have no idea. I believe I said that," Naru said, bitterness icing his words.

"Well…until we can fix it, we need to get you some clothes," Mai said.

"What's wrong with the clothes I have now?" Naru asked, slightly insulted.

"Walk towards me, Naru."

Naru did as she asked, only to fall down on his face because of the excess clothes. Mai smiled in triumph.

"Very well, I see a change in wardrobe would be advisable," Naru said, face down on the floor.

"To the mall!" Mai shouted.

Naru groaned.