I wrote this story completely spur-of-the-moment, and I decided to post it right after I finished it. I thought it came out okay, even though the whole story behind it makes no sense, I guess it just takes place while it was happening, completely independent.

Disclaimer: Don't own Amy or Station Square (betcha' thought I did, didn't cha?)

Starry Night

Star light, Star bright, first star I see tonight

I wish I may, I wish I might

Have the wish

I wish tonight

Night had fallen upon Station Square; the darkness that most people had taken for granted filled the sky. The streets were quiet; everyone was safe in their homes, sleeping without a care in the world. Everyone, that is, except for one small girl, who was currently sitting on her windowsill looking up at the sky. Most people would be able to tell you that her name was Amy Rose, and that she had helped the resident hero save the world several times, declaring her love for the savior after each adventure. But right now, she was not in the mood for emotions, she just wanted tranquility. She was having a tough time getting to sleep now, because, unfortunately, her mind and heart refused to cooperate, and she was deep in thought about her failing love.

'Is it worth it?' She asked herself. 'Is this love truly worth all the pain… do I need it to live?'

Shaking her head, she tried to expel these thoughts. Instead, she looked up at the night's sky, and she felt the pain lift out of her body.

'This is where I belong…' Every time she felt too much emotion, every time she needed to escape, this is where she came. Now, she looked up to the moon.

Moonlight, so bright

Beautiful light I watch tonight

I wish I may, I wish I might

Learn the meaning of love tonight

She had always felt calm around the moon. Tonight it was large, but not full. It looked beautiful, and every time she saw it she felt a strange force inside her. It made her feel like she was related to the moon, but you could not be related to the moon.

'But...' she liked to tell herself 'you can be spiritually connected to the moon.'

She liked to believe that had this link to the white orb in the sky. The same way the moon could control water, she felt like it could control her, always making her feel better, no matter what the situation.

'Wow, comparing myself to water… the only thing he was ever afraid of.'

She shook her head again; she wanted to forget him, at least for tonight. She looked up at the sky again and spotted only 3 stars. That was the one thing she hated about the city; you could never see the stars. But tonight was different. She looked up at the dark sky and she saw millions of the small specks of light. They weren't there, but she saw them. No, she wasn't crazy; at least, she didn't think so. The sight of the invisible stars made her feel even more comfortable, and her eyes began to droop under there gentle light. Finally, she let herself slip into the sleep that she couldn't obtain before.

Calm and bright


Helped me get to sleep tonight

No pain this day, it's really alright

That I forgot love this night

Yes, I'm aware that the last poem doesn't work too well, but it was the best I could do. I wanted to finish the whole story at once to keep the feeling of it, so that was all I could write. Please review with any comments.