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Tokiko Tsumura was nervous. She had faced Homunculus time and again without a hint of trepidation but now, on this day, she was doing something that truly scared her: She was meeting her boyfriend's parents. Kazuki was beside her, holding her hand and offering support.

"Are you nervous, Tokiko-san?" The blue haired warrior blushed.

"Yes." She said meekly.

"Don't worry. My parents are very nice." His brown eyes twinkled and Tokiko relaxed. He was always able to do that to her, to take whatever she was worrying about and make it unimportant.

"What do your parent's do again?"

"Oh, I forgot to tell you. Father is the head of a massive corporation, Oniwaban Inc., and mother writes children's books. She has quite the imagination. Are you still nervous?"

"Well now that you've told me that, yes." Kazuki pulled her closer and leaned towards her face. Just as they were about to kiss Mahiro spotted the couple.

"You two are so cute together!" Mahiro yelled very loudly. Tokiko nearly had a heart attack at the sudden noise and Kazuki covered his ears.

"Mappy, please don't yell." Just then a cold voice cut through the air.

"Mahiro-chan, listen to your brother." The owner of the voice then came in carrying a briefcase. He was very tall and had black hair and ice cold blue eyes. Mahiro rushed towards the man and hugged him tightly. The man smiled slightly and hugged her back.

"Oh Daddy I'm so glad you're back! Did you pick up any souvenirs for me?" Mahiro's father removed a wrapped gift from behind his back and gave it to his daughter. "Where's mother?" Just then they heard someone yelling.

"Aoshi, you baka! I thought you were going to help me with the luggage!" A woman then entered with long black hair with one long strand tied into a braid. She was slim and shorter than her husband by far. Her blue eyes were narrowed at her husband but quickly widened at the sight of her daughter. "Mahiro! Have you had enough to eat? What about school? Has Kazuki protected you?" As she said this, Kazuki's mother enveloped her daughter in a tight hug.

"Misao calm down." Aoshi said, then he came up to Kazuki and gave him a light hug. "You seem to have matured since we left at the beginning of the year. And who is this?" Aoshi asked, indicating Tokiko. Tokiko smiled and held out her hand.

"I'm Tokiko Tsumura, Kazuki's girlfriend." At that Misao let out a shriek and came up and hugged Tokiko and Kazuki.

"Oh my little boy's all grown up. When did you meet?"

"At the beginning of the school year, Mom." Kazuki said, blushing furiously. Aoshi scrutinized Tokiko closely.

"I remember meeting you a very long time ago, though you wouldn't have remembered me. You look so much like your father." At that Tokiko's eyes widened. She had no memory of her parents, her earliest memory was of the Homunculus attack on her school.

"What was my father's name?"

"Saito Hajime."