Title: Shiver
Summary: A one-night stand leaves Jack with some extra baggage.
Rating: M Just to be safe
Pairing: Jack/OC

Author's Note: Just a little thing I thought of when I was writing chapter seven of MMSS.

Disclaimer: I own nothing…unfortunately.

By: RedHot911

Chapter One

The scent of whiskey was hot on his breath. His calloused fingers ran up her side, and she giggled at the slight ticklish feeling it gave her. The hallway was dark, too dark, and they struggled as he pushed her up against the apartment door. Their mouths separated for a moment, and as she brought the key up towards the lock his mouth sought new residence. He began sucking on the porcelain skin on her neck, and she involuntarily let a small moan escape from her ever swollen lips. She felt him smile, and he began to tease her; allowing more skin to enter his mouth, and slightly nibbling on her delicate flesh.

They entered the small, one bedroom apartment stumbling. But the tall rock star pulled her thin body into his and pushed him mouth onto hers. They moved quickly, peeling off the layers of clothing that were only frustrating the two of them more. She opened her mouth somewhat, giving him leeway to slip his tongue into it. More clothing landed on varies objects located in the small room, illuminated only by the full moon outside.

He grunted as they landed on her bed, and slid off his pants with ease. Feeling daring, she decided to take control. She swiftly moved on top of him, as her fingers laced the top of his boxers. She moved her lips away from his, and began to leave a trail down his chin, over his neck, then descending onto his firm chest. She winced as the grip on her waist tightened, and her heart sped up as he became upright and his lips began to caress the crook of her neck. She bit her bottom lip in pure bliss, and allowed him to take control once more.

His teeth scraped across her neck, and he sucked in more skin; harder this time, and as a shiver ran down her spine she threw her head back pleading for more. His hand moved over her stomach, grazing the bare skin before slipping underneath the thin, lace material from her bra. She wrapped her legs around his waist, and his fingers gently traced over one of the only articles of clothing she was still wearing.

He left a trail of peppered kisses down towards her shoulder, where he slid off the black strap and lifted her somewhat off the bed, unclasping the item and discarding it on the floor. His eyes widened and she felt a throbbing sensation exuding from this almost stranger, as the rest of the clothing fell to the floor and they finally took care of the built up frustration.

She awoke the next morning with body aches and a throbbing headache. Her mouth was dry and she swallowed hard to soothe it, but with no triumph. She looked at the indentation he left on her bed---but it seemed as though that wasn't the only thing. A small post-it note lay untouched on her bed. Snatching it she quickly read:

Thanks for the great night Aubrey.
See you again soon,
J. Mercer.

"It's Audrey," she scowled as she crumpled the note and threw it over her shoulder.

She wrapped the white blanket around her body and made her way into the undersized kitchen where she found her morning savior. Pressing a small button, she instantly felt better as the coffee maker made a grumble and began to prepare her reliable ally.

Audrey allowed the sheet to fall to her feet, and she stretched and went to take a warm shower to wash the sleep and sweat off of her. She stepped into the shower and allowed the water to clear her of the impurities. Her fingers moved over the marks that he had left on her waist and neck as her mind raced to remember his name.

She shrugged it off. Why bother to remember his name when she didn't bother to remember the others? The night was one night of fun—something that happened every now and then if an attractive musician caught her eye while she was critiquing the bands for Spin Magazine. By the bruises apparent on her body, Audrey Clark knew that J.Mercer didn't want to be forgotten. But, Audrey was about to realize that although the bruises will fade, some unseen remainders of the previous night won't go away that easily.

Author's Note: Okay, so there's chapter one. If there's plenty of interest in this story I'll gladly continue in a speedy manner. It's something very different than Mend My Shattered Soul, and I hate to say this, but I'm enjoying writing this one more. So, feedback is always appreciated! And if anyone's interested, I'd love it if people would volunteer to be a beta reader, so let me know.