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Disturbed Sleep

By: Keysoto

Cloud awoke to the sounds of thudding and heaving breathing. Snapping his cobalt blue eyes open, he instantly glared at the wall his headboard lay on. He quickly threw a pillow over his head, trying to block out the sounds of his roommates.

His attempts, sadly, were all in vain, as an especially loud thump sounded right above Cloud's head. Growling darkly, he sat up in a rush and stormed to his door, threw it open and marched to Sora's room.

Gathering himself somewhat, he threw open the door and glowered darkly at the two occupants.

"Would you pleaseā€¦. CUT. IT. OUT!?"

Turning on his heal, Cloud stomped back to his room, got back into bed, and when he laid his head on his pillow he was happy to hear that silence seemed to permeate the room.

Ah, sweet bliss. Maybe tonight he'd actually a full night's sleep.

Cloud drifted off, a slight smile on his lips, while the two occupants in the room adjacent to Cloud's, stared at each other in a mixture of surprise and shock.

Riku just smirked and gave Sora a sly look before pouncing on the brunette once more, causing the headboard to slam into the wall.

The two were so wrapped up in the moment that they failed to hear the distinct scream of their blonde, hormonal and now slightly horny, roommate.



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