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It was the day after Naruto defeated Mizuki in the woods and the young ninja was especially tired from his excessive use of shadow clones. Naruto was excited that he passed and that he'd be assigned his team, but became terrified when he noticed the time.

"DAMNIT!" He yelled as he shot up out of bed.

He had overslept by an hour. Thinking quickly for once, Naruto created a shadow clone to cook breakfast while he took a shower and got dressed. The clone sighed as he realized there was no ramen to be found in the entire apartment. It decided to go to the store quickly to pick some up.

The shadow clone was quickly dashing down the street when he noticed the object of his childhood affection, Sakura Haruno. Naruto's clone forgot what he was doing and immediately went to go greet her.

"SAAAKURA-CHAN" Sakura let out a loud sigh as she heard the knuckle head ninja call out to her.

"NAAAAAAAAAARUTO, what the hell do you want baka!?" Naruto gulped loudly, it must be one of those mornings with Sakura.

"Oh uh, nothing Sakura-chan, just wanted to say hi!" Sakura let out another sigh.

"Okay, well I guess you've said hi, now I need to get going to the academy since they're picking teams today." Naruto offered to walk with her but she just rolled her eyes.

"No Naruto! I only want to walk with Sasuke-kun!" Naruto groaned.

"What's so great about that bastard? I don't get what you see in him Sakura-chan."

Sakura clenched her fist and yelled "NAAAAAAAARUTO" as she bonked him on top of the head. The shadow clone disappeared in a puff of smoke from the hit and Sakura just stood there with mouth agape before screaming.

"OH MY GOSH, I PULVERIZED NARUTO." She then fainted from shock at what just happened.

Naruto was just stepping out of his shower when his head jerked slightly and he let out a sigh.

"Why does Sakura-chan like that bastard, and why'd she have to hit me…" Naruto suddenly scratched his head as his eyes went wide with realization.

"How did I know she hit me? It's like I got all the memories of the clone or something." Naruto rubbed his bald chin, thinking a little before making the hand sign for the shadow clone jutsu again, making one clone again. The clone walked out into the living room and looked around as it thought to itself.

'Hmm… so I'll hide something somewhere… and see if I remember it when the clone is dispelled.' It picked up Naruto's forehead protector and put it under the couch, then dispelled itself.

Naruto's eyes widened as the knowledge hit him, he knew that his clone had hidden the forehead protector under the couch.

'Hm… so I do remember everything the clone does… interesting.'

He came up with an idea based on his discovery. He was going to leave several shadow clones behind to train while he was handling business at the academy, then all their knowledge would be transferred to him! Naruto quickly made five clones and finished getting ready, it seemed he'd be going without breakfast that morning. As he headed towards the academy he noticed a certain pink haired kunzite passed out in the street. Naruto dashed over to her quickly and shook her shoulder, causing her to groggily awaken and scramble away from Naruto.

"B-b-b-b-b-but I pulverized you! You're okay!?" Naruto scratched his head at her surprise, a little confused.

"Uh I'm fine Sakura-chan, come on, we're almost late for the team assignment." Sakura got to her feet and raised an eyebrow.

"What do you mean WE're late, I thought you failed." Naruto gave her one of his trademark grins.

"Well I guess you could say I had a make-up exam." Sakura shrugged and noticed his forehead protector.

"Okay, well you can walk with me, but don't think anything of it Naruto, it's just I know you'll bother me and follow me anyways if I don't say yes." Naruto grinned and rubbed the back of his head as they walked in silence to the academy.

When they arrived Naruto rushed to the bathroom quickly, he may be late but he really had to go! Naruto wrapped up quickly, washed his hands and made his way to the classroom. Sakura was happy that Naruto had gone to the restroom, she didn't want Sasuke to get the wrong idea if she had come in with Naruto. Naruto came in several minutes after Sakura and got a lecture from Iruka about being punctual which Naruto just shrugged off and took a seat next to Sasuke as the girls were arguing over who would sit in the seat Naruto just took. When they noticed they began to berate and threaten him, Naruto just sighed and sat back, trying to relax. He was tired from skipping breakfast and expending so much chakra on his clones.

About half an hour later all of the new genin had been assigned a team. Naruto was happy he was with Sakura, Sakura was happy she was with Sasuke, and Sasuke was just plain unhappy. Team 7 was quickly becoming frustrated as it became apparent their sensei was very late. Naruto was about to suggest a prank when his eyes widened drastically and he slumped forward onto the desk. Sakura and Sasuke both turned to him and Sakura shrieked as he lay there with his eyes wide open, thinking him to be dead. She nudged him and noticed he was breathing and let out a little sigh of relief.

"I think he just passed out or something Sasuke-kun, but his eyes are creeping me out." said Sakura as she forced his eyes closed.

"Hn, what a loser. Probably got so bored waiting for our sensei that he passed out." said Sasuke, trying to sound cool, but he knew people didn't just pass out like that and wondered what was going on.

Before further conversation could on about the knuckleheaded ninja a certain jounin walked in the room with his suave gravity defying hair. He only had one visible eye because of the way he wore his forehead protector and it was visibly annoyed upon seeing a member of his team was slacking off and asleep.

"What's with the kid there?" asked Kakashi as he pointed towards the blonde.

"He just suddenly slumped over out cold." said Sakura as she shrugged.

Kakashi's eye widened with concern as he moved with such speed they thought he had disappeared but found him in front of Naruto, checking his pulse and lifting his shirt, apparently looking at something on his stomach. Kakashi let out a small sigh of relief, as far as he could tell the seal didn't appear damaged or weakened. He was a little surprised to find that the blonde was passed out from sheer exhaustion to the point where he was showing no response.

He thought to himself with a small smile.

As if on cue, Naruto sat up in his seat and yawned, looking around to readjust to his surroundings.

"A-ah Gomen…" he said while rubbing the back of his head and blushing.

Sakura sighed and rolled her eyes. "You had us worried Naruto, what's with you anyways?"

Naruto gulped loudly. "Oh nothing… just tired I guess."

Sakura glared at him and then turned her attention towards the jounin.

"I'm guessing you're our sensei?" She asked the tall man.

"Ah… right, yes, I'm Kakashi Hatake, and I'll be the sensei for team 7... I don't want the shrimp moving too much, so why don't we start with introductions right here."

Naruto growled at being called shrimp but was interrupted by Kakashi pointing at Sasuke and telling him to introduce himself with his likes, dislikes and goals. Sasuke responded in an expected way, not liking much, disliking a lot, and his goal to revive his clan and kill a certain someone. Sakura responded in an expected way as well, blushing and trying to say that she liked Sasuke, disliked Naruto and wanted to be a great kunoichi. Naruto had surprised Kakashi though.

"I like ramen and gardening, I don't like waiting for my ramen to cook, and I will definitely be the greatest hokage ever." Kakashi arched an eyebrow.

"You'll definitely be the greatest hokage ever?" Naruto nodded.

"Nothing's going to stop me." Kakashi's eye twisted in a way that showed he was smiling.

"Well now, I suppose it's good you have confidence. Anyways, I want you all to meet me tomorrow morning at 8:00 at our team's training grounds… and don't eat breakfast… or else you'll puke it up." Kakashi said with a sinister grin.

Naruto was eager to get back to training since his clones had been dispelled but he didn't want to do it public so he was waiting for this moment to end. Sakura, Sasuke and their sensei were all surprised to see Naruto leave first, saying something about training.

When Naruto got home he took a deep breath and summoned ten clones and had them head off to the library, meanwhile he went and laid down for the night while they did all the dirt work. He wanted to be well rested for the big day tomorrow.

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