The Ultimate Warrior Chief

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"Father…but how?" Kazuki asked, still in shock.

"You really shouldn't worry your sister so much. She told me what she found and after visiting an old comrade of mine, I found out your location." Aoshi then turned towards Saito. "And Hajime, I know you just found out about Homunculi but you're supposed to pierce the emblem on their body, otherwise they'll stay alive." Then he removed a Kakugane from his trench coat pocket. "Buso Renkin!" A long katana appeared strapped to his back.

"Another Alchemist Warrior?" Yatsume snarled.

"Former and not just a warrior but a warrior chief."

"I don't care. Soon you'll be dead along with your son!" Then he leapt towards Aoshi. Calmly reaching for the weapon on his back, his face didn't show an ounce of consternation. Then he withdrew not just one blade but two short ones.

"Buso Renkin of the Double Kodachi, Okashira." Then his body seemed to waver and Yatsume's claw pierced through an afterimage.

"What?!" The space around Yatsume was filled with multiple Aoshi's. "What is this?!"

"The special property of my Buso Renkin. It allows me to move without being able to be hit, now die. Kaiten Kenbu Rokuren!!" Six super fast slashes raced towards Yatsume, ripping his body to shreds while the final slice cut through the emblem on his right arm. The Homunculus disintegrated and Aoshi deactivated his weapon. Throwing his Kakugane to Kazuki, he smiled at his son and Tokiko.

"You were…involved with the Alchemist Army?" Kazuki asked.

"I used to be the leader of the Special Ops but there was an incident and I lost all of my men. After that I retired and met your mother. I even changed my name to Muto instead of Shinomori. Maybe if I hadn't done that, they wouldn't have hunted you down. But there's no point in worrying about that now, let's get you guys out of here."

"Shinomori you could have told me my daughter was alive." Saito remarked.

"I didn't know. All that happened after I left and I just recently heard about it from General Shousei."

"And how do you know Mr. Mu- I mean Mr. Shinomori father?" Tokiko asked.

"We used to be sparing partners about 12 years ago and that was also when I met his weasel of a wife." Kazuki and Aoshi both glared at him but Saito just smoked on his cigarette. "It's true she is just like a weasel."

Misao and Mahiro both glomped Aoshi and Kazuki as they came home that night.

"I was so worried about you two! Kazuki don't you dare do anything like that again, you understand?" Misao said, tears streaming down her face.

"I'll try not to mom."

The next day Tokiko took Kazuki to her father's house. He was sweating terribly.

"Nervous?" Tokiko asked.

"Yes. Did you see what your father did last night?" Just then a cruel voice cut in behind him.

"And that's exactly what will happen to you if you break my daughter's heart, understand?"

"Yes sir."

"Dad, don't be too mean to him. I'm sure you two will be great friends."

"Kami help me." Saito muttered. Tokiko whacked him over the head and he sighed. "Alright, I'll try and get along."

"Good, now we're going on a date so I'll see you later tonight." Saito nodded and watched as the couple walked down the sidewalk, holding hands. Taking out his cell phone he dialed quickly.

"Sagara? I don't care if that vixen is nursing your wounds! Get up and get to work. I need you to keep an eye on Shinomori's boy. And take broom head with you. You're too dumb to do the job by yourself." He hung up after that, ignoring the loud yells from his subordinate.