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Chapter 1: The New Waitress

Trent Malloy walked into the friendly atmosphere of the Uppercuts bar. When he had finished his paperwork for Thunder Investigations, his stomach had growled hungrily at him, reminding him that he had skipped lunch. He hadn't had a chance to eat because the Birch case had kept him busy for a better part of the morning and afternoon. Then, he had to deal with all of the paperwork that had started to form a mountain range on his desk.

So, as soon as the last file had been put away, he walked downstairs to get something to eat and drink. He greeted Butch with a wave as he went and sat down at a table that wasn't very far from the bar.

Just as Trent sat down, a waitress had somehow sneaked up on him and stood by his table. When he saw her, he gave her a warm smile.

The waitress nodded her head in greeting and pulled a pencil from the tie that held her dark hair in a ponytail as she simultaneously pulled a pad from the pouch in the apron around her waist. "What can I get you?"

His blue eyes met hers. Concealed behind the tranquility of her light blue eyes was a brightly burning, blue fire. He was mesmerized by the fire but snapped out of his daze when she asked, "Are you alright?"

He nodded and cleared his throat. "I'll have the buffalo chicken and a beer." She wrote down his order. Then, with a raised eyebrow that showed she still questioned if he was okay, she went to get his order.

He shook his head trying to clear the smoke in his mind. The smoke became a distant haze as his friend Carlos Sandoval came to the table.

"Hey, Trent. Finished all of your paperwork?" Carlos asked as he sat down across from him. He flashed Trent a grin.

"Yeah, about five minutes ago. What about your paperwork?"

Carlos coughed. "I see Butch has a new waitress." Carlos was trying to change the subject and Trent knew why.

"You had Kim help you out again, didn't you?"

The look in Carlos's dark eyes confirmed Trent's suspicions. Carlos ran a hand through his dark hair. "She's pretty," he said, still attempting to get Trent off the subject.

Trent's gaze shifted to the waitress as she stood next to the bar chatting with the owner and bartender of Uppercuts, Butch McMann.

"Maybe I should ask her out."

Trent looked at him, his eyebrows arched, feigning surprise. "Oh, really. Isn't she a little too old for you. She is about our age not 19 or 20."

"Ha. Ha. I don't just date 19 or 20 year olds."

"Alright, I'm sorry. You sometimes date 18-year-old girls." Trent's face was impassive, but his eyes were laughing. Before Carlos could send a remark back at Trent, the waitress arrived with Trent's order. She also had chicken wings, fries and beer for Carlos.

"I guess Butch knows what you like." She gave Carlos a wink and went to make her rounds to her other tables.

"Yeah and I wonder what she likes," Carlos said, taking a sip of his beer.

Suddenly, a loud, slapping noise bounced off the walls of the bar, followed by obnoxious laughter. One of the patrons had smacked the new waitress's behind.

Trent and Carlos had jumped to their feet but remained where they were. They could see that beneath the table, the waitress's foot was being firmly pressed on top of the man's own. The man was writhing, trying to move his foot. Pain was etched onto his face and raw anger shone in his eyes. They could not hear what she said to the man because her voice had become low as she spoke into the man's ear. Then she removed her foot and glared raucously at the man's three buddies that had joined in with his laughter and left the table.

"She's certainly interesting," remarked Carlos. Trent didn't say a word as he watched her walk past him and to the bar.

"Are you alright?" Butch asked as he flung a towel over his left shoulder.

"I'm fine." Kendra could not get rid of the look of disgust on her face or the anger that still flashed in her eyes.

"Do you want me to throw those guys out of the bar for you? I might beat my own throwing distance record."

"You can if they don't pay their bill and get out like I told them too." The anger in her eyes began to dissipate. You're not going to fire me?"

"What? This is a bar, Kendra; fights are as common as pennies." A small smile came to Kendra's lips. "But, of course, no one and I mean no one disrespects any of my employees," Butch said firmly grabbing the towel off his shoulder and started drying a glass.

After the rowdy patron and his buddies had left the bar, the ambiance had returned to normal. Then, after the last customer had left and Kendra had wiped down the tables and mopped the floor, she said goodnight to Butch and went out the door

Looking at her ten-dollar watch that read 1:30AM, she sighed. She wasn't really bothered by the late hour, but it would take a few days for her body to get used to the late shift.

Kendra's thoughts turned to the blond-haired man who had been watching her for most of the night. She had not gotten any creepy, pervert vibes from him but…

She stopped in dead in her tracks as she came to face a seven-foot high brick wall. She had become so lost in her thoughts that it had caused her to turn accidentally at the wrong moment and into a blind alley. "Darn it." She mumbled turning around and hadn't even taken a step as she stared at the men who had snuck up on her.

The man who had slapped Kendra's behind, along with his three buddies, stood in a line, blocking the entrance to the alley and her only way out.

Kendra's muscles tensed as her eyes took in the situation. She knew that they were a little intoxicated since she had been the one who had served them beer. Yet, the men didn't stagger as they walked steadily closer.

"Why, hello there, Kendra." The man who had slapped her said her name with venom. "We didn't expect to find you here."

"I didn't expect that you four, lousy, loathsome, repulsive drunks were going to be here either or else I would have gone a different route."

The man's face reddened in anger. "Get her!" he growled to the other men.

Kendra gave her mind a mental slap at being a fool for insulting four late twenty-something, intoxicated men just as the red-haired man of the group roughly grabbed her arm. Kendra swung her free arm back and slammed her fist into his freckled nose. He released her and stumbled backwards, his hands flying to his broken nose.

"Brian!" screamed another man, taking in the blood that dripped through his friend's fingers. His eyes flashed with anger as he lunged at her. She kicked him in the groin and threw her right fist into the third man's jaw.

Brian dropped his bloody hands from his face. He and the man, who had slapped her in the bar, double-teamed her. She stepped out of the way or ducked as their fists flew at her. She got in a few decent punches of her own and was able to knock them down.

As Kendra brushed off her hands, smiling triumphantly, something hard smashed into the right side of her face. Her fiery, blue eyes closed before she fell to the ground.

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