1 year later...

Sam was up late going through photo's. He had already taken a bunch of Ethan. The house was quiet. Belle was gone and Jane was still in the hospital. Dean and Katie offered to look after Ethan while Sam had to work. After work he'd go get Ethan and take him to the hospital to see Jane. Ethan had Isabelle's eyes and Sam's brown hair and smile. He walked down the hall and stopped at Jane's room. There was dust bunnies the size of Texas in there. He should dust but he didn't want to touch anything. By this time she was 17. She should have been at the prom and graduating highschool like every teenager should instead of rotting away in a white room. He closed the door and finally went to bed.

Sam got a phone call the next day saying it was urgent that he'd come to the hospital. He got dressed and got Ethan. He practically ran to Jane's room.

"Mr. Winchester?" The Doctor asked.

"What's wrong?" Sam asked holding Ethan.

"Jane woke up."

"She did? That's great." Sam said shocked.

"I have to warn you that she's aware of what happened to her sister. She doesn't know how long she's been here."

"When can she go home?"

"Hopefully tommorrow. You can go and see her."

"Thank you." Sam said shaking his hand.

"Don't thank me. Jane's the one that woke up."

Sam walked in the room to see Jane looking out the window.


She turned. "Sam?"

"How you feeling kiddo?"

"Tired and hungry for some reason."

"I bet." He grinned.

"Who's that?" She pointed to the baby.

"Jane, this is Ethan-John Dean Winchester. He's Belle's baby and mine." This was the first time she actually saw him.

"He looks so tiny."

"He's packing on the pounds though. They said you can go home tommorrow."

"Can't wait to eat normal food."

Sam smiled. "Glad to have you back."