Five Sins of the Darkness

Disclaimer: X-files and all of its contents belong to Chris Carter and his cohorts. I'm just borrowing a few characters to tell my twisted story.

A/N: The idea for this story spawned out of a friendly conversation at Wolfe's Tavern. I tip my hat to Tara, Paul, Jeff, Dan, Dannie, Ed, Derick and Gwen for putting the bug in my ear and sparking the hearty discussion that turned in to my story.

Thanks to my betas: my sister, who begrudgingly agreed to check my grammer even though she never watched X-Files and hates anything sci-fi related, my employees at my job that gave me their opinion about things, probably one too many times and my roommate Derick ... who not only read and re-wrote the story when he thought it wasn't heading the right direction ... and badgered me for weeks to "allow" him to be in the dang thing. And always to 2Distracted, even though she didn't pre-read this particular story … but has helped me become a better writer.

Timeline: Season 3, just after Revelation.

Summary: Scully once said that darkness hides a multitude of sins. (Season 2 Soft light). Little did she know how close to home the darkness would hit.

Chapter 1

He awoke to a veil of darkness, his throbbing head numbing his senses. As he blinked to clear his vision, his eyelashes brushed the fabric covering his eyes. In a knee jerk reaction, he moved his right arm to touch his head and was confronted by a searing pain radiating from his wrist to his elbow. He squeezed his eyes shut and grimaced as the burning sensation flooded his body. For a moment, all his focus was on his arm and what was causing the pain. My arm's broken, he thought as he tried to relax. He realized his arm was resting on a metal table straight out from his torso. While he concentrated on the coolness of the table, he became aware of the tubing of the nasal cannula resting just under his nose. I'm in a hospital, he thought as he took steady breaths to ease the pain. I'm in a hospital, he repeated feeling his body relax.

The comforting thought of a hospital room quickly dissipated when he realized he was restrained, not by a leather strap--as he once had the displeasure to endure--but by a thick rope. Tied around his wrist and ripping into his skin as he pulled against it, the rope was attached to a point somewhere next to where he lay. He tried to kick his feet and testing his right arm as gingerly as he could only to discover the alarming truth….he was tied down and not for his safety either. I'm not in a hospital…where the frick am I? He frantically began to kick and pull at the restraints on his feet and left wrist. Fear washed over him as he gritted his teeth and contemplated his situation.

Get a hold of yourself! he sternly scolded as panic settled in. Where the frick am I? And what the frick's wrong with my eyes? Why the frick are they covered? I can see, I think, he rambled silently. A fever boiled in his blood and sweat dampened his brow. The rapid questions flooded his head and triggered a severe headache. He suddenly felt sick to his stomach and turned his head to vomit. As the excretion pooled by his shoulder, he coughed forcefully to clear his throat and felt the room spin slowly out of control. Darkness clouded his vision again as he drifted into unconsciousness.

A spasm in his leg rattled him from his sleep in what seemed like mere minutes later. But without a point of reference such as a clock, for all he knew a few hours may have passed. He felt a heaviness on his right arm and discovered that a splint or cast of some type had been placed on it. Whoever had the decency to splint his broken arm and clean the putrid vomit from his shoulder also took the liberty of removing his clothing. As the air from the room cooled his warm skin, he realized his vulnerability to his captors. He was naked, blind, and restrained with no way to protect himself.

Where am I? he thought as he tuned in his senses. The surface he was lying on was not the familiar foam hospital mattress. Missing was the sound of the vinyl covering crinkling at every move and the thin sheets to cover his limbs. As he ran the fingers of his left hand over the rough fabric, he likened the material to that of burlap and the bed to be an army-type cot. He stretched his fingers off the side as far as they would reach and estimated he was about two feet off the floor. He licked his lips and tried to remember the events that led him to this point, searching for clues of his predicament.

He ran his tongue over his dry lips and chuckled at the irony of his situation. Whoever is so worried about me escaping from this room sure doesn't give a crap if I start screaming my head off, he thought as he mused over the lack of a gag on his face. He sighed when he thought about the reality of his plight. Or they're holding me in the middle of nowhere, so no one would hear it if I started yelling. Where am I anyway? he thought trying to remember to past twenty four hours.

The Poconos. He and Julia had one wild weekend alone. It had been her idea, but he needed a weekend off. Needed the weekend? More like I was ordered to take a vacation. Julia had caught him at a weak moment, as the Poconos weren't exactly his cup of tea. He had agreed begrudgingly. A couple of glasses of wine later and he didn't need much more convincing of her intentions or his role in them.

He sighed and closed his eyes picturing the memory in his mind. The wine had made him woozy, like the feeling he had when he was in the dentist chair. Once his inhibitions had been laid to rest, his hunger was satisfied. He and Julia had nibbled at each other throughout the night. Each striving to meet the others needs and satisfying the cravings of companionship. It seemed so real to him at that moment. Maybe my confinement is just a wine-induced dream he thought as he remembered Julia touching him. He tilted his head back at the memory of her skin against his and felt himself melt into her. As reality blended with his memory, he felt himself release his emotion into a warm blissfulness and then he drifted quietly off to sleep.


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