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Chapter One: Good Deeds? No way.

Pink? No. Purple? No. Yellow? No. Blue? Perfect.

I had just put a few finishing touches to my art project that would be due the day after. I had stayed a few hours after school just to perfect it and I was amazed at what I had created. There on the paper was a gentle bluebird, its soft wings stretched out as if preparing to fly. In the distance you could make out an orange tinted sunset just about to set. Ahhh I thought, perfect.

"Bubbles! Are you in here?" asked Blossom who had just peered through the door, her eyes searching around for me

"Right here Bloss, just adding some finishing touches." I smiled at the painting and set it to the side of the art room where I would pick it up tomorrow morning.

"C'mon Bubbles, Buttercup is getting impatient, you know how she gets when she's impatient." Blossom turned around exited the room, her red sneakers squeaking down the hall.

"Okay okay, coming!" I quickly gathered my painting supplies and raced down the hall to catch up to Blossom who had already turned the corner and was out the front gates.

As I turned the corner I hit something hard and flew back onto the ground.

"Owww." I whimpered. My head felt as if a million rocks had been thrown at it, did I hit an invisible wall or something?

"Watch where you're going Bubble butt." Snickered a male voice that I instantly recognized to be Boomer.

I glared at him, my eyes threatening to shoot out beams but I controlled my anger and just stomped off. Unfortunately, I failed to notice that I had left my bag on the floor.


"All right! I win!" Buttercup threw her Wii controller onto the couch and did a short victory dance. "That's a total of what…..14 wins in a row you guys?"

Simultaneously, Blossom and I fell onto the couch and admitted defeat. Was it even worth trying to beat that crazy maniac at this game?

"Buttercup, you win, we lose, can we please go now?" I asked politely, though a hint of annoyance crept into my voice.

Sensing that I was annoyed and tired Buttercup nodded and I raced up into my room and shut the door. The blue lights flickered and turned on, revealing a light blue room with stuffed animals scattered all over the floor. The t.v. was decorated with stickers of puppies, kittens, and other baby animals. I walked to my bed and landed softly on my comforter, enjoying the quietness in the room. I felt my body relax and I was about to turn off the lights when I heard a faint knock on my window.

That's odd…I thought to myself. Who would be knocking on my window at 10:32 PM?

I lifted myself off the comfort of my bed and slowly crept toward my curtained window. I drew back the curtains to reveal a dark figure floating just outside my room, holding a bag of some sort. I cautiously opened the window and called out to the person outside.

"Ummm, can I help you?"

"Er….I think this is yours. You are Bubbles….right?" spoke the voice softly. The figure flew closer to the window and held out the bag. I took it and placed it in the light to see what it was. It was my school bag, but how did that person have it? Then I remembered that I had left the bag on the floor when I bumped into Boomer. Wait then…the only person who would possibly have it would be Boomer!

"Umm, thanks…Boomer?" but to my surprise the figure had flown away already into the starlit night. I climbed into my bed and snuggled in close to my pillows. Had it really been Boomer? And if it was….did he just return something? Did he just….do something nice?

Boomer's P.O.V

She probably thinks I'm a freak now…I mean…I just flew next to her window and handed her a bag. What was I thinking!?! Shit. I'm Boomer, I don't DO nice. It's not in my vocabulary. It's just…I don't know. Better not tell my brothers about this, they'll think I've actually gone soft on an enemy. Wait, she is the enemy….right?


The Next Day, back to Bubbles P.O.V

The cafeteria was filled with noisy chatter and the sounds of chairs being pushed around to accommodate the different people at the different tables. I glanced around the room and quickly spotted a group of happy looking girls my friends sitting in one corner of the room. I quickly walked toward them and was almost at the table when all of a sudden the floor came flying at me and before I could scream, someone had caught me in their strong arms. I looked up to see who my savior was and was surprised to see that it was Boomer. He looked a bit strange, not angry, not sad, but a different emotion that I just couldn't put my finger on. We stared at each other for a few more seconds and quickly realized what had happened. He regained his usual tough guy face and walked off but not before I muttered a thank you, which I was pretty sure he heard because he stopped for a second and then walked off.

"Hey Bubbles, you okay?"

"Yeah, are you okay Bubbles? Did that Boomer boy do anything bad to you? If he did I swear I'm gonna hurt his pretty little face."

"No, no." I laughed. "He saved me when I tripped"

"Hm, how odd." My friends seemed to be processing the fact that Boomer had saved me but after a few seconds they had forgotten and resumed their talk about make-up and such.

Two good deeds in two days. I thought. There was definitely something odd going on.

Boomer's P.O.V

I did not just do that. I did not. I thought to myself. I mentally slapped myself and sat down at the table with my brothers and their friends. Good thing they hadn't seen the whole incident or else they would've definitely teased me. I really wouldn't have been able to stand any 'awww ickle Boomer is going soft!' I mean, all I did was catch her so she didn't fall. That wasn't…that much of a good thing right? I continued to mutter to myself about what I had done and I failed to notice that a set of light blue eyes had been staring at me for the whole time.

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