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Pairings: Yuki/Kyo mostly. Momiji/Haru. Hiro/Kisa, but only mentionings... I think.

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He sighed, looking at the beautiful pink sunset before him, sitting quietly on the roof. 'Are we this lucky? Are we this fortunate to even have this 'thing' keep going?' An orange haired teen groaned as the now violet sky started to blur with clouds.

"Looks like its going to rain." Kyo turned his head towards the ladder, blinking at the familar sight of those lusting, dark, purple eyes of his nezumi. Thats right. His.

Yuki, climbed up and onto the roof, crawling to his seat next to the peaceful cat.

"Y-Yuki? You'll get a cold... You shouldn't be-" He was cut off from a delicate finger to his lips.

"Shh... They could hear us." He sighed, shaking his head so that a couple of strands of his silvery hair would fall from his eyes. Removing his finger from Kyo's lips, he was startled as Kyo grabbed his wrist before it went to it's owners side.

"How long?" Kyo whispered to the pale hand in his tanned one. "..How long do we have to keep on hiding ourselves?" He looked up, crimson meeting dark purple.

Yuki sighed once more and shook his head. "Kyo. Please. Not this again." He gasped as Kyo softly planted ghostly kisses along his fist to then stop at his wrist. At this, the cat purred, but saw Yuki's face, turned the other direction.

"I want to... Nevermind!" He instantly dropped Yuki's hand, a bit harshly and stood up, making his way to the ladder but then stopped as he felt weight surround him.

Two thin yet strong arms ringed their way around his waist, bringing him closer to the other well-toned body behind him. "Yuki?" He hesitated before glaring at nothing in particular. "Stop treating me like I'm some damn puppet, waiting to be trained to act!" He hissed, unwrapping the rats arms from his waist and continueing his journey to the ladder.

"Is that really what you think our relationship is? Some act?" Yuki stood there, eyes glimmering as if he were about to cry. "I thought that we could actually make this relationship work!"

Kyo just stood there before what seemed to be hours later, he finally turned around, somewhat in a hurry to wrap his arms around the now sobbing rat.

"No... Yuki..." He whined, hating the very sight of tears. "...Yuki...No. I just. I just don't see why we have to hide this. I mean, yes. Akito will do unmentionable things to us if he were to find out. But, thats the thing. I don't see why we can't stand up to him." He pulled away a bit to glance down into those dark watery purple pools of eyes he fell in love with.

Yuki sniffled, rubbing a hand over each eye to try and make the tears disapear but they just kept on coming. "I don't want you to get hurt. I love you so much!" He burried his tear streaking face into Kyo's shoulder.

The orange haired teen smiled softly, brushing his fingers through his nezumi's hair. "Your very beautiful when you cry.." He said silently, as Yuki stopped and peeked up at him.

Kyo laughed slightly, earning him a soft punch in the shoulder. "Jerk." Yuki, too began to laugh, wiping some of the newly found tears that he made.

"So..." Kyo tilted his head to the side. "...what did ya really come up here for?" He grinned a bit, seeing a light blush cover Yuki's cheeks.

"W-well. Miss Honda did made dinner. I'm pretty sure that its cold by now. And the sky looked as though it was going to rain and oh! also, Shigure told me that he was going to start this little book meeting thing, I don't know really. I guess I wasn't paying attention. And..."

Kyo rolled his eyes at the rats rambling and ranting and chuckled softly as he then leaned closer to him, breaking the gap between them with a what started as a peck on the lips to a now passionate kiss.

Yuki snaked his arms around Kyo's neck, Kyo wrapping his around Yuki's waist in the process.

"Happy now?" Kyo mumbled into the kiss as Yuki deepened the kiss.

After minutes of dominate battling in the kiss, Yuki being the victorious one, Kyo panted with a smirk.

"I'm guessing thats a 'yes'." He laughed as Yuki grinned brightly, nodding excitedly, still with his arms flung over Kyo's shoulders.

"I think we should head back in. Its getting cold." Yuki pouted as he then smiled when Kyo took off his jacket and placed it around him.

"Your right... But you first. Just in case. Okay?" With a nod of improval from his Nezumi, Yuki kissed him one last time and turned to head down the ladder, gripping tightly to the jacket surrounding him.

Kyo sighed, looking at the star filled sky. We'll make it. I promise my life for that damn rat. He chuckled to himself before hearing soft voices beneath the steps of the ladder.

"Oh, Sohma-kun! Your dinners getting cold! And have you seen Kyo? His is too." The trembling sweet voice belonging to innocent Tohru.

"Ah. Thank you, Miss Honda. I do believe that stupid cat's up on the roof no doubt." Yuki's now calm and hidden voice replied.

...We can do it. Kyo smiled, heading down the ladder.

"Oh! Kyo! There you are. Your dinners getting cold..." Yep. Someday.

A/N: Okay. Hopefully this will get better. This is just the prologue.