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Omg! What the hell am I doing!? I'm actually kissing him! My rival! My cousin! The stupid cat! This is going way too fast! But his lips... They're soft, I couldn't control myself.

I opened my eyes slowly, only half lidded as of seeing his are still closed. I can feel his hand sliding around my waist. This is really going too fast! Come on, Yuki! Think!

"No!" I closed my eyes tightly, bringing him back to reality as I shoved him away from me. "No! No!" I clenched my fists and without taking another glance at him, I bolted for the stairs.

I slammed my door shut, choking out a sob as my legs wobbled weakly. "N-no..." I whispered to myself, lifting a hand to brush my wet, salted cheeks. No...

I just stood there... My mouth hanging open and my eyes wide and full of confusion. What? What happened just now? I clenched my own fists, closing my mouth to then grind my teeth as my eyes glared at where Yuki had once stood.

Why am I getting so worked up over this!? I closed my eyes tightly as my fist made contact with the table, nearly cracking it.

Didn't I wanted this? What!? No! I slammed my fist back down on the table, actually breaking the end off in my rage. I panted as my eyes grew softer. Staring at the freshly done damaged made me realized that there was so many new discoveries that I haven't discovered. So? What if this new feeling inside me is telling me to care more about the rat...I...


I shook my head of the thoughts.

"I can't! He's just trying to trick me! Stupid rat!" My glare shined as a I pulled my arm back, ready to strike the table once again.

Can I? Can I really be thinking that I have feelings for him? I lowered my arm down to my side as I looked down at my feet; strands of wild orange blinding my vision.

But... But, I can't be. I.. I already have feelings for Tohru.

Then and there, I pictured Tohru. Her; standing over a hill smiling down at me as she waves with that bright ditzy smile of hers while strands of her hair blew around in the windy sun setting air. But, my vision of Tohru soon blurred. Her brunette hair slowly turned to short silvery gray, and her features turned more boyish but still with hints of feminine curves. Even her smile turned from her ditzy smile to a calm and rare grin. I opened my eyes half-lidded to realized that she had been replaced by a boy. My cousin. My rival... The Rat.

"Can I?" I whispered to myself as I slowly glanced at the stairs as of hearing a loud thud.

It took a few minutes to register, but, for some reason a pang of worriment iced throughout my body. "Yuki!" I took off to the stairs without another thought as my mind became blank.

I opened my eyes up slowly, feeling a strong force to be awake.

I don't remember why... or what... Or even how I'm in my bed, covered with my navy, blue blanket. "I must've fainted..." I touched my forehead gently. I winced as of feeling the warmth of my head. "I must be getting a fever... or something." I whimpered to myself, dodging back beneath the covers.

Then it hit me like a slap in the face. To my body's protest, I sat up straight, eyes widen in fear. "Kyo!" I haven't a clue why I shouted it. But, from all that I remembered from this days activities. The kiss popped into my head as if a bullet pierced through my heart, making it feel heavy.

Suddenly, the door swung open and stood a gasping for breath, Kyo.

"...K-Kyo..." I whispered softly that only my ears have heard. He looked up at me with an expression what shocked me the most; calm and gentle.

For some reason. The bullet that sliced its way into my heart, melted to make me unconsciously smile at him.

"Are you an idiot!?" His calm and gentle expression dissipated to my hearts disappointment. I frowned. "What the hell were you thinking!?" My eyes widen slightly. Oh, no. He's gonna yell at me and demand why I kissed him! I closed my eyes, ready to face my punishment. But, all I got wasn't a fist to the face, but, a fist latching onto my shirt collar. "If you ever think about blacking out on me again... I'll..." I watched him fumble around with a few mutters as I saw him looking down and then back up at me. "...I'll fucking murder you, you damn rat!!" I gasped as his fist around my shirt collar pulled me towards him, crushing his lips onto mine.

I couldn't close my eyes. It was all too shocking at the way he held me, close to his body as he slowly climbed on the bed, gently pushing me down onto my pillows, straddling me. I soon lost myself in the lust as my eyes filled with want and need, finally closing them as his warm tongue slid against my bottom lip; begging to be let in.

I obliged, moaning as his tongue plunged into my warm cavern that was my mouth. Was this really the Kyo I knew? I thought as we battled for dominance while my arms laced around his neck, fingers running through that soft, yet, wild orange hair of his. His own wandered slowly down my sides, making me moan with the pain of wanting him even more.

"Yuki.." He whispered as he trailed hot open mouth kisses along my jaw-line. I squeaked as a cold hand found its way up shirt and sliding along my stomach.

"K-Kyo..." It didn't bother me that I was acting so submissive to his touches. But, this feeling I get when I even think about him... Its just so over whelming.

As soon as it began. It ended. He sat up straight, looking down at me with those fiery crimson eyes of his. It was as if he was in deep thought; peacefully. As his hands rested on his thighs while I squirmed a bit to make myself comfortable while my lower half was in between his legs; he gave a snort and got off of me and off of the bed.

"...Kyo?" I blinked as I blushed with embarrassment as his eyes traveled at me, probably smiling at the way my hair was all mused and messy.

He turned towards the door. "I...I'm sorry. For earlier I mean." I didn't want him to leave. I felt this strong bond when he's here, I don't want this great feeling to ever break.

He slightly turned his head towards me over his shoulder, those orange bangs ghosting his eyes. "You don't have to be sorry. Just. Get better. Your going to get sick if you keep stressing yourself out like this." He turned back towards the door and continued his pace.

"Kyo! Wait!" He stopped again. Just standing there, waiting for what I had to say. I couldn't take this any longer. I had to do something!

I jumped out of bed and made my way towards him, only to stumble and trip myself with my blanket as my head throbbed with a sharp pain. I thought I would have dropped to the floor if it wasn't for Kyo's fast reflexes. It must be because of his cat instincts. I looked up at his worried glance.

"A-are you a-alright?" He shyly asked as I just stared at him from within his arms. Does he really care?

I gulped and nodded as a blush crept to my cheeks as he quickly picked me up bridal style and set me back on the bed. I could tell he was getting frustrated, by the way he trudged over to my dresser and ripped out a few of my night clothes and tossed them at me, my pants landing over my head.

"Get dressed! And stop being so damn stupid! Didn't I say you were gonna get sick if you continued stressing out! You nearly broken your neck-" No I didn't... "-and what if you did!? You know how much hell that would be!? Do you!? Not only that! But your gonna get on my nerves if you keep having these near death experiences!-" He's really exaggerating, isn't he? "-Because one day, your gonna get hurt and I'm gonna be lone-" He stopped short, eyes wide with not anger, but worriment on what he was about to confess.

"..Your gonna be what?" I peeked out from behind my pajama bottoms that were still slung over my head. I saw him blush slightly but it could have been a trick of the light on his warm, tanned skin.

He shook his head. "Nothing. Look. Tohru's at work. While you were sleeping, I took her there after school. She said tonight's her late hour so I'm going to have to make dinner for you and the dog..."

I blinked and nodded, knowing he's using a cover-up. "Yes. Ok. But, its going to have to be you and I tonight, though..." I had to bite my lip at the face he had made.

"What!? Why!?" Oh, I think dinner will do just fine...

I stared at him as he smiled innocently. Although, this will give me a chance to learn a little bit more about him. And especially because Shigure will know what's been going on if he were here!

"...I don't remember. But, I think it was about his editor." He shrugged, making a cute clueless face the whole time. My stomach tied in a knot.

"Fine." I sighed. "Just put on your night clothes!" I shouted out before storming out the door and shutting it. I sighed once more while making my way to the kitchen, swinging the fridge door open and peering on inside.

Okay, so I've learned to accept this so called feeling for, Yuki. But, I can't let it change me! I shook my head and grabbed the package of fish and looked at it in thought. I know he doesn't really like cod. Before, I would make this and only make enough for me. But, now, I'm feeding him as well. I smiled to myself, feeling a bit accomplished about the deed I'm about to do as I grabbed a bag of rice and then set the fish back down.

I walked over to the rice cooker and poured some in as I closed it shut and pulled out a pot. "Hm..." I pouted to myself at what I was about to do then.

Taking the knife in my hand I began chopping up the leeks into small bite sized pieces, taking my anger out on them as the smell seeped through the mask I had worn. I placed them into the boiling pot and let that sit as I walked into the living room to set the table.

Dinner was ready no more than 20 minutes as I poured the various items into bowls and placed them on the table.

"Smells good..." I nearly jumped but kept my composure while sitting down, breaking my chopsticks and nodded.

I watched him silently as he sat across from me, cute looking in his baby blue night clothes and blinked at the bowl that was purely in front of him.

"What?" I sort of snapped as I plunged a lump of rice into my mouth and chewed with narrowed eyes.

He glanced up at me. "...Leek soup?" I nodded and closed my eyes as I continued to chew. I could sense the smile on his face as he took a spoon full into his mouth. "But, you hate leeks..." I could tell he wanted a good rise from me. Just from the tone in his voice.

I peeked an eye at him. "Look you. I only made it so that Tohru doesn't have to keen on your ass just 'cause your sick..." I muttered, shoving another lump of rice into my mouth.

He nodded. "And I thank you..." He glanced down, deep in thought.

"What?" I raised an eyebrow at him, curiously.

He shook his head. "Nothing. Just thinking." He smiled lightly, looking down softly at the food before him.

"No. Something's up." I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Its just..." He began, setting down his spoon and looking up at me with questioning, affectionate eyes. "Why...?" I cut him.

"Why what!?" I snapped, causing him to look down at his knees. I closed my mouth instantly, looking away. "Sorry... Go on..." I mumbled seeing him sigh.

"..Why are we getting along like this? This isn't how it used of been... We used to fight. Not even made actual words, only insults at each other." He glanced back up at me. "Why...? Why is it that now that after one little night. We are different towards each other?" He slowly bowed his head.

Now, coming from him. It seems a bit true and odd. I nodded and then shook my head. I stood up, folding my arms over my chest as I sighed myself, glancing down at the carpet beneath my feet. "I don't know, Yuki. But, something inside me... Its telling me that I don't want to fight no more.." And it was the truth. I only used to fight him because its what I had to do to be free from that cage. That bet...And after this morning.. After that... that kiss. I've felt as if a giant weight has been lifted from my chest.

I was then brought out from my thoughts as of hearing a yelp. I gasped and looked at Yuki, seeing him gripping onto his finger. "What happened!?" I crashed onto my knees, leaning over the table to see him cradling his red finger.

"I-its nothing..." His voice shook with pain. "...I-I just burned myself on the bowl.." He attempted to smile but whimpered as he tried to move it.

My mind was numbing out any protesting thoughts as I crawled myself over to him, grabbing onto his hand and examining his burn.

I could feel his eyes carve holes into me as he winced when I poked it gently. "Ow! Stupid cat! It hurts! Don't touch it!" I smirked slightly as he tries to pull his hand from my grip which only got tighter around his wrist.

"Its your fault you got burnt in the first place." I mocked as stuck my tongue out and licked the tip of his burnt index finger.

I chuckled deep in my throat as of seeing his shocked expression. I closed my eyes, licking it slowly again.

"K-Kyo...?" I knew he was blushing and his eyes were wide. I just knew it. Who wouldn't when I then wrapped my mouth around it and began sucking lightly.

"K-Kyo...?" I choked out again, feeling strange sensations spike through me. What is he doing? And why is he doing it!? This is definitely not the Kyo I knew! I made a small whimpering noise as I felt his warm mouth surround my injured finger. "K-Kyo..." I stated with a slight moan as his tongue did a weird twirling motion around my finger.

He pulled back with half-lidded eyes. "Kyo..." I sighed out, feeling him inch closer to me.

"Yuki..." I blushed at the way he called my name. He suddenly slid ghostly finger tips up my arms, rubbing them down along my back to rest on my slender hips.

"K-Kyo..." He inched me onto his lap so that I sat with my legs on either side of his own with me gripping onto his shoulders for support. "I-I..." I was cut off by a quick movement of hot lips onto my own.

I felt pure bliss as of feeling his tongue slid along my bottom lip, nibbling it slightly as I gasped to let him intrude. The hands gripped my ass 'causing me to squeak and slide a bit closer to him, feeling something poke into my inner thigh. It caused him to moan as he began his fit of hot, wet kisses along my jaw-line like earlier today.

"Oh, Kyo.." I moaned.

"Yuki.." Kyo breathed out, sliding his tongue down his slim, pale neck. "...I-I..." He blushed, slipping a hand into Yuki's shirt. Yuki mewled, rubbing against Kyo's muscled chest as he instinctively began to go up and down in his lap.

Kyo choked out a moan as he nibbled on the collar of Yuki's night shirt. "...I... I want you... I want to make you mine." He breathed out, causing Yuki to swallow hard, wrapping his arms around his neck tightly. "I need you." Yuki whimpered gently, closing his eyes as Kyo's hand in his shirt slid against an erect nipple. Kyo couldn't take it anymore. The lust and want burned all that was left of his senses.

He wrapped Yuki's legs around his waist and firmly held onto Yuki as he stumbled onto his feet, actually carrying the rat towards the stairs and into his room. Yuki opened up his cloudy amethyst eyes and glanced around his surroundings as he felt himself being brought down onto a soft mattress. He looked up into Kyo's similar cloudy, yet, crimsoned eyes.

"I never knew I was that light..." He joked as Kyo climbed onto him and straddled his hips.

"Your not that light." The orange haired teen snickered as he pushed Yuki further onto the bed. He leaned down to steal a quick, passionate kiss. Their tongues danced together, drowned by the lack of air as they parted, both groaning in protest.

Kyo hastily began to rip off Yuki's buttoned up night shirt, sending a few buttons flying to the floor, along with the shirt. Yuki began to undress Kyo. Taking off his shirt slowly as of receiving a chaste kiss while Kyo's hands worked sneaky fingers to slide the baby blue pajama bottoms off, baring Yuki's naked ass. Yuki glanced away, blushing. "It gets hot at night..." Kyo chuckled in his throat, tossing the pants over his shoulder to attack the nearly revealed skin before him. Yuki squeaked as he squirmed against the soft feeling pillows.

"Kyo." He whispered as he ran his hands down his chest, resting at the piece of clothing that blocked him of feeling Kyo completely. He shook, trying to un-button them, but, it was difficult for Yuki to do so as Kyo's tongue ran down his chest, to his stomach, to then rest at the navel, leaving Yuki out of reach to his prize. "Yuki." Kyo glanced up and then back down, now breathing hot breath against the hardening length before him. "K-Kyo. Please" Yuki begged, sliding his fingers through silky orange strands of hair.

Kyo, glanced at him and back at his member, taking it gently into his mouth, sucking slightly on the tip causing a cry of pleasure escape the rats lips as his grip tightened on Kyo's hair.

"Kyo." Yuki begged and pleaded, trying hard not to deep-throat Kyo. "I-I need you... Please."

Kyo stopped and blew lightly on Yuki's wet length, making Yuki whimper in protest, shuddering in pure pleasure. "Yes, my prince?" Yuki blushed at his nickname as he weakly sat up to stare directly into cloudy crimson orbs. "Kyo... I need you..." He shyly responded, making Kyo sit up as well to then nuzzle into his neck. "What was that?" He teased, making Yuki moan out at the hot tongue that slid along the shell of his ear. "I need you, Kyo." Yuki said a bit clearer, Kyo continuing to tease him by nipping at his ear lobe. "I still can't hear you..." "Please, Kyo. I don't want to beg." Kyo smirked and pulled away, pulling his legs off to the side of the bed and standing up, stretching, flexing his muscles on purpose. "Fine then..." He continued to stretch, folding his hands behind his head.

"I NEED YOU!" Kyo smirked. Yuki blushed furiously, looking away, taking notice that he had never seen such fine fabricated carpet.

A sudden weight shifted Yuki's thinking as he glanced over to Kyo, crawling to him without his pants nor boxers on. "And I want you..." He placed a small kiss on the tip of Yuki's nose as he sat comfortably between his new lovers' legs. "Kyo.." Yuki breathed out. Kyo simply smiled and brushed a few strands of hair out of Yuki's eyes. "These feelings... I have for you. They're strong." He mumbled, Yuki taking it all in, listening closely as he made a small noise as of feeling something probe inside his entrance. "Even after all those years ago of rejection. Even after all those stories..." Kyo added a second finger, causing Yuki to squirm and clutch to the sheets and pillows surrounding him. "...The fights. The insults..." Kyo laughed softly, kissing feathery like kisses along Yuki's cheek bone as he added a third finger, beginning to scissor and stretch them within him. Yuki moaned and cried in pleasure and in pain as he gasped to take in his breath at the strange sensation.

"Shh..." Kyo began pumping his fingers inside him, causing the rat to clutch and un-clutch the sheets. "...It'll feel good..." He reassured as Yuki bit his lower lip, whimpering and protesting when those fingers pulled out of him. "I think your ready..." Kyo took in the site of his ex-rival. He still couldn't believe the calm, princely, Mr. Goody-Goody, rat would be submissive to the family's outcast. "...It'll hurt... Only a little..." Kyo spoke softly as he positioned himself at Yuki's warm and inviting entrance. "Are you sure?" Kyo bit his own lip, not really wanting to hurt him; afraid to lose him as well. Yuki nodded and looked up at him with a famous smile that he only saves for certain people. And tonight. Kyo was an important person to him. "I've been wanting this..." He panted. Kyo took that as a sign to go.

Tohru stood outside her building, glancing to the left and then to the right seeing no Kyo or Yuki in site. Hm. That's strange. I wonder where is everyone... She blinked and squeaked as a raindrop dipped onto her nose. "Oh, Kyo must've sensed the rain..." Tohru pulled out a tiny, hand-held umbrella and opened it and began her way.

He started to push in slowly, feeling the boy beneath him tense up a bit. Each second he got closer to his goal, Yuki would wince in pain, gripping the sheets like there was no tomorrow. "I think we should stop-!" Kyo quickly said but was interrupted by Yuki's actions as he sat up in Kyo's lap and caused Kyo to thrust deeply inside him, hitting his pleasure spot on the way in.

Tohru glanced around the road, making sure it was safe as she ran across it to then safely make it to the other side. "There. Almost home!" She brightly agreed to herself as she began her way towards a path through the woods.

While climbing over a fallen tree, Tohru jumped and screamed as a loud thunder roared; lightening striking close by as various bright lights shone throughout the darkened sky.

The pressure and feeling brought the boys to cry out and moan as the lightening shined through the windows, brightening the shadows of the two lovers in bed. "Kyo!" "Yuki!" Lightening flashed again as seconds later, rained poured heavily against the roof.

Kyo and Yuki laid for what seemed like hours which were only a few minutes until both boys retained their breaths. "Kyo...?" Yuki opened eyes that he thought were already open. "Hm?" Was what he got as a response to the soft breathing cat on top of him, head nuzzled into his neck.

"I...I..." Yuki couldn't bring himself to say it. But, he couldn't contain the feeling any longer. "...I-" He began again, only to moan as Kyo sat up on his hands and began a slow pace of going in and out of him. Yuki lost his train of thought as it blurred his vision while Kyo thrusted slowly in and out of him. "Oh, Kyo..." Yuki moaned, voice tone getting a bit louder with each thrust.

Tohru slid the door open and slid it back shut, shaking off the up-coming rain. She placed her bag and umbrella down, stepping out of her muddy shoes as she then paced around the downstairs rooms in search for her friends.

"Hello?" She asks innocently and quietly, only to be answered by loud thudding from upstairs in Kyo's room. "H-hello?" She asks a bit louder but to then be answered by a cry sounding moan from Yuki. "Ah! Sohma-kun!?" That was Yuki? Wasn't it? It sounded... So... Foreign for some reason. She gasped. "Kyo must've beaten him!" She exclaimed to herself.

"Harder!" She rushed up the stairs, in fear that her friends were fighting. She hesitated and just stood outside the door.

"Harder! Harder! Faster! Hn.." Yuki hugged his arms around Kyo's neck, sucking on his soft neck, as of feeling his pleasure spot being hit repeatedly.

"Oh, Yuki. Your so tight!" Kyo panted out as he happily answered Yuki's many pleads. Yuki smirked and whispered into his ear, loud enough for him to hear over their heavy breathing and love making. "..I've been waiting for you, Kyo. That's because... I love you..." He nibbled on Kyo's ear.

Kyo's eyes widened as he took in the three words that he longed to hear, making him feel complete. "Oh, Yuki..." He mumbled nuzzling into his neck as he increased his speed.

"K-Kyo! I-I'm... I-I'm going to c-come..." Yuki panted, feeling his hardened erection rub against Kyo's stomach. Kyo kissed him passionately as he felt Yuki's inner walls tighten around his length. "K-Kyo.." Yuki murmured against the hot lips on his own.

"KYO!" Yuki arched his back off the bed, tossing his head back as he coated both their stomachs with his seed, falling back down exhausted. "YUKI!" Kyo couldn't take the pressure on his member and shot his own deep within Yuki causing the boy beneath him to shudder from the warmth that went through him.

After riding out his orgasm, Kyo pulled out slowly, making Yuki whimper lightly as he landed on his side, next to his new lover. "Yuki..." He whispered, lifting a weak arm to brush a strand of sweaty hair out from his closed eyes. Yuki turned to him and gave him a warm smile. "...Kyo." He scooted his way to cuddle into the cats warm chest. Kyo sat up lightly, grabbing a blanket and wrapping it over their naked, sweaty bodies, having his arms wrap around the rat, protectively.

Tohru gasped, eyes wide with realization of what she had just witnessed. She stood there. Frozen. Legs not wanting to listen as her body sent a numbing chill up her spine. They-they... Their...

Suddenly, a bright smile secreted across her face. "Their getting along!" She squeaked to herself as she bolted for her own room, quietly as to not disturb them.

She changed into her night outfit and sat on the edge of her bed with the same bright smile. "Finally." She spoken to herself, pushing her growling stomach out of her mind as she thought of Yuki and Kyo actually getting along. "Their finally together!" She threw up her arms and landed on her soft pillows with a giggle.

"...Kyo..." Yuki looked up at the peacefully looking cat who was playing with a strand of his hair. "Hm?" He breathed out, peeking an eye open, letting Yuki's damp lock drop. "..I...I..." Yuki looked at the well toned chest that he was currently cuddling into, drawing circles with his finger along the tanned skin in thought. "I.." Kyo leaned down and planted a soft kiss to his forehead, brushing strands of hair out of his eyes.

"I love you, Yuki. I didn't want to admit it. But... Knowing your feeling the same way about me... It made me realized that... That I will never get rid this feeling." Yuki blinked at him, listening silently. "...I don't care if anyone else finds out about us. I don't care if even Aki--" Kyo saw the look in Yuki's eyes, making him to shut up and close his eyes. "Sorry..." Yuki smiled softly, kissing a soft patch of skin on his chest. "Its alright... I understand what your telling me... Kyo... I love you too." Kyo opened his eyes feeling a soft pair of lips brush against his own.

They laid there, kissing passionately as the storm outside their windows thundered off into the distance.

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