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Narrative POV

The waves rocked the boat slowly back and forth. The smell of salt water was fresh in the air.

"Ugh, I think I'm going to hurl…again," Syrus complained as he slid weakly against the side of the boat. His face was deathly pale. Hassleberry sat down next to him, slapping him hard on the back.

"Suck it up, Soldier! It's just a little boat ride!" he said. Syrus glared at him before his cheeks puffed out. He scampered to his feet and the edge of the boat, clutching the side with his hands as he dumped the contents of his stomach into the ocean. Hassleberry sighed at the site.

"Be nice to him, Hassleberry," Jaden said. He just sighed again and stood up, walking over to Axel, Michael, and Adrian. Jaden rolled his eyes and walked to the end of the boat. Alexis sat in a chair, the wind tangling her hair around her face. She was laughing and trying to brush her hair out of her face. Jaden just had to stop and admire her beauty for a moment.

The first semester hadn't even ended when the whole ordeal with Aura Bestia happened, but now, months later, it was the end of the year and Jaden still couldn't believe he was so lucky to have Alexis. Inside, he cursed himself contently for taking so long to realize that she was the most perfect woman in the world. He was just glad that Winged Kuriboh finally helped him; something the little fuzz ball never let him forget.

"You coming back, Jay?" Alexis called, smiling at him. He smiled back at her and walked back over to her, dropping down next to her. His arm dropped around her shoulders. She smiled at him and kissed his cheek before turning back to the people in front of him.

"I was just telling your girlfriend that you guys officially suck. How could all of you pass this year and graduate? Even you!" Mel complained, pointing at me.

"I'm offended!" I gasped. She just rolled her eyes.

"Seriously, Jaden. You were my only hope of keeping some friends at Duel Academy and you let me down." Now it was my turn to roll my eyes.

"I'm sorry. I must have missed that memo that told us to fail so you could keep some friends." She rebutted by sticking her tongue out at me. Alexis and Jesse laughed. He was sitting next to his girlfriend, an arm around her waist.

"You still have Michael for three years and Blair for two," he said. She sighed.

"Blair's okay but Michael…," she trailed off.

"Hey! What's wrong with me?" Michael demanded from the front of the boat. Mel turned to look at him.

"Would you like that list alphabetically or chronologically?" she asked. Everyone laughed as Michael just glared at her.

I would love to hear the list. Alphabetically please, Marron said, appearing in Mel's lap. She brushed her hand over his head.

"Too bad." He huffed and closed his eyes. Ruby appeared on Jesse's lap and curled up close to Marron, her head touching his. Winged Kuriboh appeared on Jaden's shoulder, his eyes locked onto Marron. Ever since that day with Aura Bestia, Winged Kuriboh and Marron haven't been getting along that well. Jaden just touched Winged Kuriboh's face, warning him not to do anything.

"Are you saying you're not happy for us to be going to the pro leagues?" Jim teased Mel as he sat down next to her.

"That's not fair. You know I am, I'm just mad that I'm stuck at Duel Academy for a few more years while you're all off dueling and gathering some creepy, stalking fandome," she said. Syrus turned around.

"They stalk us!?" Aster looked at him.

"Some do, yes." Syrus paled again. He fainted, almost hitting the deck of the boat if Hassleberry didn't catch him.

"Maybe Syrus shouldn't be a pro duelist…maybe a manager," Blair said. Everyone nodded as Hassleberry carried him over to the couched interior of the boat. Jaden looked at Mel.

"You're just worried that Jesse will get some seriously creepy fangirls who will stalk him to the ends of the earth," he said. She looked at him confused.

"So? What if I am?" Jesse smirked and kissed her temple.

"You're so cute when you're jealous." Mel blushed lightly, but smiled nonetheless. She leaned more into him, resting her head on his shoulder. "But you shouldn't be jealous. There isn't any need to be." She sighed but said nothing.

"Yeah, I mean not only are you the most important thing in his life, but your older brother also threatened him with death if her hurt you," Jaden said. Mel, Jesse, and Alexis looked at him. He looked between all of them. "What? It's the same for me. Atticus said he would kill me if I hurt Lex." She smiled and kissed him quickly on the lips. She turned to face Mel, leaning forward slightly.

"I'll keep an eye on him," she whispered. Mel giggled and nodded in thanks.

"Hey, guys! The boat has docked!" Bastion called. Everyone stood up and made their way to the dock. Jaden, Alexis, Mel, and Jesse remained back while everyone left the boat and disappeared into Domino City. Mel sat on the corner of the boat, Jesse's hands on either side of her. Jaden had his arms around Alexis' waist. All of them looked at each other.

"So…," Jaden said.

"So…," Jesse repeated. They merely starred at each other in silence. Mel sighed and looked away off into the distance.

"I'm gonna miss you guys at Duel Academy," she whispered. Jesse wrapped his arm around her, hugging her. Alexis nudged her leg with her foot. Jaden just smiled.

"Duel Academy is gonna fly by for you, Mel. Besides, we'll always be friends." Everyone looked at him. He smiled. "We've been through too much together." Everyone smiled and nodded, realizing that Jaden was right.

They were friends for life.


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