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"Sirius wake up!" James insisted shaking his friend

Sirius pulled the pillow over his black hair that hung to his shoulders.

"Sirius get up!!!" James jumped on the bed

"Fine then I'm leaving without you!" James hollered

He tried hitting him once more before walking out of the dormitory. James walked down the staircase to find people waiting for him. There was Kylie Cohen and Remus Lupin the world's happiest couple. Peter, his own girlfriend Lily Evans, and Danielle Turner.

"Yes Danielle…" he muttered to himself

She was perfect for waking Sirius up. Danielle had long blond hair and bedroom brown eyes. She was of average height and had a wonderful personality. If she wasn't of Sirius fancy or practically like a sister to him or, if he wasn't madly in love with Lily he might consider dating her.

"Danielle!" he smiled walking towards her

"Yes?" She asked looking strangely at him

"How are you thins morning?"

"I'm fine James why are you asking?"

"I need to ask you a question and I need you in the right mood." he was still smiling strangely at her

"James I think you are scaring her." Lily placed a hand on his shoulder

"Nonsense Lils, if that doesn't scare her, nothing will."

He was referring to Remus and Kylie snogging on the couch.

Shaking her head and closing her eyes briefly she turned back to James "What did you have to ask me?"

"Ah yes do you fancy Sirius?"

Danielle thought about it for a second before answering "When he isn't hitting on me or being arrogant sure I fancy him."

"No I meant do you fancy him?" he winked

Danielle's face went red, as Kylie and Remus surfaced.

"Of course she fancies Sirius and we all know he fancies her."

"Kylie shut up, Remus can you make her be quiet?" Danielle begged her face getting even redder

"I think I can handle that love." Remus smiled at Kylie before kissing her again

"I don't fancy Sirius." Danielle defended

Lily laughed and tried to pass it off as a cough.

"Dani I need you to wake up Sirius." James explained

"Why can't you do it?" Danielle asked raising an eyebrow

"He has to be woken up in a special way."

"And which way is that?" Lily asked

"Yes which way is that?" Danielle chimed in

"Umm well I don't know but please do it? Lily will let you copy her homework for a week." he rushed in also

"Agreed." she smiled walking up the stairs

Lily hit James" Why get me involved?"

"It's all part of the plan." James smiled