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Danielle trudged up the stairs grumbling about James. She entered the room and was surprised. The only bed made was Remus, but the room was clean. It would have been a perfect moment if it wasn't for a loud snoring. Danielle sighed and walked to where Sirius was snoring

"Sirius wake up!" she shook him

"Sirius come on get up." she ruffled his hair

"SIRIUS!" she yelled in his ear

He didn't want to move, the only thing he did was smile.

"Bloody hell…" she mumbled climbing on his bed, sitting on him

"Sirius." she shook him bouncing on him

Danielle lay down next to him facing him and poked his face. "Sirius."

"HMMM." he moaned

A voice in her head told her what she should do 'Kiss him.' The bloody voice wouldn't stop, so she gave in

As she moved her face closer to his and kissed him, she noticed something. A pair of grey eyes staring back at her.

Danielle smiled and whispered "Good morning."

He laughed softly and brushed her hair from her face." You know what would make it even better?"

"No." she dumbly said

"If you kissed me again." he smirked

Danielle kissed him again only this time it was longer, and Sirius allowed her underneath his blankets. Halfway through their snogging session, James came in smiling widely

"I knew someone could wake up Sirius."

With that he exited the room leaving the two to remain in Sirius bed.