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Food, glorious food

The Impala slowly pulled into the gas station just after dark. They'd been driving since early that morning, and Dean could feel the kink in this neck pop as he rotated his head from side to side. He quietly opened the door and slid from the car, determined not to wake Sam. Sam had gotten pretty bruised up on their last gig, and Dean reckoned he could do with the extra rest.

Sam continued to sleep as he filled up the car. He could see the small cloud of condensation on the passenger side window from Sam's deep breathing. Sam had been in a deep sleep for an hour or so, and Dean didn't want to wake him unnecessarily. Once the gas tank was full, he went inside to pay.

He picked up a couple of chocolate bars, packet of chips, and a couple of cans of soda to go. If Sam kept on sleeping, he thought, it may be a while before they'd stop for the night.

Quickly returning to the car, Dean was pleased to see Sam still sleeping soundly. Just as Dean put the key in the ignition, an old beat up truck filled with noisy teenagers pulled to a stop beside them. Yelling, squealing and banging doors quickly followed. He glanced over at a sleeping Sam, just in time to watch his startled jolt to wakefulness.

Great, he thought. All that effort to let him sleep wasted.

"Where are we?" asked Sam in a voice still laden with sleep. Sam rubbed the sleep from his eyes and attempted to stretch his legs in the confined space.

Dean looked over at Sam. "Some little excuse for a town that probably doesn't justify a name on a map."

Sam checked at his watch. "Wanna find a motel and grab something to eat?"

Dean took a fleeting glance at the packet of chips and chocolate bar and instead visualised a juicy burger with a side of fries. Yeah, stopping for the night sounded great.

"I'll pull in at the next motel" he told Sam.

The next motel was only 5 more minutes down the road. Obviously not a popular holiday spot, they had no difficulty in acquiring a room. Dean asked for the room at the end of the row, hoping it would offer not just more privacy, but less noise as well.

Dean moved the car to park directly in front of the room.

"Let's dump the gear inside and go grab some food" Dean said.

They both grabbed their duffles and a few other supples from the trunk and let themselves in to the room. It was actually better on the inside that it presented from the exterior. Two single beds in a surprisingly large room. Table, a couple of chairs, and a decent size TV on the dresser completed the sparse furnishings. The room was decorated in neutral tones, which although had obviously seen better days, was a nice change from some of the "themed" rooms they'd had to recently endure.

They didn't waste anytime unpacking. It felt like hours since they'd had anything to eat, and both were eager for a solid meal.

On exiting the room, they looked up and down the street. This really was a one-street hick town. Dean looked at the diner a few doors down across the street, advertising burgers in a tacky flashing neon sign. Sam looked at the café a bit further down, noticing it's chalkboard outside, but unable to read the "specials" from across the street.

Dean headed off across the street, giving a distracted glance behind to ensure that Sam was following. Noticing Dean heading straight for the diner, Sam jogged up beside him to point out the café just a few doors down.

"Hey Dean, how about we try the cafe?"

Dean stopped in front of the diner and glanced at the café a couple of doors down.

"I'm not eating somewhere that has a lentil burger on the specials menu. God, it probably comes with tofu fries on the side or something."

"Actually Dean, tofu …"

"Sam" interrupted Dean, "I don't want to know."

"You know Dean, it wouldn't hurt you every once and a while to eat something that hasn't been immersed in a vat of hot oil."

"Yeah, well when I grow a tail and floppy ears, then I'll start eating the rabbit food."

It was obvious to Dean that Sam really wanted to eat at the café, but seriously, even as hungry as he was, he couldn't bring himself to eat that crap. God, he was salivating in anticipation of a juicy burger, maybe with bacon and extra cheese, oh yeah, and a side serve of thick cut fries smothered in ketchup.

"Hey Sam, how about we get food to go. We can just as easily eat back at the room. I'll just grab something from the diner and you can get some of that vegetarian crap from the café."

"Yeah okay" replied Sam. Well, maybe he hadn't gotten Dean to order some real food, but at least he could grab a decent feed for a change.

The brothers separated, each going to order their respective food.

Dean was starving, and the aroma inside the diner had him just about drooling. He hadn't had a decent burger in nearly a week. Fortunately, there wasn't much of a wait, and he was walking out of the diner 10 minutes later with a beef burger with bacon, cheese and extra onions, plus a serve of fries and a bottle of soda. He headed down to the café, wondering what was taking Sam so long. Hell, they didn't need to cook lettuce, did they?

Dean saw Sam at the counter, collecting his food. Great, he thought. He hadn't wanted to wait around for Sam whilst his burger got cold. Yeah, who was he kidding, there was no way he was going to wait on Sam, not with a full bag of food begging to be eaten.

The brothers, food in hand, headed back to their room for dinner.

Sam sat opposite Dean at the small laminated table, watching him eat in disgust. If he hadn't been so hungry himself, he was sure that Dean's eating habits would have turned him off his own food. Dean had a mouth full of burger, was shovelling in chips, and still managed to drink from the full bottle of soda. There'd definitely be backwash in the bottle, he thought, glad he'd purchased his own drink.

After he'd finished, Dean lent back in his chair and rested his hands on his stomach, rubbing contentedly. All he wanted now was a long hot shower and a soft bed. He was too tired to hit the town tonight, not, he thought, that this town was likely to have any night life. He watched as Sam continued to eat his meal with quiet precision.

"Hey Sammy, what exactly is that you're eating? It looks err …interesting"

"Lentil burger and salad."

Dean grimaced. "I'm gonna hit the shower while you finish that … whatever that is. Really man, have you looked at what you're eating?"

"Don't use all the hot water" was the only reply he got.

A little while later, Sam lay down on his bed, and sighed contentedly. He looked across at Dean who was stretched out on the bed opposite, watching some old black and white movie on TV. They'd just finished their last hunt, and hadn't anything new lined up yet. So, a good feed, hot shower and night in watching TV sounded like heaven to Sam. "Hey Dean, turn up the volume a bit" he said, and settled back to watch the movie.


He woke up when it was still dark. He looked across to the luminated bedside alarm clock and swore when he realised it was actually the middle of the night. His brother was snoring softly in the next bed, arm thrown over the side of the mattress, hanging limply towards the floor.

He wondered what had woken him. Everything seemed still and quiet. Suddenly his stomach gave an uncomfortable roll. He felt slightly nauseous, the food in his stomach resting uncomfortably.

Without warning his stomach was clenching, cramping, clawing; eager to move the contents contained within. He took a deep breath, silently willing the cramping to stop.

He moved himself up to a sitting position, propping his head against the wall behind the bed, hoping this would alleviate the sick sensation. The nausea rose with him. He could feel the bile rising in his throat, and knew he was powerless to stop it. As quietly as he could, he fled from the bed, racing to the waiting bathroom.