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Chapter 3

Sam switched on the TV to cloak the sounds coming from the bathroom. He'd vaguely thought he'd heard Dean being sick last night, and now this confirmed it. He was pretty sure he knew what was wrong, but didn't want to jump to conclusions in case it was something more serious.

Dean was in the bathroom for about half an hour. When he finally decided to join the land of the living he could do little more than drag his heavy body to the bed. He didn't care what Sam said, he just wanted to die. He'd take Sam's smirks and ridicule for the next year if it would make this nightmare end.

He was never going to eat again.

Dean lay flat on his back on the bed, eyes closed, face pale and clammy.

"Can I get you anything? Sam asked sincerely

"God no" replied Dean "Let me die in peace".

Sam couldn't stop a smirk from escaping. "We haven't had breakfast yet." he said "I could go down the street and pick up a couple of bacon and egg burgers and some more coffee if you'd like."

Dean dashed to the bathroom again, this time slamming the door in his wake.

Sam knew how his brother was feeling. This wasn't the first time either of them had had a case of food poisoning. Hell, with the places they ate in, it was surprising really that they didn't get sick more often.

After a few minutes of listening to the sounds coming from the bathroom that Dean was no longer trying to disguise, Sam jotted down a quick note to Dean and left the room. He needed to pick up some supplies for the next day or so.

An hour later, after having eaten some breakfast and loaded with a few items from the drug store, a supply of electrolyte drinks and dry crackers for Dean, Sam quietly let himself back into the room. Dean was lying face down on the bed, obviously exhausted. Sam placed his purchases on the table and crept over to the bed, checking to make sure that Dean was only sleeping. He then gently removed Dean's shoes, and covered him with a blanket.

Opening up his laptop, Sam settled down at the table to surf the web, looking for their next gig. Might as well use this down time constructively, he thought.

Dean slept restlessly until lunchtime. Sam had been checking on him regularly, ensuring that he didn't have a fever. This time, Sam was looking across at the bed when Dean opened his eyes and saw him staring.

"God, kill me now" he mumbled.

Sam couldn't keep his grin to himself, regardless of how bad he felt for Dean. Shit, he knew that if their positions were reversed, Dean would be cracking jokes relentlessly at his expense.

"Hey Dean" he said "I picked you up a burger and fries for lunch, knowing how much you love them. Of course, the fries have gone a bit soggy and the burgers a bit cold, but if you wash it down with some warm cola I'm sure it'll be fine."

Dean groaned. "I hate you."

Sam just laughed. "Seriously man" he said "how're you feeling?'

"Like, maybe I should just move my mattress into the bathroom and stay there until the gremlins inside me find a new place to live."

"Bet you wish you'd tried the lentil burger" Sam couldn't pass up the opportunity for a little teasing.

"Yeah Sammy, don't you know it" Dean said, slowly making his way once more to the bathroom.

Dean grabbed a towel off the rack and placed it on the floor near the toilet. He been in this position too much lately, and his knees were staring to hurt. He knelt down slowly on the towel, and lent his head over the bowl just before the first heave hit him. He wrapped his arm around his stomach, willing it to let its contents up gently. His muscles clenched with each heave, until exhausted, it finally ended. He remained in that position for a few more moments, gathering the strength to move.

Turning, he put the plug in the bath, and started filling the tub with warm water. Yeah, a good hot soak would make him feel much better.

Sam heard the bath running, glad that the heaving had finally come to a stop. As much as he enjoyed making fun of Dean's predicament, he didn't need to use his imagination to know how poorly he felt. Sam filled the kettle at the small kitchen sink and put it on to boil. He then poured some of the electrolyte drink into a glass and placed it on the bedside table near Dean's bed, with the packet of dry crackers.

When the kettle had finally boiled, he filled the new hot water bottle that he'd purchased this morning and placed it in Dean's bed. He knew Dean's stomach muscles had to be aching from all the retching.

Sam then went over to the bathroom door and knocked gently.

"Dean, you okay?" he asked.

"I'm still alive, if that's what you're asking" was Dean's sarcastic reply.

Fifteen minutes later, Dean dragged himself from the now tepid water. He grabbed a clean towel, wrapping it around his waist, before heading tentatively back into the bedroom. He looked at Sam who was working on his laptop, before making his way over to his bag and pulling on a clean pair of boxers and t-shirt. He sat on the side of the bed, and took a small sip of the drink Sam had left there for him. Exhausted, he pulled back the covers and climbed into bed.

Dean smiled when he felt the warm hot water bottle nestled in the centre of the bed. He grabbed it and pulled it into himself, hugging it to his stomach.

"Thanks Sammy" he whispered, closing his eyes.

Sam smiled.