Author: Sparta666

Series/Story: Miami Knights





Rating: R

Crossovers: CSI Miami

Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work as enjoy

Timeline: End of Buffy season 3, start of CSI Miami

Spoilers: The Prom, Graduation day 1+ 2

Summery: Xander starts to burn out when he decide it's time to leave Sunnydale when Xander's father turns up.

Chapter Summery: Xander wants out after Graduation

Authors Note:

This is sort of an Alternative Universe story, instead of going to LA I though it would be fun to see what would happen with Angel and crew in Miami. Also for the purpose of this story Doyle is still teaching and is at Sunnydale high, Xander is also still part Hyena and has the pack. Faith is playing the Mayor.

Miami Knights part 1: After Sunset

Graduation blues

Xander sighed as he stared up at the ceiling as his foster mother and father went at it downstairs, groaning he pulled his bag from under his bed and with one leap jumped out his window and onto the ground outside.

"nice dismount 9.0 -1 for the loss of bag but all round a good score" laughed Faith as Xander picked up his bag.

"Faith how nice to see you" said Xander as Faith followed him up the road.

"Nice to see your finally having fun with you new powers" laughed Faith as Xander growled

"yeah they make life a little easier, how goes life on the dark side?"

"Hard but fun, might need a vacation after this? the Mayor getting edgy B's really worrying him. I'd better split before he get suspicious but one thing Xan. Herd on the grapevine you're not sticking round after Graduation? heard you and Angel are splitting?" asked Faith

"I need to ether kill or hire your sources? yeah to many bad memories is all I'm saying, after this is all over and we survive see me then we're not going straight away but Buffy will think we are it's easier" said Xander as they parted ways.

Faith smiled as she watched Xander walk away before she took off in the opposite direction. The graveyard was quiet as usual but still Xander felt more at home here then at home, but still he couldn't take it anymore he wanted out. then Xander felt a familiar presence.

"You should be out of town by now?" growled Xander

"Dru's safe and I owe you, Angelus would have come down hard on me or dust me. So if the Mayor is all he threatens to be you'll need all the help you can get?" said Spike as he came out of the shadows.

"The more the merrier" growled the Pack as they joined Xander and Spike.

Grouping up Xander heard a commotion from the far side of the Graveyard, knowing it was going to be Buffy Xander picked up speed and soon found her hip deep in vampire. The battle was heating up quickly as Xander jumped in and took out several vampires followed by the Pack. Buffy and Xander fought two of the bigger vampires, out of the corner of his eye Xander saw one of the others knock Heidi to the floor. Xander leapt to her aid leaving himself open to attack, suddenly he felt his own stake being drove deeply into his shoulder.

Hitting the ground Xander felt ho fear as he though the end was coming, he felt more Pease then fear. Closing his eyes he waited but it never came, looking up he watched the vampire turn to dust and a man appeared from it.

"Who the hell are you?" demanded Buffy as he finished off the last vampire. The man stopped and started Buffy down, he didn't like this girl she gave off a bad vibe.

"Tim Speedle, born here in Sunnydale and for one brief period long ago he was my mother" said Xander as Speed pulled Xander up off the ground, as everyone looked at him in shock and confusion.

"That's nice. So what's he doing here?: commanded Buffy

"He's come to take me home, I'm leavening Buffy. Just like Angel after Graduation I'm gone" said Xander as they left the graveyard and headed back to the abandoned Mansion Angel called home.

"So who are you? and what was with the entrance?" growled Buffy as they all gathered on the couches.

"Timothy Speedle, Speed to my friends. CSI with the Miami Dade Crime lab, as for the rest sit down and I'll tell you. Nineteen years ago I lived in this very town, I was born some how probably by magic to a Wicca woman and a vampire father. eighteen years in this town I lost 15 friends to Vampires and then my son to the Powers that Be" said Speed

"so your a vampire?" asked Willow

"Not exactly, don't know hat caused it but I'm not allergic to sunlight, I have a refection, sliver, garlic and crosses don't worry me. But I can't died, my sense of sight, smell and hearing are all heightened and I have no blood lust" growled Speed as he looked in Buffy's direction.

"for eighteen years I've fought to take custody of my son but the Powers that Be have always stopped me, now that he is eighteen they can't control him anymore so I can take him home" said Speed as Xander passed him a coffee.

"So I'm packing up and leaving, Don't Will. I know that I'm needed here with the gang but I can't, I'm burnt out, not just with the hunting, my Foster parents rowing, losing people I love, being away from the only family I got, school, I'm just fed up with life with my life. Getting the Hyena sprit gave me a fighting chance and has been a good thing, it let me see more clearly. Buffy this town is safe with you and if you need me I'm always on the end of the phone" said Xander as he sat next to his father.

"So when do you plan to leave?" asked Willow

"as I said after graduation, I'll say goodbye then I'm gone no fuss no muss. that's why dads here he can help then we can take off" said Xander as the other said their good nights and left.

Speed, Xander, Doyle, Angel and Spike remained. Speed watch Xander's interaction with the younger of the two vampires, Xander had often spoken highly and lovingly when it came to Spike. Speed was quite aware of the past histories of all four of the vampire clan and since there was only three now Speed was more couscous. The other Vampire Speed gathered was the legendry Angelus the vampire with the angelic face, then there was the Mick. Speed gathered from what he'd been told by Xander that he was Doyle Angelus's partner. As the night went on Speed crashed out on the couch.