Summery: Xander starts to burn out when he decide it's time to leave Sunnydale when Xander's father turns up.

Chapter Summery: Xander wants out after Graduation

Authors Note:

Calm before the storm

The next morning Xander awoke to the pre-dawn sky, deciding against sleep Xander dressed and wondered through the Mansions halls until he found Angel and the others. Angel, Doyle, Penn and Spike were outside working on their Ti-chi while Speed was asleep on the couch still from a few hours ago. Xander headed into the kitchen and began heating up blood for Angel, Spike, Penn and Dru as well as Speed.

"Morning sleepy, here I know you don't technically need this but you always seem stronger afterwards" said Xander as he sat next to Speed and handed him a mug of blood.

Smiling Speed took the mug off him and sat up before noticing Angel and co outside before looking at clock.

"The Gem of Amara, the city did some digging a few years back, they found a tomb inside was mostly junk but Spike found the Gem. Gran duplicated it for them so when the sun comes up no problem, it's been a great help especially when it comes to dating" laughed Xander as he followed Speed's gazes.

"So my mom is looking out for you?" asked Speed with surprise as the others joined them.

"Yeah when she made herself known she freaked me out, she explained everything including what the Powers that Be had done and about my sister. After that she comes to see me when I need her or when she needs to see me, only I and sis know about her no one else. It's safer that way" said Xander with a smile as he got up and kissed Spike who then sat next to him.

"When she found out about me I was possessed by the sprit of a Hyena, she decided that it would be good for me in this town. She stopped the reversal spell from working, she also went head to head with Anaya an ex-vengeance demon that was fun to watch" laughed Xander as he stretched out over Spike until he was comfortable.

"So how about you Mom how's life? Last time we spoke you were hoping to strike lucky with a guy from your lab?" asked Xander with a cheeky smile.

"It's was just getting good but that cow Megan had him transpired out two and a half years to the Bomb Squad, I miss him we talk on the phone but the hours are worse then the labs" sighed Speed sadly

"Hey if he's worth it things will work out in the end, meanwhile we've got problems of our own down here, sis is out of contact for now don't ask. The Mayor is about to kill us all and I don't know if I've got the grades to graduate but on the plus side world ends I won't need them" laughed Xander dryly.

"You'll graduate as for the rest I'm sure we can stop this no problem even if I have to go to my mother for help. But for now I'd like to change the subject, you and Captain Peroxide over there? Last time we spoke he was trying to kill you and you're so called friends" said Speed

"So did Angelus but Doyle soon calmed him down, Angelus put me up to it to keep the Master's new pet the Annotated one busy while he took back what was his. Did a bloody good job of it too he's dust and Angelus is head of the Order and the brat is dust" laughed Spike before lighting up

"Pop always said you were a bugger for that Angelus, nice to see his trust in you wasn't missed placed" laughed Speed

"Vengeance was my brother to the core and I trusted him. Darla may have sired me but Vengeance chose me, we might not have been blood but just as I see Dru and Penn as my children Vengeance was my brother and you are my nephew Dhampir or not" said Angel as he looked straight at speed.

"I see you left Spike out of that line up" laughed Doyle as they all laughed. The group talked until Xander's alarm on his cell rang.

"Showtime D, guys take mom to see Gile's get him to fill him in. I've got classes to attend until then we're on countdown" said Xander as he and Doyle went to head to the school.

"Countdown?" asked Speed

"Prom Night" laughed Doyle as he bombed it out the door followed by Xander as Speed and the other followed laughing.

Giles was surprised when Angelus, Spike and Speed entered the library, Speed sat down as Giles joined them at the table Speed watched the older man with intrigue. He'd heard of the Watchers Council but he'd never come across a watcher before and after meeting Buffy he felt sorry for him..

"So you must be Giles Bufy's Watcher? don't worry my friend I've been around a long time and seen a lot of thing, I know the Slayer when I come across one" said Speed as Giles sat down and studied the man before him.

"are you a..."

"a vampire? no I'm a Dhampir" said Speed as Giles partially fell off his seat

"a Dhampir? there hasn't been a recorded record of a Dhampir in almost 150" said Giles as he pulled himself together and cleaned his glasses.

"yeah sorry that was probably me" said Speed with a smile

"So what brings you to Sunnydale? not that the Major's Ascension isn't a big part of it"

"Actually that is part of it, I'm here to help then I'm taking my son and daughter away from here. The Powers that Be have manipulated my family too long" growled Speed

"your son and daughter are in danger if their to attend graduation"

"their not you know them well Giles my son Xander has worked around you for a few years now, my daughter might be new to the group but she still plays an important roll and hopefully she will help you take the major down" said Speed as Giles was taken back by who Speed children where.

Xander and the Pack turned heads as they arrived outside the school on their bike causing Snider to sneer at them, this caused Xander great pleasure to see the look on his face. Xander locked up his bike and left the Pack as he headed to the lunch tables to meet the others.


"Well hey it's demon Anya punisher of evil males, still haven't got your powers back?" taunted Xander when suddenly something clicked

"you haven't right?"

"NO" wined Anya as Xander relaxed

"I will though it's only a matter of time" treated Anya

"so now how did that work? women would wish horrible things on their ex boyfriends you along down and make it happen?" Xander asked sarcastically

"that's right the power of the wish made me a rigorous sword to smite the unfaithful"

"well hey good luck with that I hope it all works out"

"You can laugh, but I have witnessed a millennium of treachery and oppression from the males of the species. I have nothing but contempt for the whole libidinous lot of them" yelled Anya with frustration.

"Then why are you talking to me?" Xander asked slightly confused by Anya as he realized they walked to the entrance.

"I don't have a date for the prom"

"and gosh, I wonder why not? cant possibly have anything to do with your sales pitch...?" Xander asked sarcastically again

"Men are evil. will you go with me?" Anya asked her question shocked Xander.

"One of us is very confused and it's not me, Anya I don't think you've got the point of what being gay means. I like men and only men they excite me and plus I have a boyfriend remember, the bleach blonde vampire who I live with?" asked Xander with a growl.

Seeing the others Xander gave Anya a warning growl before leaving her and joining the others, Anya stormed off muttering about gay men, bastard, curses and getting her powers back.

"Anya the way your going about it my grandmother wont let that happen" laughed Xander as Anya went white and fled.

"So what was that all about?" Buffy asked from the lunch table

"Anya just asked me to prom" Xander said with a shudder

"Anya huh? interesting chose" said Oz in his usual deadpan style

"chose is rather a broad term for my situation, one day she might get the idea that I'm gay and going with Spike. What if I'm going to died on graduation then I'm coming out in style and if not I'm out of here after anyway" laughed Xander as he spotted the Pack heading their way.

"Here, here. That's why me and Tor are going together." said Kyle with a smile

"well if Anya try's to get ya killed put me down for a big I TOLD YOU SO, she better not try and cross me" says Willow with a playful grin

"Hey Xan me and the others wanna know if you want us to come with when everything said and done?" asked Kyle, Xander knew what wasn't being said.

"Can't see why not" said Xander as the other Pack members looked relived

"well at least we all have some one to go with now and some of us are going with demons but that's a valid life style chose" said Buffy who was ignoring the Xander's leaving comments.