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How Could You

The First Time

Not Again

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Im the Only One for You

Naruto stood at the bridge watching Sasuke and Sakura spar. Recently Sasuke naruto had been cruel to Naruto and refused to come in contact with him even for sparing so they would take turns sparring with Sakura. Sasuke landed a punch on Sakura's right rib cage she ducked and hit him in the stomach he dodged at the last second and sent a kunai towards her head which she dodged with her own. As they spared Naruto thought back to when Sasuke had first stared ignoring him, it was right after they had met Itachi in the city where they were searching for Tsunade.


Naruto stood back and watched Sasuke run at Itachi with the chidori pulling back his collar to show him the mark Sasuke yelled something at him and charged with a swift step Itachi dodged it and caught his wrist for a second Naruto thought he saw Itachi whisper something to Sasuke but it was so quick he wasn't sure.

Flashback end

The rest of it he couldn't remember to well all Naruto knew was as soon as they got home Sasuke had completely ignored him. "Naruto Naruto …… … … NARUTO!" Naruto looked up and saw Kakashi and sakura staring at him he took a quick glance at the fields to see Sasuke had disappeared. "Hey did you hear me Naruto?" Kakashi asked Naruto looked up at him with a confused look, sakura sighed and Kakashi rolled his eye "I said that training is over for today."

"WHAT DEMO I DIDN'T EVEN GET TO SPAR WITH SAKURA YET" "she got injured sparring with Sasuke so go home ok" he said as they left. After a few hours of looking at the night sky he decided to head home.

Naruto stood in front of his apartment in complete shock apparently someone had went trough and demolished his apt room the fridge was on the floor in seven pieces along with the stove all the cupboards were melted into small shelves along with all of their contents all the silverware and food was strewn across the floor like a the wall between his room the kitchen and the bath room had holes the size of baby elephants so that you could see all the rooms of the apartment from the kitchen. The bathroom was a jungle of pipes and tile and glass water pouring nonstop from the pipes that had been ripped out of the walls. Looking into his room which was no better the bed and furniture had been scorched and tattered like pillows his clothes burned and strewn across the house.

the next day

Naruto sighed as Tsunade, Kakashi, Iruka, Sasuke, and sakura spoke over where he would live until the apartment was reconstructed the manager said it could take up to a year and a half "he should live with one of his fellow team mates" Tsunade said turning to the two younger ones. Iruka jumped in to protest "but I think he should live with me I could continue teaching him jutsu's and we could be like an adopted family he already see's me as a father figure."

"Did you stop to think that you still have to work and couldn't always be there" Tsunade retorted "I still think he should stay with on of the team mates cause you and Kakashi have work and things could get out of hand."

This time Kakashi spoke up "I don't think Sakura's parents would want a boy to be living with her along with other reasons(the adults go the hint).he should stay with Sasuke they're both boys and Sasuke's house has enough room for both of them and it could bond them closer." everyone agreed except for two Sasuke and Naruto. Sasuke was to stoic to whine so he just stayed put.

"AWWWWWW BUT I DON'T WANT TO STAY WITH THAT TEME!!! I'll be dead before the weeks over" Naruto kept complaining until he was hit in the head with a book. The rest of the day was spent getting Naruto new clothes and stuff since it was all destroyed. The entire time they were shopping Sasuke glared at Naruto with pure hatred. After a few hours of fighting with Naruto sakura won and they had onigiri and toriniku (1) for lunch after which they headed home.

Sasuke's house

"OW! What the fuck Sasuke! I didn't even do anything!" Naruto yelled at Sasuke as he was shoved into the closed door glaring him in the eyes. "Listen up Uzumaki this is my house If you want to live here you will follow my rules and do as I say got it" Sasuke glared naruto hard in the eyes. Shocked at his friends behavior naruto just nods dumbly and follows his friend inside. "Holy shiz Sasuke your house is fucking huge." Naruto walked behind Sasuke looking around until he bumped into Sasuke who had suddenly stopped "ano what's wrong Sasuke?"

Sasuke only turned his head giving naruto his hardest glare officially creped out naruto started backing up until he hit a door Sasuke advancing every step. Suddenly the door gave way and Naruto landed flat on his ass but still kept scooting back until he hit a wall. Looking around Naruto noticed that they were in some sort of library. Sasuke grabbed Naruto boy both shoulders and pulled him into eye level. Staring him in the eyes sharingan spinning. Naruto froze as Sasuke entered his mind.

Naruto's mind

Everything was dark except for a red chakra signal. Sasuke noticed he was in a hall of some sort soft voices were whispering back and forth "kyu this is bad you don't think hell be able to see us."

'im not to sure kit' "what sho- "Naruto… kyubbi?" Sasuke stared in shock so it was true.Naruto turned with pure horror in his eyes "s-Sasuke …" Naruto began rambling and waving his hands frantically "th this isn't what you think its its um a hallucination yeah that's it a hallucination hahahha" 'kit give it up he knows … so Sasuke-kun what are you going to do now that you know hmmm' kyuubi purred the last part in Sasuke's direction. Quickly getting over his shock Sasuke smirked at Naruto and walked back.

back in the room

Naruto looked at Sasuke with shocked ocean blue eyes praying that his friend wouldn't try to kill him. "Sasuke wha-" "from now on you will do exactly as I say no exceptions or else ill tell the whole village imagine it all your 'friends' treating you just like the villagers" Naruto's eyes widened in horror. The raven walked away smirking victoriously until a small tan hand wrapped around his upper arm. Turning his head slowly he glared at Naruto's lowered head "p please Sasuke don't tell I don't want to be hated any more" Naruto begged lifting his head his deep ocean eyes sparkling with sapphire tears. The elder stood rooted where he was lost in the beautiful orbs that were hiding so much pain and loss. He glared and blinked himself back into the real world and tore his hand from Naruto's weak grip "hmph… you'll do as I say and if I tell its cause I'm not pleased with whatever you did or didn't do" with that said he exited the room leaving Naruto in his new room. 'god what the hell was that…its probably nothing just shocked that was the first time I saw him cry but it doesn't matter Itachi was right his power will come in handy'

back with Naruto

'Why every time I'm even the least bit happy something like this happens… ……maybe Jiraiya will take me for few years to train then when I come back hopefully then Sasuke will forget about all this and I can live by myself peacefully' Naruto stood up off the ground shaking the tears out of his eyes. Steadying himself Naruto went into the hall where he dropped his stuff and put it in the room before walking down the stairs and past the kitchen towards and out the door in a half run.

Sasuke sat the table sipping tea and mulling over what he was going to do about the rambunctious blonde. Then out of the corner of his eye he spotted Naruto half running out the door. Curious and a bit miffed that he was leaving without informing him Sasuke got up and followed him out the door and to the city gates 'what is the dobe doing' anger suddenly washed over Sasuke like a tsunami completely shattering his rational thinking

Naruto was on the ground in seconds "moron where the hell do you think your going!" Sasuke pinned his front on the ground holding his hands behind his back and sitting on his legs. Still in shock Naruto could only stare into enraged coal eyes.

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