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The Doctor, Jack and Rose sprinted through the forest to a small cave. Diving inside, the Doctor grabbed Rose's hand to ensure she followed, ignoring the shriek of pain she emitted when she felt as though her shoulder had been dislocated. Jack followed them both inside and sank to the floor, gasping for breath.

"Haven't run like that in a while. Bloody hell, I thought Torchwood was keeping me fit! Obviously not."

Rose grinned as she felt her heart rate return to normal – or as normal as it could be when the Doctor was still clasping her hand tight. The Doctor covered Jack's mouth with his other hand as he started to launch into yet another tale about Torchwood, giving him a please-God-no-more-Torchwood-anecdotes glance as he did so. Jack shrugged and kept quiet as the Doctor removed his hand. Rose tapped the Doctor on the shoulder.

"Care to tell us what we're running from?"

The Doctor hesitated.


"You don't know?! They could be friendly…couldn't they?"

The Doctor smiled.

"By the way they immediately started chasing us when we stepped out of the Tardis, I suspect not. They looked human, though."

"Unsurprising, considering we're in Wales."

Jack put a finger on his lips as running footsteps approached the cave, signalling them to be quiet. The footsteps grew louder, and stopped directly outside the well-hidden cave. Jack counted them as they stopped. He held up four fingers to the Doctor, who nodded. Jack's eyes widened as he heard a woman's voice.

"We lost them! How the hell did we lose them?!" she panted in a Welsh accent.

"No idea – this tracer says they're right beside us. You can't see them, can you?" This was another woman.

"Unless he's invented an invisibility cloak, I don't think they're here, Tosh." A man's voice drifted through the cave opening, dripping with what seemed like usual sarcasm. Jack gulped. Tosh? Seeing his surprised expression, the Doctor gave Jack an inquisitive look.

"Do you know them?" whispered Rose.

Jack nodded.

"Think so" he whispered back. He climbed towards the cave opening and stared at the two men and two women standing three feet away, their backs turned towards him. The Torchwood team. Recognising them immediately, a rush of emotions overwhelmed him. Emerging from the cave, he crept behind the woman with long, brown hair, slightly matted-looking from the chase, and grabbed her by the waist.

"Can't you four cope without a leader, then?" he laughed, as the woman turned in surprise and promptly leapt on him as she realised who it was. "Easy, Gwen!"

Gwen stepped back and grinned her usual gap-toothed grin at him. Jack swept Toshiko up into a hug, and ruffled Ianto's hair before hugging him in turn. He turned to Owen, who quickly stepped back and held out his hand, avoiding any hugging situation. Jack laughed and shook his hand.

Rose stepped out of the cave, pulling the Doctor behind her. She smiled at the others and the Doctor stepped forward.

"I'm guessing you're the legendary Torchwood team?"

Jack nodded and grinned as he tried to untangle himself from Gwen, who was hugging him so tightly he couldn't breathe.

"Gwen, Owen, Toshiko, Ianto, this is the Doctor and Rose."

They smiled and nodded as they were pointed out, and the Doctor and Rose smiled as they acknowledged each one in turn. Jack turned to his team.

"So, who took charge when I left?"

Owen raised his hand. Jack nodded.

"No wonder you seemed so happy to see me."

"We've been looking for you for ages!" grinned Toshiko. "We've dealt with a few more Weevils, but since the Rift was closed again, nothing too bad has been coming up."

Jack smiled, and turned in surprise as a man ran up to them, clearly out of breath. He was good looking, with jet black hair and brown eyes that resembled two pools of dark chocolate. Tosh introduced him.

"Oh, and this is Chris, a new Torchwood member. He knew all about us before, and had so much experience with alien technology; he was a Torchwood worker who survived the battle of Canary Wharf. We had to let him on board, and he's been so helpful. Chris, this is…"

"Jack Harkness" Jack chipped in, his hand outstretched. "But you can call me Captain" he added with a cheeky wink. Chris shook his hand tentatively and stepped back. Rose smiled at the sight of Jack with his team, it seemed as though he had clearly missed being a leader. Feeling slightly left out, the Doctor clapped his hands.

"So, back to the Tardis?"

Jack glanced from the Doctor to the others, clearly struggling to choose between them. On the one hand, he loved travelling with the Doctor, seeing new places and getting into all kinds of scrapes. On the other hand, he had missed being in charge, he had missed his team. Rose stood on tiptoe to whisper in the Doctor's ear.

"Let the others come, please?" She fluttered her long eyelashes at the Doctor and he gave in, unable to say no to her.

"The others can come too, of course." He smiled. "But no flirting with Chris" he added in an undertone to Rose, who grinned mischievously and kissed him lightly on the tip of his nose. Jack grinned.

"Hang on, what's a Tardis? And who exactly are you, Doctor?" asked Gwen. The Doctor took a deep breath and Jack sighed.

"Had to get him started" he whispered before –

"I'm a Timelord, the last of them. Or so I thought, but that's a long story. I travel from planet to planet, from century to century in the Tardis – Time and Relative Dimension in Space, it stands for. I was there when that spaceship was hovering over London, was there when the Cybermen and Daleks tried to take over the Earth. Basically, if it's alien – there's a good chance I've seen it." The Doctor spoke at a lightening speed, leaving Gwen and the others stunned into silence. He grinned and started to walk away, Rose following in close pursuit. Jack turned and grinned to the others.

"Come on."