"Woah!" exclaimed Owen as the Tardis landed, throwing him to the floor in surprise. "That was…"

"Surreal" finished Tosh, looking slightly queasy.

Gwen, Ianto and Chris nodded in agreement and Jack grinned.

"You get used to it" the Doctor assured them. Rose smiled and slipped her hand into his.

"So? Where and when are we?"

"One million years into your future, on the good planet Earth" the Doctor smiled. "Worth a look?"

The Torchwood team gaped at him, except Jack, who just smiled. The Doctor squeezed Rose's hand and, refusing to let go, led them to the doors of the Tardis. Wrenching them open, all eight of them winced as a cold, sharp wind blinded them. A man dressed in what Rose assumed to be a security guard's uniform started shouting.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing here?"

The Doctor quickly closed the Tardis doors and locked them before approaching the guard with a winning smile.

"Hello, big fella. Sorry, just passing through."

"I don't think so."


The guard stared at them.

"This city's under quarantine. Where've you been the last three months? And how did you get in?"

The Doctor frowned.

"Quarantine? What for?"

"God knows. Every Londoner's been wondering the same thing for ten weeks. Anyway, back to business. You'll need to sign this book" he gestured to a thick black folder "and wear one of these" he gave them each a red armband. "No idea why, orders from above."

The Doctor smiled and turned back to the others, who were now all sporting the red armbands.

"Sightseeing, anyone? Nothing else to do, I suppose. And, I have to say, I'm very interested to find out who's giving out the orders from above."

He grinned and turned, walking away from the Tardis, leaving his unusually large party to follow in his wake. As they turned into a new street, Rose and the Torchwood members stopped dead. Jack followed their gaze and his eyes landed on – what he assumed to be – Big Ben.

"Well, it would appear London's gone digital" he commented, referring to the huge LCD display that had replaced the usual analogue clock face. He grinned at Rose. "No invisible spaceships there, I daresay" he winked, remembering the very first time he and Rose had met. Rose giggled and the Doctor gave Jack a warning glance. Jack held his hands up in surrender.

"OK, OK, I get it. Hands off, right?"

The Doctor grinned and took Rose's hand. Now he had her back with him, there was absolutely no chance he was letting her go, and there was no way he was going to let himself feel that jealousy he had always felt before whenever Jack started flirting with her. Jack smiled at the sight of the two of them together and followed them to Downing Street, where the Doctor stopped outside Number 10.

"May as well start here if we're looking for high authority." Rose, Jack and the others nodded in agreement. The Doctor and Rose walked in, and Jack stayed outside with the rest of his team. Leading them to a nearby bench, he sat and watched them struggle to take everything in. Gwen joined him.

"We're in the future" she said, looking dazed. "That's impossible…we're in the future"

Tosh sat next to her, followed by Owen, Chris and Ianto, all looking equally bewildered. Jack laughed at their confused expressions.

"Come on, you've all worked with me before – except Chris, you unfortunate soul – surely this shouldn't be so hard for you to grasp. I mean, Tosh, you were stuck in the second world war with me, remember? Owen, you dated a woman from the 1950s for God's sake!"

Realising he had said the wrong thing, Jack immediately stopped speaking. Gwen shook her head and pulled out her mobile phone, dialling Rhys' number. Jack prised it gently from her grip.

"Gwen, you can't call him. He's…well, he's dead. This is a million years into the future, you know."

Gwen stared at him and then laughed, shaking her head again.

"How can you get used to this, Jack?"

Jack shrugged.

"I'm not. Every day's a surprise."

They were disturbed by the sound of footsteps behind them.

"Here's trouble" Jack smiled "Any luck?"

The Doctor nodded.

"Same old thing, Prime Minister really an alien in disguise, trying to take over the human race et cetera. Shouldn't be too hard to sort out. Not once we've found out what alien it is, of course."

"You don't know what it is? How do we know if it is alien?" asked Gwen. Jack smiled at her.

"Well…its teeth were definitely not human, and as for the eyes" the Doctor shuddered. "No irises, just pupils. And that stench was either alien or the worst BO to grace a human body."

Rose giggled. "It was pretty bad" she confirmed.

Owen winced. "This should be fun" he commented. "Mind you, when you've smelt Jack coming out of a sewer, and in Cardiff at that…"

The Doctor grinned at Jack's blush. "One tale you forgot to tell us, Captain?"

"Can't be as bad as him when he's spent a day underneath the Thames" chipped in Rose, gesturing at the Doctor "Especially when he didn't shower that morning."

"I told you I was going swimming" the Doctor protested as Jack laughed. "And anyway, you didn't seem to care that much."

Rose grinned. Jack clapped his hands.

"Right then, Gwen, Tosh, Ianto, Owen, Chris, you come with me and we'll find out where the quarantine stretches to and if we can break it, Rose and the Doctor, I'm guessing a little interrogation is in order?"

"Jack?" the Doctor said warningly.

"Right, right. You're in charge. Orders, sir?"

"Basically what he said" confirmed the Doctor, winking at Jack. "You had to ruin it with a plan, didn't you?" he called out, as he started to walk away back to the Tardis

"What were you going to do, make it up as you go along?" Jack called after him. When no answer reached him, he rolled his eyes. "See you in hell!" he shouted as he led the others away, grinning to himself as he did so. God, he had missed that little saying.

A/N: To anyone who had forgotten, like my little sister, Jack used the "See you in hell" thing in Series 1 a few times. Just an extra touch.

Sorry it's not very exciting at the moment! It will be though :-)