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Hermione skidded to a stop when she heard her name being called. Her books fell out of her arms and her hair flew onto her chest. She turned with a sigh before stiffening. Until now, she had successfully avoided Severus after her return. She rolled her eyes and started picking her books up. "What is it Severus?" she drawled. "I don't think I have to time to-" She sniffed and flinched back from a piece of paper that was shoved in front of her face. She looked up at the potions master to find that he was looking at anything but her. "Severus?"

"Here," He grumbled, dropping it into her hands before walking away quickly, his robes billowing behind him.

She tilted her head, still trying to figure out how he did that, before looking down at the envelope. With a shrug, she put it atop of her books and rushed to transfiguration. She opened the door with a satisfied smile, Professor McGonagall hiding a smile at how she was nearly late. "Hermione," she heard someone hiss. She grinned at Draco before sitting next to him. "I see you like my gift" He told her smugly. She nodded, jingling the bracelet around her wrist."Well now no one can say that you don't live on the edge." She giggled at that.

When she opened the package on Christmas day, she had found the box separated into two parts. One came from Theodore, the other from Draco. Theo had given her a necklace, the pendant of a snake twisting around a griffin, her favorite mystical creature. Draco had given her a bracelet that had been engraved HGZ. Hermione Granger Zabini, but that wasn't all that he gave her….

"Where is it by the way?" he asked her. She a glance up at the speaking teacher.

Hermione quickly shrugged her robe off, hung it on her chair and reached behind her, pointing at her back. "Right above my ass" She muttered.

Draco's eyes widened before he snickered. "Hermione, such words!"

She shrugged. "It's cute and I am going to use it to my full advantage"

"Fine, but don't say that I didn't warn you about Blaise getting shell shocked and Snape getting angry"

A frown etched Hermione's face. "You didn't warn me"

"I'm warning you now. Snape is going to get furious and Blaise is going to get mighty randy"

"Draco!" She growled, trying to stop her laughter from erupting.

"He's gonna be a walking boner"

McGonagall turned with a sharp glare as Hermione burst out laughing, an innocent Malfoy sitting beside her. "Is there a problem, Miss Granger?" She raised an eyebrow. Hermione quickly shook her head. "Good. Now pay attention!" The Gryffindor shook her head when Ron and Harry gave her a questioning glance.

'Later' she mouthed. They nodded in satisfaction before tuning back into the boring lesson.

"So what's that?" She heard Draco whisper, pointing at the envelope.

"Something from Severus," He tore it from her desk and opened it. "Draco!"

"Aww!" McGonagall sighed, sitting at her desk. There was no way she could control the class now as they turned to the Slytherin.

"What is it Mr. Malfoy?" She said grimly.

"Look at what Professor Snape gave Granger for Christmas!"

"Draco! Give it back! What are you doing?! We're in the middle of class!"

"Oh no, no, Miss Granger," Minerva said, suddenly interested. "By all means, continue. What did Severus give her?"

"Look at this," He cleared his throat. "Former Name: Severus Snape. Changed Name: Severus Granger-Snape. Now isn't that adorable! Rumors are, you changed your name to Snape-Granger, eh?" Hermione sighed in irritation before nodding stubbornly. "AWWW! SO CUTE!" She growled at the sarcasm in his voice.


"Malfoy, sit down" She snapped. "As cute as it may be…we still have a class. Hermione…" She looked at her student before nodding indiscreetly. Hermione giggled and ran out of the room. "W-what was that?!"

"Didn't you just let her go, Professor?" Harry asked in confusion.

Minerva shook her head, her eyes wide. "Her shirt rode up as she ran. The-there was something on her back…"Draco made a face before sinking into his seat. "Mr. Malfoy! Did you know what that was?!"

He looked around the room. All eyes were on him. "Oh, but I gave her a bracelet as well!"


Ginny and Luna sat next to each other, trying to mix the potion right. "No, no, Luna," She whispered. "Counter clockwise stir. Counter clockwise" They glanced up at Snape. He was staring at each student icily. They shivered before looking back at their potion.

"Let's not look at him again," Luna whispered. "He could kill with a stare."

Ginny giggled, piercing the silence in the room. Their eyes widened as Severus stood quickly, glaring at the red head. "Is there something funny to you, Wea-"

"SEVERUS!" The door burst open and a crying Hermione ran into the room. The potions master stood shell shocked as she ran into his arms. He glanced from face to face before uncomfortably and hesitantly hugging her back. "I can't believe you would do that for me! You're too much, Severus. You're extraordinary!"

The sixth years looked around the room. Severus glared at them, daring someone to say something. Luna cleared her throat, being the brave one, and asking "What did you do for her professor?" A sob erupted from Hermione's mouth and Severus held back a groan.

"Name change," He grumbled. "Class dismissed," He waved his wand and the work stations were clean. The students stayed in their seats. "Five more seconds and each and every one of you will get detention…with Filch. FIVE" They practically ran out of the room.

"Goodbye, Sevvie cakes" Ginny laughed over her shoulder. He hung his head low. How he let that troublesome boy and his girlfriend degrade him everyday he wasn't sure of.

Ginny and Luna laughed as they sat on the tree limbs. They were throwing apples back and forth at each other, resulting in a two-woman juggling scene. They even gathered a crowd. People laughed and cheered when the would almost blunder or gained speed. "Ginny?!" Ginny glanced down quickly before catching an apple, throwing it off, catching another one and doing the same. "Luna?! What are you two doing?! You can get hurt!"

Ginny rolled her eyes. "Honestly, Ron. Calm down. We're safe and secure right now, aren't we Luna?" She asked, emphasizing her name purposefully.

Luna sighed before nodding. "We're fine, Ronald." She said softly.

"No you're not!" Ron shouted angrily. He swatted his hand in the air. "All of you get out of here. Show's over! They're coming down!"

Ginny snorted. "If you think that-Luna!" Ron watched in slow motion as a Luna reached back to try and catch an apple that Ginny threw of course. There was sheer determination on the girl's face until she realized that she went to far back. Her eyes widened and a choked cry left her throat as she fell off the branch, her legs scratching the wood roughly. She tried to reach for something to grab, but it was too late.

"LUNA!" Ginny shrieked

"WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA!" Luna closed her eyes, waiting for the pain that would consequently break one of her bones or put give her a concussion, but in never came. She looked around to find herself hovering, inches above the ground. Ginny was climbing down the tree slowly and the crowd was all simultaneously asking if she was alright. She shook her head in thought, ready to answer.

"I'm-urgh!" Ronald had pulled her up and into his arms. He hugged her tightly, shielding her from the others. "Ronald" she wheezed out. "Oxygen", but that didn't make him loosen and less.

"Please," He begged in a piteous whisper. "Don't climb into trees anymore"

She closed her eyes and snuggled into his arms. "Are we going to go hunting for crumpled-horn snorkacks this summer, Ronald?" A weak smile appeared on his face, his eyes closing in delight, and he nuzzled her neck softly. He felt her tears hit his cheek.

"We'll hunt for anything, anytime, anywhere"

"Even if it's in Antarctica? Germany? The Philippines?"

"Antarctica? Sure. Germany? Why not? The Philippines? I heard they had purple cream there! It's called ube or something"


"Yea! They even eat it off a bun"

"Can we get purple ice cream in the Philippines while hunting for crumpled-horn snorkacks?"

"Eh, why not? I don't have anything better to do anyway?" He threw an arm over her laxly as he directed her back towards the castle. She hit his chest in a playful manner, giggling into his shoulder. Ginny stood in her spot, scratching her head.

"Well…I guess I could go find Harry…" She muttered.

Blaise threw the book carelessly across the room and picked up another one. He brought it up to his face and traced the words with his eyes. "No, not this one either," he muttered. He threw behind him but turned quickly when he heard a squeal and a thud. "Hermione!" he cried. He got out of his seat and rushed towards the fallen girl. "Jeez, what were you doing?"

She glared at him. "Oh I don't know," she responded sarcastically. "Thought I'd come here, sit on my boyfriend's lap as we spoke to each other, but no. I get hit with a book instead."

"Oh right," He grumbled with a blush. "Sorry. Didn't mean to hit you,"

"It's fine, really. No harm done" She told him softly. He gulped.

"Well except for the red mark on your forehead." He groaned as a wave of dizziness hit her and she fell back into him. "I'm so sorry, love. I'll never throw books again. I was just agitated because I couldn't find the information that I needed." She gave him a pointed glare. "…And because I hadn't seen your beautiful face until now?" She rolled her eyes.

"Again, it's fine. I came up to get you for dinner, actually. Come on"

"Oh sure. Let me just change. You'll be okay?" She nodded and he ran towards the steps. Before he started climbing up to his room, he turned back to her. "You sure?"

"I'm fine!"

"Okay…I'll be right back…"

"Blaise just go!"

"If you get dizzy or your head hurts just call me!"

"Blaise if you don't go up there we're going to be late for dinner!" He stared up at the stairs hesitantly. "Blaise!"

"Okay! Fine! I'm going!" She tapped her foot impatiently when five minutes passed. Finally he came down, wearing jeans and a lacrosse shirt. "Ready?" He asked. Her jaw dropped and her face reddened. She obviously was ready since she was wearing her jean skirt, lacrosse shirt and flip flops.

"Are you-!" She stared at him as his face turned into an adorable pout. "Oh fine. Come on, love. Our friends are waiting for us" She held her hand out but he ignored it and snaked his arm around her waist. She did the same as they walked out and down the corridor.

"Speaking of friends, what did Draco get you for Christmas? I mean, I saw the bracelet, but-"

"I really don't know what you're talking about, Blaise" She stuck her nose up in the air, looking away.

"Hermione?" He asked suspiciously. "What'd he give you?"

She grinned at him coyly. "You'll see."

He shrugged as they came across the Great Hall doors. "You first, my dear," He said bowing deeply. She giggled and curtsied before walking in. She waved at him as he walked towards the Slytherin Table. Draco smirked at him. "Hello, Draco."

"Hey. Has Hermione told you what the gift was yet?"

"No," He frowned.

Draco sighed. "Well don't worry. If you shag tonight, you'll see it. She told me it was above her ass" Blaise nodded before freezing.

"What?!" Draco sniggered as Blaise got out of his seat and walked quickly towards the Gryffindor table quickly. Hermione smiled at him, along with her friends.

"Blaise, what's-hey! What are you doing?!" She cried as he pulled her up and bent her over the table.

"Hey! Zabini! Let go of her!"

"Ron, just calm down…what the hell are you doing?!"

"Harry, language!"

"Ginny, not now!"

"I don't think this is the place to do this, Hermione, Blaise. The gofters underneath the plates might get scared. You wouldn't want to scare the poor little creatures away"

"ZABINI! UNHAND HER!" Snape shouted from his seat.

Blaise ignored them all and lifted Hermione's shirt up slightly. His eyes widened at the cursive writing on her back. "Property of Blaise Apollo Zabini" he read aloud in shock. She blushed and giggled quietly.

"Do you like it? Draco thought that a tattoo would be perfect to tarnish my good girl reputation" Blaise was still staring at the tattoo. Around the writing was a border of roses.

"Hermione!" They both turned and looked at Severus. "You-you…tattoo…" His face was slowly turning red.

"Oh dear," She muttered before pulling Blaise with her, away from the tables.



Hermione had a smile on her face as she signed the papers that were decked out in front of her. "Miss Granger?" She looked up and smiled at her assistant. "Mr. Zabini is out her, requesting your presence." Hermione nodded. She stood and raced to the mirror, making sure that her hair looked fine and her clothes were straight. Jenny, her assistant, laughed. "Come on, Miss Granger. Out of the time I've worked for you and seen you and Blaise together, I've learned that he doesn't care about your appearance"

Hermione shrugged, smirking at her. "Doesn't mean that I can't please him anyway" Jenny shook her head with a grin before closing the door.

Hermione shook her nerves off before walking out. Blaise pulled her to him and kissed her cheek. "Hello, my little birthday girl," He whispered. She shivered at his warm breath before kissing him back.

"And what are you doing here, Mr. Zabini?"

He shrugged. "I thought that after work I could take you out to eat. A birthday dinner, if you will"

Hermione frowned. "What happened to dinner with the family?"

He sighed dramatically. "Don't you want to spend the night all alone with me and my beautiful body?" She hid a smile when Jenny snorted behind the front desk. Blaise shot her a sharp glare before turning back to Hermione. "So? What do you say?" Hermione smiled at him.

"Of course I'd love to go to dinner with you. I'll see you at seven, okay?" He nodded and gave her one last kiss before leaving.


Blaise jogged down the steps of Hermione's office building. He swung the door open and leaned against it casually, waiting for his friend to come by. He turned his head and watched as Harry ran around the corner, towards him. "Sorry, I'm late," He panted. "Auror business. Did it go well?"

Blaise nodded. "Just fine and you?"

Harry looked up at the windows of the building before quickly passing Blaise a package, wrapped in brown paper. "Good luck, mate," He whispered before disappearing with a pop. Blaise stared down at the package before shoving it into his pocket and apperating away.

He looked around at where he appeared, his heart racing quickly. He walked towards the door and knocked on it softly. It swung open and the man gave him an icy glare. "What did you want need us for, Blaise?" The other man said, nudging Severus lightly.

Blaise bowed his head to each. "Remus, Severus, I needed to talk to you both. May I come in?" Remus stepped aside, allowing him entrance.

"Oh, sure, why not?" Severus muttered in annoyance. "Ask the wolf, but not the person who actually owns the house" Blaise ignored him and walked into the sitting room. He fell onto the couch and waited for the other two to sit.

"Well?" Remus asked. "What's wrong? Why have you asked to speak with us?"

Blaise looked down. "Well- I mean. It's just- Hermione and I are twenty three now and-"

"Get to the point, Zabini and stop stuttering like a school boy" Snape drawled. Blaise took a deep breath, closing his eyes. When he was sure that he was ready, he opened them once more and gave them a soft smile.

"You two or like Hermione's fathers." He opened took the paper wrapped parcel out of his pocket and opened it slowly. Their eyes widened as they saw a delicate ring settled into the black pillows of its case. "I came to ask for your consent, that I may ask Hermione to marry me"


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