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That Fateful Night

Brooke Scott ran around her house trying to clean up after her two kids, Aaron and Shelly. Lucas would be home soon and she wanted the house to look nice for their family dinner. Nathan, Haley, and their son James would also be joining them. Aaron was a lively five year old child with a love for basketball, like his father. He was 100 Lucas, from the blonde hair to the blue eyes. Shelly, on the other hand, was two and a half. Having more of her mother's personality, she was stubborn but a sweetheart inside. She had raven colored hair and dark blue eyes. Whenever Brooke looked at her, she remembered that night, and the secret that she had kept for two and a half years.

"Shel sweetie, can you please come here so that mommy can fix your face?" Brooke said. Shelly had Brookes makeup all over her face and resembled a clown.

"Nope, me like makeup" the little girl said as she jumped on the couch.

"Mommy, when's daddy coming home?" Aaron asked.

"Don't worry Daddy's here," Lucas said as he entered his and Brooke's three story house.

After giving his son and daughter hugs and kisses, Lucas went to Brooke.

"Long day?" he asked

"You have no idea" Brooke laughed as she kissed her husband. "Want to get the kids ready while I go finish up dinner?"

"Sure. Nate and Hales will be here in a sec just so you know. They are excited about your surprise news and so am I," he said as he picked up the kids and started up the stairs.

Lucas coached the Tree Hill Ravens while Brooke was a stay home fashion designer of her clothing line, Clothes over Bros. Nathan took over Dan's car dealership after his death and Haley worked as a teacher at Tree Hill Elementary. Their son James was four and loved playing with Aaron and Shelly.

As she checked on her chicken, Brooke heard Lucas run downstairs.

"Cheery, why in the world does Shelly look like a clown?" he asked.

"The art of make up." Brooke laughed as the doorbell rang, signaling the arrival of her guests.

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