Empire: Rude Awakenings

Eragon woke after the battle of the burning planes feeling as though he was completely alone. He lay on his bed staring into space while Roran his cousin snored in the bed across from his tent.

Little one, your awake. Will you Heal my wounds? They're itching like crazy and I'm gonna cheew my wing off if they carry on much longer. Announced Saphira.

Eragon chuckled, obviously someone could still keep him company. Very well Saphira, I'll be there soon.

Eragon could feel her relief at these words through their bond as her pulled on a fresh tunic.

"Where are you going?" asked Roran rubbing sleep from his eyes.

"I have duties that demand my attention" replied Eragon as he strode from the tent.

He discovered Saphira towards the back of the Varden's encampment chewing on a log.

"oh, are you joining me in becoming vegetarian?" grinned Eragon.

His stab at humour was ill received as she replied with a scowl It was this or my wing, now hurry up!

"Weise Heil" said Eragon, his palm shone and the holes in Saphira's wings vanished and the tip of her tail reappeared.

OH, YES THAT FEELS GOOD!!! Saphira exclaimed as she tilted her head back and roared towards the heavens.

Thank you little one she hummed. We should see Elva after we've eaten.

"Aye, I will" sighed Eragon.

An hour later Eragon was in search of Elva which was not particularly difficult as he could sense his spell at work.

I hope she is not in too much pain he thought. As he entered she was better composed than he expected, apart from her constant shaking.

"Please remove the curse, Shadeslayer" she wimpered

"I will fulfil my promise" said Eragon, raising his right hand "Losna du vanyali vel Elva."

Both their Gewdey Insignias shone, Elva went rigid as the magic and her insignia faded. When it was all over Elva collapsed into Eragon's arms.

"Thank you" she whispered, and for the first time in six months Elva slept.

Eragon Carried her over to the bed in the corner as he would a small child.

Afterwards Eragon left to help the healers with the wounded, Saphira marched beside him.

Well done Eragon you should be proud Praised Saphira.

"No I just reversed a great wrong with a meagre right" Replied the rider.

Still you should be proud She insisted

"Thank you"

"ERAGON, there you are!!!" barked Roran "when will you fulfil your promise to me"

"Soon cousin I must speak with Nasuada and the elves must arrive first, but soon.