Eragon and Arinel clad in black rode side-by-side on white stallions through the thick trees on the coast of Du Weldenvarden. Saphira and Arias were flying overhead as the forest was too thick for them.

It had been twenty years since Eragons arm had began to glow, twenty years since Murtagh, Thorn, Arya and Veravanda fell. Eragon since then had made preparations for the riders, who wished to accompany him to leave Alegasia. This had involved a lot of work; he had founded a new order of knights that now numbered several thousand, the Order of the Dragon, to help the riders that remained behind. He had named Darrell as Grand master of the order. He also had various ships sung out of the forest by the elves.

Two months ago, they received a message from the elven homeland, a small rebellion trying desperately to over throw the tyrant king, it sounded very familiar.

He and Arinel travelled with an honour guard of the Order of the Dragon, Eragon was not sorry to leave anymore, most of his old friends had now passed from old age, and his daughter had left on an earlier ship. Now it was just him and Arinel left to leave.

The caravan finally reached the coast, where a gigantic ship was waiting for them, large enough to support both their dragons.

Saphira and Arias landed gracefully in the centre of the ship, while Eragon and Arinel dismounted their steeds, the armour-clad knights dismounted and stood almost making an aisle for them to walk down.

Eragon glanced at Arinel who smiled and held his hand reassuringly. They walked down the beach and, met with the only knight not wearing a helm, Darrell.

He now sported a thick beard and his skin was dark from years of exposure to the sun. His armour like the others was silver mail, with white tunics bearing a gold dragon.

"Master Eragon, Master Arinel" he said bowing, a few tears on his cheeks, "Thank you for everything you have done for me."

Arinel kissed him on the cheek as Eragon replied, "You're welcome."

Eragon hugged the grandmaster before saying, "Farewell."

"Farewell," he replied, "to the both of you."

Eragon and Arinel boarded the ship and she cast off, to leave Alegasia. The sea was crystal blue, reflecting the cloudless sky perfectly.

When they were a kilometre of shore they saw Darrel let out a strangled cry as they left his life.

Saphira and Arias settled down to rest after the hour it took them to get used to the rocking of the ship, while Eragon and Arinel stood at the back of the poop deck.

Arinel leant against the railing and smiled, "So Eragon, are you ready to defeat the king, save the land and rescue the damsel in distress?"

Eragon laughed before reply, "Yes to the first, yes to the second but I'll have to designate the third to someone else. I would want you to get jealous."

Arinel smiled and playfully slapped him on his glowing arm.

"Do you think we will ever have a quiet life?" she mused.

"No," smiled Eragon, "but that's a good thing, life would be boring otherwise."

Arinel laughed and hugged Eragon tightly as they sailed off into the sunset.

The End