Note: This is what I think would've happened if Full House continued and had a season nine. And a special thanks to my sister for editing even though she doesn't like Full House.

Disclaimer: Full House does not belong to me.

Life Goes On

Chapter One: Whoa, Baby!

Becky bit her lip as she waited in the doctor's office. She pretended to be interested in the latest issue of People magazine, glancing up anxiously every few minutes. Part of her felt guilty for not telling Jesse her whereabouts this morning, but the other part of her knew she couldn't set him up for another disappointment.

"Mrs. Katsopolis?" Rebecca quickly looked up to see the nurse standing there with a clipboard.

"Yes," she answered, apprehensively awaiting her results. She was now at the edge of her seat, listening to each and every word the nurse would say next.

"Your results are in. Congratulations, Mrs. Katsopolis, you're going to have another baby!"

Rebecca squealed and hugged the nurse, shouting, "Oh, I can't wait to tell Jess! He'll be so excited. And the twins will be big brothers! This--this is so amazing. I've got to get home and tell everyone!"

And just as suddenly as she had come, Becky left the doctor's office.

The only thing stopping her from going home immediately was stopping to pick up her boys from preschool. She calmly listened to them talk about their day, somehow managing to keep the wonderful news to herself. She knew Jesse should be the first to know.

When they got home Nicky and Alex went upstairs to play with their new train sets that they got last week for their birthday. They were now four years old. Meanwhile, Rebecca found Jesse in the kitchen eating lunch and took a deep breath. How should she tell him?

She sat down at the kitchen table next to him and cleared her throat. "So…how are you?"

"Pretty good. We're a bit short on waitresses at the Smash Club, though," Jesse sighed.

"Still haven't found any replacements for Kimmy and DJ yet?" she asked.

"No, unfortunately," he replied. "I don't know what we'll do when DJ finally goes to college. Kimmy…I can deal with losing Kimmy. What about you?"

"Oh, me?" Becky exclaimed. "Everything's fine. I went to work, stopped by the doctor's office, picked up the kids—"

"Whoa, you went to the doctor's office? Are you okay? Is it something serious?"

"Jesse, don't worry. I'm fine. I actually have some wonderful news. I'm pregnant, Jess!" Rebecca finally blurted out.

"Pregnant?! Are you serious?" Jesse exclaimed as he swung Becky around the kitchen. "Why didn't you tell me you might be pregnant?"

"Well, I didn't want to worry you. We've been disappointed several times already and I didn't want to hurt you," Rebecca replied softly.

Jesse took her hand and said, "Don't be afraid to tell me anything. When we got married, we promised that we wouldn't keep secrets and that we'd tell each other everything."

Becky didn't say anything. The kiss they shared said it all for her.

"Dinner's ready," Danny called. Everyone rushed into the kitchen and sat down. "We're having chicken and dumplings tonight with fruit and salad," he said as he put the food on the table.

"Ew!" Michelle stuck out her tongue. Nicky and Alex nodded their heads in agreement.

"You guys haven't even tasted them yet. I'm sure they're delicious," DJ chided them.

"We've had chicken every day this week," Stephanie complained.

"It was on sale," Danny protested.

"If you won't eat it, I will," Joey said as picked up Michelle's plate and dumped its contents onto his own.

"Well, Jesse and I have some news we'd like to share," Becky interrupted.

Everyone stopped talking about chicken and dumplings and turned their attention to Becky.

"I'm gonna have another baby!" Becky squealed.

"Aunt Becky, that's great!" DJ exclaimed.

"I'm very happy for you two," Danny chimed in.

"Did you hear that, boys? You're gonna be big brothers!" Jesse told Nicky and Alex with a grin.

"You know, I really missed having a baby around the house. It'll be nice to have another one," Joey replied.

"Yeah, it's going to be awesome. I'm gonna have another little cousin! Alright!" Stephanie said happily.

"I'll finally be one of the older kids in the house!" Michelle rejoiced.

"This house just keeps getting fuller," Danny commented. "First Joey and Jesse, then Becky, then Nicky and Alex, and now another baby."

"If there's going to be another baby, where is it going to sleep?" Michelle questioned. "Dad even said this house is full. Are you guys going to have to move out?"

"Don't worry, Michelle," Becky smiled. "We're staying right here. But that is a good question. Jess, where is the baby going to sleep? Is there enough room in the attic?" Becky asked.

"I could always add another room. Don't worry, Beck, we'll figure something out," Jesse replied confidently.

"You're not going to take my room," Stephanie piped in. "When Deej goes to college, Michelle moves into DJ's old room, and I get my own room that I've waited eight years for."

"You'll still get your own room," Danny assured her. "After all, I promised you'd have your own room when DJ goes to college."

Stephanie let out a sigh of relief.

Everyone continued eating as Jesse and Rebecca wondered, "Where is the baby going to sleep?" But now was not the time for worrying. Tomorrow, Vicky was coming over for a week, and besides, they would have nine months to figure out a solution.