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Hermione, Peter, and Kitty were all sharing a compartment on the Hogwarts Express as they made their way back to the train station. The three were enjoying a relatively peaceful ride having been ignored for the most part by everyone else who seemed to think that if they pretended that the group didn't exist. The three were talking about some of their classes and homework when Draco Malfoy decided to barge in on them. "Well Mudblood what are you going to do now that Scar head and the Weasel aren't here to protect you anymore?" The boy gloated as he and his two goons gave their best intimidating looks at the three. "They must have finally started to get a sense of class when they dropped you."

Peter and Kitty looked up at the Slytherians in amusement. "Do you really want to get into another fight with us Malfoy? So far, every time that we've met up you haven't exactly come off of for the better of it."

Malfoy glowered at the two Americans angrily as they dared to stand up to him. "Watch your mouth Parker, or I might just have to take points off of you for your cheek." The boy growled out at him.

"Is that supposed to worry us?" Kitty questioned him with a smirk, "Don't you understand that we could care less about your House Cup that you got going on?"

"Maybe you'd like to serve a detention under Umbridge then, maybe you'll show us the proper respect that we should expect from rubbish like yourselves."

"Please, you can't even face us yourself without the help of someone to hold your hand," Peter mocked.

Malfoy's hand went for his wand only for his hand to be caught in the grip of Kitty who smiled sweetly at the pureblood. "If you were to draw that wand I would be forced to shove it right back up your ass. So how about you just leave it there for now huh?"

Malfoy's eyes darted to where Crabbe and Goyle but saw that they were covered by Hermione's wand. Peter chuckled a bit as he looked at the situation before him. "You know, it's funny that it only takes two muggle born witches to deal with you and your three goons and that's only because its easiest this way. Either one of them could turn you and your buddies inside out if they wanted to Malfoy. The fact that they haven't must say something good about them, cause I'm not sure that I could do the same if I was in their position which is kind of why I didn't touch you cause I'm pretty sure that I would have ."

Malfoy growled at the threats that the upstart squib descended weakling was throwing at him, "Madame Umbridge will hear about this," he promised them. "You won't get away with treating members of the Inquisitors Squad like this. When we're done you're going to be begging to go back to the states."

"Trust me, I already wish I was back there," Peter assured the boy, "I would much rather be hanging around back in New York as opposed to being stuck in this close minded society that seems to think that blood means privilege for some crazy reason or other." Malfoy glared angrily at the trio of bad bloods before he pulled back with a swirl of his robes he retreated behind his followers.

Hermione uneasily watched the three Slytherians leave the compartment she then turned to see the two Americans who were already returning to their books that they had set to the side. She looked at her own book before she turned back toward the pair. "I don't suppose that you are going to tell me how it is that the two of you can appear to be between floors or be near the window of one building and then a few moments later your nearly at the tower. How do you manage to do it?"

"Don't suppose that you would believe that its one of those things that you don't need to know and you won't tell people about this?" Peter questioned her hopefully. Hermione gave a stern look at the pair and simply shook her head at them. "Thought not."

Kitty smiled at the other girl, "can't blame us for trying can you?"

Peter nodded in agreement, "Kitty and I have our secrets just like you guys have your secrets, the only difference is that you think that we should tell you all of our secrets while you can keep all of yours. We may not always be understanding about certain things but we do know that we can't expect a double standard either."

Hermione winced and looked guiltily at the pair she had to admit that they had a point. Dumbledore, the Order, and the trio all had many secrets and didn't seem to like it to much that these people had secrets of their own. The fact that they had been expecting an unknowledgeable boy when it came to magic. Peter had instead been an angry young man who seemed to easily understand magic, and had a friend in Europe that was also a potential witch. The pair had since then had done fairly well as if they were any other fifth year student in Hogwarts despite the fact that they had no known previous training in magic. There were things that they wanted answered but the pair wouldn't give them the answers just as they wouldn't give away their secrets without a fight.

"I think your making a mistake in not letting us help you but I'll respect your wishes for the moment." Hermione relented, "and if I do end up telling people who you are if I do find out I will try and warn you unless I think you're a danger."

"You mean when you find out," Peter assured her, "there is no way that you're going to come back without at least knowing Kitty's secret. My secret is just a little bit better hidden than hers so you may or may not figure mine out." He let out a smirk at Kitty who punched him playfully sending him into mock moans of agony. Hermione nodded at the pair and the group went back to working on the last bits of homework that they had left.

As the group got off the train Kitty grinned as she saw a friend was already standing there. "Brian," she cried as she left Peter to juggle the two trunks while she gave her teammate a tight hug that on a normal person would likely have cracked bones but on Brian did very little. Pete Wisdom snickered at the way the boy was dancing to catch the trunks slightly disappointed that the boy managed to regain his balance before he did anything humiliating.

"Hello Kitty," Brian said as he returned the hug of his charge. "I hope that the two of you have managed to stay out of trouble?" He questioned shooting Peter an inquiring look.

"Hey why are you looking at me like that?" Peter complained.

"Because trouble sticks to you almost as well as it does to Wisdom or Logan." Brian returned to his former superhero teacher as he placed the girl down and clapped the Parker boy on the shoulder. "Come on, we have things to do before we head back to the island." He said as he hauled Kitty's trunk over his shoulder as casually as if he was picking up a sack of laundry.

"Show off," Kitty muttered watching the big man carry her trunk.

Before Brian could say anything several aurors wearing badges around their necks walked up to the group and drew their wands on the group. "Katherine Pryde, you are wanted for questioning on the illegal breeding of dragons, suspected cross breeding a dragon with another creature, and for the suspected illegal binding a dragon or related creature to yourself."

Brian looked at the group with interest before turning to look at Kitty and Peter, "I seem to have been mistaken on who was the most likely to cause problems," he told them dryly. Peter and Wisdom smirked at Kitty who growled in annoyance. The British superhero then turned to look at the assembled Aurors. "Katherine Pryde has only begun studying magic to any extent this year. She and Lockheed have an empathic connection that can only be attained through a psychic connection. The only ways to do so are if you were to be bound one of the pair to have psychic abilities or to use the dark arts, are you gentlemen suggesting that my charge has been practicing dark spell craft under the nose of your Ministry approved teacher?" The Auror swallowed nervously at this. "What's more this dragon is considered a hero and citizen of Britain and cannot be taken by any law enforcement or animal control agency without a written note of the Queen and the Prime Minister."

"Magical creatures are not under their jurisdiction," a man holding an ax argued.

"Nonetheless those are the laws that have been set up to protect Lockheed in case something like this were to ever happen." Brian argued with the wizard, "therefore you have no authority in what it is that Lockheed does. Consider him to be something akin to a Phoenix where your laws are concerned."

The Auror growled angrily obviously not liking the fact that he was being thwarted in doing what he wanted to do. My orders…" he huffed out in annoyance.

"Are in a direct violation of orders from the Queen and the Prime Minister, both of whom outrank Minister of Magic Fudge." Brian informed the man before he said or did anything stupid.

The Auror clamped his mouth shut angrily they were now drawing a scene and with this muggle quoting from supposed laws there wasn't much that could be done. "Don't go too far Minister Fudge will probably want to talk with you," the man sneered before stomping off with his people.

Brian nodded as he watched the man leave having kept as much face as he could all things considered. They were lucky that Lockheed had the protections of the crown or they would be in serious trouble he would have to see if he couldn't put all members under limited crown protection it would have the benefit of giving them some political protection as well as giving Excalibur an official standing when it came to criminals that they brought down as it was they were ranked somewhere around vigilantes and soldiers for hire on bad days this was something he would have to work on.

The trio of heroes grabbed the baggage up and began making their way toward the exit when Tonks appeared and clapped her hand on Peter's shoulder. "Wotcher you lot", she greeted them. "You didn't think that you were going to just up and leave already did you now?" She questioned them with a grin.

"That was the plan," Wisdom said in annoyance as he lit a cigarette and blew a cloud of smoke at the pink haired witch. "Now what can we do for you?"

Tonks coughed and waved the smoke out of her face, "Well Dumbledore thinks that these two would be if they were to join Harry at headquarters. I presume they've mentioned something about it to you."

"Not really," Brian said shrugging, "it's their thing not ours."

"Well then maybe you'll understand when we say that they should come with us then," the witch said, "Kitty would probably be safer at headquarters with us as well."

"Sorry, but I don't recall ever saying that I took orders from Dumbledore or the Order." Brian told her without any amusement. "And I don't take it very well when someone trying to act like my old boss tries to give me orders."

"Besides I believe my uncle and I already had this conversation by owl," Peter told the witch before Brian said something he shouldn't. "We agreed that I would spend part of the holiday with my friends and the other part with him on the understanding that he would be there. We chose it this way so that there would be no way that anyone could get information from me about your precious Order."

"Yes, well that was before this most recent thing happened though," Tonks countered, "I understand that Dumbledore wants to talk to you a bit about it evidently you said something to McGonagall that made him want to question you and Pryde."

"And he thought that he could question her without my permission?" Brian asked while frowning. Tonks swallowed as she realized she may have messed things up nicely for the headmaster.

"Sorry not interested," Peter told her, "if asked you can tell Moody that I only have your word about this and that I didn't trust you over it though. Now, I have some old friends to talk with though so if you'll excuse us."

"Don't cause a scene here," Tonks told him briskly as she began reaching for her wand in warning.

"You don't want to try that bint, Wisdom warned the witch, "you attack him and you might have to deal with me."

Tonks turned to look at the skinny man that had been forgotten. She swallowed nervously as she looked him over. While he didn't have a physical presence like McGonagall or Moody or even an aura of power like Dumbledore, his eyes though scared the crap out of her. Those eyes were if anything just as dark and uncaring as Snape's eyes were. The auror carefully removed her hand from Peter and her wand. She glanced over at Peter and shivered slight as she saw eyes that were like Sirus in the glare that Peter was sending her. The glare was filled with anger and untold pain. Now under the combined might of the two gazes the witch did the only thing that she could think to do and apparated away with a loud crack. The witch shivered at where she was feeling herself making sure she hadn't splinched herself after being stared down like that. Other than losing her shoes she appeared to alright though. She definitely preferred it when those glares were going at each other instead of against her.

Hermione shook her head in disbelief as she watched Tonks disappear with a loud crack. The witch had left her shoes behind in her haste to leave it seemed. She shook her head as she quietly collected the shoes watching the group walk off. Even if she didn't see the young auror she could pass the shoes off to professor McGonagall when she got back to school. The young witch and her family returned home quickly so that Hermione could repack so that they could go on their vacation tomorrow. Hermione sighed as she sat on the couch and casually flicked the television on to the news to see if anything of interest was going on in the real world. The news appeared to be pretty drab and had no unexplainable things that might point to her world.

Hermione looked up as the social sightings came up on some television show or other that tracked celebrities. She watched dully for a minute as first the royal family and the Prime Minister's family were examined she was about to flip the screen off when a familiar sight came up behind the announcer. "And now folks we have a particularly rare sight for you. Superhero Watch has some great new images for you to see of your heroes being just regular people, for those of you out in about at dinner time today were probably treated to this amazing sight as well. The team of superheroes better known to England as Excalibur was out and about today at a restaurant. Excalibur not only came out but they came out in full force as members both old and new came together for the first time. According to our people nearly everyone to be a member of the team was there today except for a few no shows. Amazingly they actually managed to get through the whole meal without being attacked, causing an incident or having to rush to save people. This announcer can only assume that this means the very worst folks and that there is an apocalypse on the verge of happening." One of the hosts said with a smile causing their co host to give an uneasy chuckle. "Now then, how about a little bit of who's who since this is the first time all of Excalibur has been out like this in a group. "

"Fine with me Bob," the woman said, "starting up the team is Britain's foremost superhero and one of the teams founding members, Lord Braddock or Captain Britain and his long term girlfriend, teammate and fellow team founder Meggan." The camera switched to a view of a pair of blondes that would make any model jealous the photo then changed to show them in their costumed identities. Hermione noted that their disguises really weren't all that great in fact Braddock's idea of a disguise was a helmet that covered only half his face. "Alongside of them was the German sensation Kurt Wagner or Nightcrawler, a fellow founding member, team leader, and former member of the Uncanny X-Men. With him was a person who may be familiar to those with frequent flier miles as reserve member Daytripper." The photo showed a blue furred man and blonde woman in formal wear before changing to show the pair in costume. Nightcrawler wore a blue and red body suit with three swords in a harness while Daytripper wore a yellow and red costume with a green cloak.

"Yes and across from them was a bit of a surprise for all of us," the other host said taking over, "but none other than Kitty Pryde another founding member and former member of the X-Men freedom fighters with her favorite alien dragon partner Lockheed. I'll be honest folks we almost didn't recognize her, it looks like the kitten has finally turned into a cat." The man joked as the last pictures and more recent pictures of Kitty were shown together with Lockheed casually resting on the shoulders of his mistress. "The pair haven't been seen in a few months and the last possible sighting of Miss Pryde was in New York. It's a good thing that Lockheed was there to help us identify her." The photo changed again showing Kitty in a blue and gold costume and a mask that covered part of her face with Lockheed flying over her head breathing fire. "Say what you like about our hero teams, but ours at least manages to stay the same without changing every three months." The man mocked with a grin, "of the founding members of Excalibur that leaves only Rachel Summers better known as the Phoenix as being unknown," the man continued as a picture of a redheaded woman in red and gold spandex then came up beside the group.

Hermione was barely even aware that she was now standing up and watching the screen in shock. "But that can't be," she muttered to herself as she watched in disbelief.

"The next person is a short term member of the team known simply as Kylun." An adult that looked somewhere between a cross of a male lion and human was shown. When a photo of him in combat flashed he was shown like Nightcrawler to wear a pair of swords on his back. "Alongside of him is fellow teammate, former government agent Micromax, he was last reported for working as chief of security in the states at the Brand cooperation."

"And now that we've reintroduced all of the old hands lets re-meet the new members of the group. First up we have Rahne Sinclair better known as Wolfsbane former member of the New Mutants and X-Force. Sitting beside her is none other than fellow recruit Douglock the techno organic hero." The picture first showed a pair of odd looking teens laughing before changing to show a robot like man dressed in blue standing next to what Hermione could only classify as some type of werewolf. "Those two get much closer and we just may have three couples on the team."

"And bringing up the last members are none other than Government attaché Pete Wisdom and Piotr Rasputin better known as the mutant powerhouse Colossus yet another former member of the X-Men." The photo showed one large young man sitting next to a scrawny man that Hermione recognized as the one that had threatened Tonks. The image change and while the scrawny man's image didn't change Colossus now appeared to be made completely of metal and was wearing a red and yellow outfit. "Won't be long before people start thinking of Excalibur as the European branch of the X-Men, instead of our own version of the Avengers."

"Off to the sides we have the human members, support and friends of Excalibur. Psychologist Dr. Roderick Campbell, famed geneticists Dr. Moira Mactaggert, government employee and long time friend of Excalibur Dr. Alistaire Stuart, and sitting there with young Miss Pryde is none other than Peter Parker, a well known photo journalist for the American paper the Daily Bugle. He is best known for his efforts in taking pictures of the famed vigilante the Amazing Spiderman." A picture of Peter and Spiderman standing together flashed by for a moment before being replaced with an image of the entire group eating.

Hermione just sat there gaping in disbelief while her parents watched their normally unflappable daughter sit on the couch. "Well at least we know you're well protected there." Mr. Granger said with a relieved smile. "I have to admit your mother and I were a bit worried about you going back to school this year, but if you've got a real superhero there then I suppose that you can't get much safer than that." The dentist smirked at his daughter. "You didn't know about this did you sweetheart?" Hermione merely shook her head as she finally turned the telly off. "Well, at least we know your safe now," the man muttered before turning and walking out of the room.

Hermione sighed as she looked at the blank screen she now knew Kitty's secret the question was what was she going to do with that knowledge. Before her talk with Peter and Kitty she might have contacted Professor Dumbledore without a moment's hesitation yet now she was unsure. Could she just tell everyone about what she had learned? Kitty was a hero and she guessed that even if Peter wasn't a hero he had some special abilitites that gave him an edge. Others that were born differently in the wizarding world were not exactly treated with respect. Hagrid and Professor Lupin were both prime examples of that they were both ostracized for being different despite the fact that one of them was stronger and more durable than any other while Remus had enhanced senses. What would the wizarding world do if they found out that there were people with extra abilities going between their worlds? Even Harry had been attacked for his extra abilities when it came to parseltongue she would have to wait and think this out before she made a choice one way or the other. It was probably just as well that she was not going to be around any other wizards for a while it would give her a chance to consider all of her options about what it was that she could do. Who knows she might just learn more about everything if she were to remain quiet.

It did explain how they knew beings like the Dr. Strange though and how they knew of various beings. It also explained why they were harder to impress and why Umbridge couldn't do anything to intimidate the pair. Kitty knew people that could lift buildings; who knows who else she knew. As for Peter she would have to investigate him more before she could figure things out however she was starting to get some suspicions. It would explain how Peter was able to get his Spiderman photos as well if he had special powers of his own that allowed him to move around so freely. Hermione shook her head and headed for her room she would have a lot of thinking to do.

Shaking the last bit of the willies she had off Tonks apparated back to Grimauld Place. The witch looked up as the house seemed to grow out between two buildings on either side of it. She quickly slipped inside and passed the painting of her grandmother and the troll foot umbrella case and found herself facing the combined might of Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall, and Mad-Eye Moody. The trio of adults all looked behind her expecting to see two American teens. "They're not here," the auror told them all nervously. The witch flinched as McGonagall and Moody both turned their annoyed stares toward her. She really didn't want to be under the scrutiny of the Old Crowd of the Order of the Phoenix.

"Really Nymphronda, and may I enquire as to why you were unable to get Mr. Parker and Miss. Pryde to come back with you?" Dumbledore questioned her while flashing her a look of disappointment that made the witch feel as if she was in front of him for something she had done in class. "I had several questions for the pair that I had hoped that they would be able to answer for me. According to Minerva the two of them seemed to have quiet a bit of knowledge on the mental arts particularly on how Voldemort is managing to get inside Mr. Potter's head."

"Yeah well next time headmaster can I suggest that you question them about those sorts of things when they're still at school and have to listen to you? It would be nice not to have to get caught under glares that were like Sirius thousand spell glare and Snape's death stare of doom." The witch added to the other adults.

"You had both of those glares pointed at you?" Minerva questioned curiously, "but how Severus and Sirius are both still here."

Tonks chuckled at the teacher hollowly, "Lets just say that Petey and his friend have glares that have just as much in them as those others do. Trust me on this one, it was like I was being glared at by Sirius and Snape when they were both getting angry and annoyed. Not really something that I ever want to do anytime soon I might add." She informed them.

"It was a nice try," McGonagall told the auror.

Dumbledore frowned at the young woman. "Are they safe with them though? Severus has a reason for being the way that he is I highly doubt that this muggle has the same reasons that Severus does they could both be in extreme danger."

"They seem to trust him though headmaster, really who they decide to trust is really not any of our business." McGonagall sniffed at her friend. "Unless of course you intend to tell us why you feel comfortable with trusting Severus of course."

"We have been over this before Minerva, I have my own reasons for trusting Severus." Dumbledore defended.

And maybe they have reasons of their own for trusting in this friend of theirs." Moody replied with a bit of a smirk as he pointed something out to Dumbledore. "They don't feel as if they have to ask you for permission for every single thing like most people do and they don't seem dark either. Though I would need to observe the both of them more before I could be sure of that one."

"Very well," Dumbledore relented to his two friends "I will leave them alone for now and hope that we do not regret trusting in Mr. Parker and Miss. Pryde's judgement."

"Not much more ya can do than that," Moody grumbled to Dumbledore. "And ya better hope that the same goes for Snape as well," he tossed over his shoulder stalked out of the room.

Peter scowled as he flipped the t.v off. That was hardly what he had expected when they had all gone out, still he supposed that he should have when he considered how famous Excalibur appeared to be they were like England's answer to the Avengers. He was currently being a good guy and watching the communications setup while all of the others were talking and reliving old adventures with each other he figured it was the least that he could do for them all. He looked up as the intercom came to life. "Yo Peter we got an owl from the goblins, you might want to come down here and see what it says."

"Yeah sure I'll be right down," he responded wondering what it was that the goblins felt that they needed to contact him over. He wandered down to the living area where he saw Wolvie and Lockheed glaring at each other the two were most likely fighting over resting on Kitty's shoulder again. Personally he thought the owl a waste of space but they had it so they used it for the occasional thing. "Try not to barbecue him big guy, he does have his uses with the wizards." Peter told the dragon who reluctantly nodded while the owl puffed itself up in annoyance.

Peter found everyone in the entertainment room and wondered what was up. Kitty held a piece of parchment with an unknown owl clinging to a piece of furniture while everyone else was waiting on him. "Hey," Kitty said flashing him a smile, "we just got an owl from Gringotts, they want to schedule a training session for their security forces during the break if we wouldn't mind the training that it would give us."

"Might as well get it over with now, who knows it might be worth it to train against the goblins and at worst we learn a bit about their fighting styles might let us know how much danger they could give us in the future."

"Please," Kitty said with a smirk, "you could care less about all of that. You just want an excuse to suit up and horse around without anyone calling you on it."

"You say that like it's a bad thing." Peter and Kurt said in mock outrage to the ninja teen.

"It can be sometimes," the girl deadpanned at the pair. "So, who wants in?"

"What's in it fer us Pryde?" Wisdom questioned the former X-Man. "I don't much enjoy being used for someone's bloody target practice."

"Then think of it as more of a recon mission then herr Wisdom," Nightcrawler suggested to the spy. "We currently have a slight advantage at the moment because the wizards aren't used to normal beings getting involved with their affairs. However that advantage will only last for so long. While the wizarding world appears to be particularly gullible by our standards it does have some intelligent people in it and sooner or later we're going to be out of political threats we can throw at them and will have to either produce something or we will have to shut up. Besides other than dealing with racial and schooling laws there won't be a whole lot that anyone will want to do at first anyways. Particularly if it means that the government won't really be getting anything out of it."

Brian nodded in agreement with Kurt. "Even if we can get the panels required together to begin going over all of the various laws a panel that will need to be made up of government officials from both sides since they will need people that understand magic and why they do something's even if the wizards are only in advisor roles. Even if we were able to get all of that done it would still take a couple of years before we could even be sure about any changes happening."

"In other words you lot want to get in as many hits as ya can before they wise up and start hitting back at ya," Wisdom said in understanding.

"Right, and we need to see what kind of defenses that they may have as we could end up having to fight those types of things if this civil war of theirs gets as bad as we think it could, and since Gringotts is one of the most magically defended places in England it seems like a good place to start at."

"It'll also give us an edge against them," Kitty said with a smirk, we'll know what they can do, but only the Goblins will know what we can do as well."

"So they be dangerous down there are they?" Rahne questioned curiously.

"That or they have the potential to be dangerous." Kitty explained to her friend.

"Exactly how dangerous are we talking about comrades?" Piotor questioned with interest.

"Douglock you've been studying theory behind wizard magic perhaps you tell us the answer to this one?" Kurt said as they all turned to the yellow alien mutant hybrid.

Douglock nodded before he turned to regard the whole group. "The witches and wizards have varying levels of strength, but most have power levels that classify them as class 3 or 4 level mutants. Some of them might make extremely weak class five's with their ability to alter things on a molecular level. The ones that we know for sure or suspect of that level are Mad-Eye Moody, Minerva McGonagall, Severus Snape, Amelia Bones, and Bellatrix Lestrange, there are rumors about the headmistress of a French magical school who appears to be extremely powerful both magically and physically. In class five or Omega level the only ones that we are confident that might be considered in that level are Albus Dumbledore, and the Dark Lord Voldermort. The last two have a power level that is theoretically comparable to that of Kevin MacTaggert AKA Proteus."

Kurt and Piotor exchanged uneasy looks at that announcement, the two of them had fought that particular mutant, a mutant with the ability to alter the reality of anything that he could with but a thought. The team had barely survived that fight. It was only because Colossus had been forced to destroy the young man that they were even alive today.

"It is possible also to compare the pair to Loki Norse God of Mischief, though the pair would only be capable of being comparable to that level of power for approximately 3-4 minutes."

Peter shivered at the thought of facing that kind of power he had occasionally been forced to fight beings that fought on the cosmic scale, but for the most part kept himself to people only two to ten times more powerful than he was and tried to stay away from the guys that were a hundred or a thousand times more powerful than he was. "Are you sure? Cause I gotta admit old Dumbledore doesn't exactly seem to be in the same class as Doom, Electro, or Magneto. Doc Ock and Sandman yes, but not much more than that."

"I'm with the web head on that one, of course then again not very many people would believe that Jean is as powerful as she is either." Kitty said shrugging, "could be that the two of us have gotten used to flashy displays of power to though. "

"True the guy has only given one display of power really, and if he wasn't going at full power then it could be we've underestimated him." Peter reluctantly agreed hating it when his mistakes came at him like this still it was better than blowing up in his face like they usually did. "Still, a lot of his power is political, although he may magically be stronger than we originally imagined."

"Agreed," Kitty said, "I think we should treat him as potentially as strong as Magneto and go with it from there."

"Sounds like a plan, although I would say it's closer to dealing with Doom when he's trying to seem like a good guy."

"Trust me Magneto can pull those exact same kinds of moves if he wants to he just prefers the more direct approach over the more subtle way of politics." Nightcrawler informed the wall-crawler who nodded in agreement.

"This is merely the preliminary reports from what I know so far though," Douglock explained to the pair, "there could be data that I have not been privy to yet that would allow for us to understand them better but such things will take time and more research."

"That's okay you've done a great start Douglock." Rahne assured the alien while patting him on the shoulder.

"So back to the original question just who all wants to go and play with the goblins?" Kitty questioned as she held up the parchment in her hands.

"It will be good for practice and there's no telling which of us will be here when the time finally comes so as many us as can should go." Kylun explained to the others who nodded in agreement.

"Well then I'll tell them to be expecting a crowd and possibly lots and lots of property damage on the inside." Peter half heartedly joked as he began writing out the response letter. It was a well known fact that if you were in need of a superhero all you had to do was follow the trail of property damage that they left and sooner or later you would find them.