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Summary: Sakura is now 22 and has become a strong woman in her own right; she is now setting her sights on becoming part of ANBU! Can she get through the brutal training Tsunade assigns her? And will she be able to overcome the traumatizing events in her past? Kakashi, now 32, has spent the last 5 years regretting the events of the past, but with Sakura's help will he be able to overcome his guilt and learn to love again?

Chapter Title: Of Anger and Despair

Oooooo5 year's earlieroooooO

A faint dripping broke through the deep haze that had settled in her head. Slowly Sakura cracked her eyes open and peered at her surroundings.

She appeared to be in a small dark room; a torch that hung by a wooden door was the only light in the room.

The quivering of the flame kept casting shadows around the room, but Sakura was not fooled by the shadows, she knew she was not alone.

She tried to move her hands and legs but they were tied to what appeared to be a medical bed. Her eyes widened slightly as she realized the predicament she was in.

'Where the hell am I? How did I get here?'

She remembered being on a D class mission to bring a specially made medicine to an elderly couple who lived on the outskirts of Konoha. She had made it to the cabin and she remembered leaving but after that things became hazy.

She remembered feeling someone watching her and then she turned and everything went black.

She winced slightly when she felt the pain radiating from the side of her head, as if the memory caused the pain to come back.

Inner Sakura fumed, those cowards they couldn't even face me, and instead they had to hit me unconscious!

Sakura's head whipped around when she heard a scraping noise to her right. A pale thin face appeared out of the shadows.


"Hello Sakura." Sakura shuddered as his slimy voice slid over her skin. He chuckled.

"I see you remember me…"

He stepped fully out of the shadows and up to her bed. He slid a long bony finger down the side of her cheek. Sakura sharply pulled her face away from his touch which caused him to smirk evilly.

"I see you do not like my touch, well lucky for you I have other plans for you."

He smiled then, enough to show his gleaming teeth, causing the hairs on the back of her neck to stand on end.

Orochimaru turned from her and looked expectantly towards the shadows of the room.

"Sasuke come here."

At his words, Sakura's eyes widened and followed Orochimaru's gaze to where Sasuke was slowly stepping out into the quivering light.

"Sasuke!" She cried happily, but her smile soon disappeared when she caught the look in his eyes.

His black eyes were blank and icy. When she had said his name he had glanced at her briefly but in that glance she had seen no recognition of her what so ever.

'Sasuke… What has he done to you?'

"Sasuke are you loyal to me?"

Sasuke did not reply but he nodded his head slightly.

"I want you to prove to me that you have given up your past and that you are solely loyal to me… I'm giving her to you to do what you like; my only wish is to see that she is tortured."

Orochimaru then glanced at Sakura one last time and then turned and headed out the door, leaving her alone with Sasuke. As soon as he closed the door Sasuke turned toward Sakura, his eyes traveling from her own eyes down the length of her body all the way to her feet. Ice-cold fingers of fear trickled down her spine as she saw the strange glint in Sasuke's eyes.

"Sasuke you're not going to listen to him right? You know me; remember I'm Sakura, your teammate? I… I love you" she ended, her voice barely a whisper.

He snickered, a hard edge to his face.

"You love me? Tell me Sakura would you love me still if I tortured you? Or better yet if I took you against your will?" when she didn't respond he smirked.

"That's what I thought, you don't love me, you only love the idea of being with me," he said slowly as he slid a finger down her cheek, his finger leaving a cool trail in its wake.

Removing his finger from her skin, he slowly slid his fingers through her pink locks.

"You have become so beautiful since I last saw you…"

He drew his hand away from her and gazed down at her with a smoldering look, a look that held a terrifying truth.

"Sasuke you don't have to do this, you can just let me go and we can go back to Konoha together, I'm sure everyone will be happy to see you again…"

"Shut up! Are you still so naive? I don't want to go back, all I want is more power and I can't get that in Konoha!" he spit out, his face twisting into a cruel sneer.

"But I will allow myself this one last pleasure from Konoha…"

He reached his hand to her pink top and curled his fingers around the fabric and roughly tugged, easily ripping the fabric open revealing her to his hungry eyes.

As Sasuke continued to rip her clothing from her body Sakura silently watched as the face she loved with her whole heart, twisted cruelly into a shadow of its former glory.

'Sasuke…how could you?'

Her emerald eyes, full of anguish, slowly closed as glistening tears slid down her cheeks.


In Tsunade's office ten pairs of eyes watched intently as Tsunade began to describe their upcoming mission.

"As most of you already know Sakura has gone missing and to our known intelligence it was a Sound Nin that took her while she was on a mission four days ago. This mission is a rescue mission and while we are rescuing Sakura we are to destroy the sound village once and for all." Tsunade paused while her golden eyes scanned the group of ninja in front of her.

"This is an S-class mission and all of us here might not make it back so I want you all to take the night for yourself; you are all to meet me and Jiriaya at the Konoha gates at dawn."

At the mention of her and Jiriaya's involvement many of the ninja's exchanged bewildered looks.

Tsunade sighed, "I will be heading this mission as well as Jiriaya, she is my student and very dear to me. I intend to retrieve her at all costs… You have your orders you are now dismissed!"


Each ninja brought there closed fists to there chest and then filed out of the room.

Once they had left, Tsunade leaned back in her chair and turned to Shizune who stood beside her.

"Shizune while I'm gone I want you to be in charge."

"Of course, Tsunade-sama I wish you the best of luck on this mission, the out come will affect a lot of people in this village."

Tsunade sighed and rubbed her temple, "Yes I know I just hope she is still alive and okay."

"So do I."

They both turned to gaze out the window at the village below that sparkled in the setting sun.


"Neji, Kiba, Genma, Kurenai, Lee, Asuma, and Ibiki, I want you all to head to the main village and take care of all the sound ninja there, once your finished with them burn their bodies and the rest of the village to the ground!" Tsunade whispered into the microphone.


The seven ninja mentioned took off to her right and disappeared into the forest, heading towards the main village. Her eyes sweep the clearing in front of her, searching for any possible traps.

She looked to her right and left where Naruto, Kakashi, and Jiriaya still remained hidden, masking their chakras. She made a slight hand motion, signaling to them that they were to follow her.

Just before moving, Kakashi bit his thumb and slammed his bloodied hand onto the tree branch he was currently standing on.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu!"

A small poof and out of the smoke that appeared sat Pakuun. The little pug yawned slightly and then lifted his droopy eyes to look up at Kakashi.

"Pakuun I want you to go around the clearing keeping to the woods and sneak into that opening and find Sakura, make sure to leave a trail behind so I can follow you."

The small dog glanced across the field to the door.

"Sure thing, see you in a few!"

Just as suddenly as he had appeared the little pug disappears in a puff of smoke.

Tsunade smiled her approval and then turned her attention back to the empty clearing before them.

'This seems too easy, and if we go out into that clearing we will be open to any attack…'

As if reading her mind, Jiriaya formed a set of seals and whispered a jutsu to her left. She looked back out to the clearing just in time to see a deep mist begin to form, effectively providing covering for them to sneak up to the underground lair.

She glanced back at Jiriaya and smiled in thanks, and then they disappeared from the trees and moved quickly through the mist, making their way to the opening under the giant tree ahead of them.

Just before they made it to the opening Tsunade stopped short, causing the other's behind her to stop as well. She narrowed her eyes and jumped back just as a senbon landed in the patch of grass she had been just seconds earlier.

Beside her Kakashi lifted his head band to uncover his Sharingan and formed a seal that released the Jutsu he had just done. The mist cleared to reveal three familiar faces just three yards in front of them.

"Tsunade what a nice surprise, you actually found it fit to come out from behind your little walls." Orochimaru sneered with his usual false cheerfulness.

A small vein in her forehead started to tick as his words caused her blood to boil in anger.

"I don't think you should be talking, Orochimaru."

Orochimaru snickered, while his reptilian eyes swept over the three ninja's behind her.

"So you have decided to visit as well Jiriaya…"

Jiriaya just smirked and slowly pulled out a kunai from his pouch. In a blink of an eye both Tsunade and Jiriaya take off towards Orochimaru. At the same time Naruto heads towards Sasuke and Kakashi towards Kabuto.


Naruto ran towards Sasuke who had pulled out his own set of Kunai, as he ran he formed a set of seals.

"Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

At his side five more clones of him appeared, each jumping to the side to attack Sasuke from all sides. Sasuke's icy black eyes lit up a bright crimson as he activated his Sharingan. His hands swiftly moving in a flurry of hands seals.

"Katon Goukakyuu no Jutsu!"

From his mouth burst a wall of flame, taking out three of the five shadow clones. Naruto quickly back flips, avoiding the burning flames, and then pulled a hidden scroll from his back. Unclasping it he unrolled it and performed a set of hand seals, causing the scroll to disappear and in its place a Windmill Shuriken spun in his hand.

"Hmm nice trick," Sasuke said, and then pulled out his own blade and lunged towards Naruto.

Using his shurikan as a blade, Naruto blocks the flurry of attacks. Dropping down to the ground, Naruto sweeps Sasuke's feet from under him, but Sasuke back flips in mid air and lands gracefully on his feet.

He then lunges at Naruto again, each attacking with their weapons and occasionally their fists. Naruto lands a punch to Sasuke's chest, causing Sasuke to slide back a couple of yards. As he slides back Sasuke makes a set of hand seals and disappears.

'Shit where the hell did he go!'

Taking a deep breath he scans the clearing, his shuriken at the ready, making a slow circle. He see's a small movement to his right and he brings his shurikan up just in time to block a flurry of shurikan aimed at his head.

Sasuke appears from his right and Naruto swiftly turns to block another attack, jumping back in the process.

"Stop toying with me Sasuke!" he growls menacingly.

Sasuke lowers his blade and smirks and then he narrows his eyes and performs a seal. A sudden wave of power starts to pulse from him as the curse seal on his neck starts to spread throughout his body. Naruto reaches deep within himself to the steel cage that holds the demon fox within.

'Hey demon fox don't just sit around, give me your power!'

Naruto hears a deep amused chuckle from the fox and then he feels the familiar rush of power as the demon allows its fiery chakra to flow through him. Giving a toothy smile he looks up at Sasuke as the red chakra visibly flows around him in a form of a one tailed fox.

As his transformation finishes, Sasuke looks up with black and gold eyes and then in a blink of an eye is gone. Naruto smirks and swiftly turns just in time to catch Sasuke in the chest with a powerful punch, causing him to fly and land in the tree foliage nearby. Naruto quickly follows and throws a kick to his face, but Sasuke blocks the kick and throws Naruto into a tree causing it to splinter. Naruto coughs up blood but he wipes the blood from his mouth and jumps back to the middle of the field.

"Where is Sakura!? I know Orochimaru has her here!" He yells to Sasuke.

"Yea Sakura is here… But I don't think you'll like what you find," Sasuke snickers.

"What do you mean by that? What is wrong with her? What did you do to her?" Naruto screams his chakra going wild around him.

"Let's just say that if you manage to get to her, she won't be the same sweet Sakura." Naruto looked stunned, and then as realization set in his brows furrow and he grits his teeth his blue eyes on fire with anger.

"You've turned into a monster just like Orochimaru! The Sasuke I knew died when you decided to join him!" He ground out through clenched teeth.

Sasuke just laughs and then lunges towards Naruto. Naruto forms seals as he jumps back from Sasuke's attack.

"Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

One shadow clone appears next to him and starts to contain the ball of energy that swirls red and blue in Naruto's hand.

Running towards Sasuke, Naruto disappears from sight and then in a blink of an eye he reappears behind Sasuke.

"Rasengan!" He screams as his hand slams into Sasuke's back and punctures right through leaving a gaping hole through his stomach.

Keeping his hand through Sasuke's stomach, Naruto pulls him close.

"I wanted this to end up differently; I will never forgive you for what you've done to Sakura… I hope you burn in hell Sasuke." Naruto whispers into Sasuke's ears and then pulls his fist out and lets his limp body fall to the ground.

As soon as Sasuke falls to the ground unmoving, Naruto releases his chakra and falls to his knees exhausted.

"I'm sorry Sasuke…Sakura," he whispers before he slowly closes his eyes and passes out.


Kakashi had just finished Kabuto off when he saw both his former students fall to the ground on his right.

"Naruto!" he cried and quickly went to Naruto and turned him over, his eyes searching for an injury. Not finding one he put two fingers to his neck and sighed, relieved to find a strong pulse there.

'He just fainted from using too much chakra.'

His mismatched eyes drifted to the other person lying on the ground.

'Sasuke… I'm so sorry I failed you.'

Standing, he turned to look at the battle that was still raging between the legendary three senin on the other side of the clearing. He silently picked up Naruto and gently put him on a bush nearby, safely out of reach from the on-going battle. Taking one last look around for any enemies, he turned and headed inside the door looking for the trail Pakuun left behind. Finding a small wire on the ground he quickly followed it through the maze like tunnels.

Finally he reached a wooden door and opened it, going inside. What he found in that dark room would haunt him for many years to come.

Sakura was tied hands and feet to the medic bed in the middle of the room. Her usual pink clothing she wore was ripped open down the middle and she had long gashes down her body. All the skin that was visible to him, which was quite a lot, was covered with black and blue bruises.

At the sound of the door opening Sakura's eyes fearfully turned around to the man standing at the door. When she realized who was standing there, she gave a small cry of relief, clear tears streaming down her cheeks.

Kakashi quickly undid the clasps that held Sakura's limbs captive, and tried to cover her body with her ripped clothing.

"Sakura can you hear me?"

He reached his hands to brush her wet hair off of her face but she flinched at his touch, causing him to pull away as if he had been burned. His eyes grew dark with pain as he gently pulled her shaking body into his embrace and turned to Pakuun, who was waiting patiently by the door.

"Thank you for your help old friend."

"You're welcome…take care of her," Pakuun replied before he disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Kakashi turned with Sakura securely in his arms, starting to make his way back through the tunnel. After a couple of silent minutes he arrived back at the entrance and slowly peered outside making sure everything was still clear. One look around and he knew the battle was over.

Tsunade and Jiriaya were wearily walking back towards the spot where he had left Naruto earlier. He made his way over to them and when Tsunade saw who he held in his arms she hurried to him, her eyes filling with tears as she took in the appearance of her beloved student.

"Oh Kami, Sakura!" she exclaimed, brushing Sakura's hair back.

"What happened to her? What did they do?"

Sakura slowly opened her eyes and looked up at her blankly, but did not answer. Tsunade told Kakashi to put her down and then she leaned over her and laid her hands over Sakura's body. Her hands started to glow green as Tsunade used what little chakra she had left to heal the open wounds and the many bruises on Sakura's body. When she healed as much as she could she turned to Kakashi, who was watching intently.

"Kakashi go ahead of us and take her as quickly as you can back to Konoha, she needs medical attention as soon as possible."

"Hai, I will go as fast as I can," Kakashi replied and picked Sakura back up, turned and jumped into the forest taking off back towards Konoha.

Just as Kakashi left, the rest of the leaf ninja appeared from the forest.

"Hokage, the sound village is destroyed and all its ninja are defeated." Genma stated.

"Good finally we are done with this horrible village, lets go home."

Ooooooo5 Years LaterooooooO

Sakura marveled at how fast the years had gone by, it seemed like just yesterday she had woken up in the hospital, Naruto worriedly looking over her. It had been really nice having him be the first person she saw. It was like waking up from a horrible nightmare and realizing it was just a nightmare.

But what had happened to her five years ago had not been a nightmare, it had truly happened and she was still trying to overcome those traumatizing days.

She had never revealed to anyone, not even Naruto, what had happened during the time she was captured, it was a part of her life that she had put behind a door in her mind that she had locked up a long time ago.

Ever since she had woken up she had vowed that she would never let herself be in that kind of situation again. She would never have to depend on other people to save her, she promised herself that she would become stronger, and that's exactly what she did. From the minute that she was released from the hospital she started to train with Tsunade, who understood her reasoning behind wanting to become stronger.

Now she was 22 years old and she has grown both physically and mentally. She had become a Jounin at the age of 19 and she has become the second best medical Nin in all of Konoha, only behind Tsunade.

She sighed and picked up her now empty tea cup, bringing it to the sink. She turned, her cerulean eyes lingering on an old picture of team seven. She remembered when they had taken that picture; it was a happy day. Her eyes drifted from Naruto's smiling face to Kakashi.


Ever since she had gotten out of the hospital five years ago she had not spoken a word to her old sensei. The only reason she knew he had visited her in the hospital was due to Naruto. Every time he saw her, she could see the pain in his dark eye, it hurt her that it caused him pain to see her, so they both avoided each other. He was there when she had become Jounin as was Naruto, but after that she only saw glimpses of him, mostly in HQ.

To be honest with herself she really missed her old sensei, but there was just too much pain between them.

Sakura put the picture frame back down on the table, then turned and grabbed her jounin jacket, throwing it on as she walked out the door, heading for HQ.

Her relationship with Naruto on the other hand had grown a lot stronger. He was her rock a lot of the times when she just couldn't deal with the pain alone. She knew that he was the one that had killed Sasuke in the end and she always saw the pain deep in his blue eyes, but just like her, he dealt with the pain and moved on and became a Jounin around the same time she did.

They had tried dating but there was just too much between them so they mutually decided to stay as good friends. With a little help from her, Naruto found out about Hinata's infatuation with him and they had started dating. They have been married for about a year now and Sakura was truly happy that Naruto had finally found happiness. Naruto had also joined ANBU and became an ANBU captain a couple of months ago. He was well on his way to accomplishing his dream to become Hokage.

Even though they were both very busy, they always found time to at least have dinner with each other once a week to catch up on news in each others lives.

Coming out of her thoughts, Sakura looked up at the familiar red building in front of her. For the past 7 years she has been trained by Tsunade, and with that came the privilege of having access to the enormous library. She had spent many hours in that library learning more about her craft, about the history of Konoha and those that lived in it.

Sakura sighed and started to make her way up to Tsunade's office, once there she knocked twice.

"Come In," came a muffled, slightly annoyed reply.

Sakura slowly opened the door and walked in, smiling faintly as Tsunade glanced up at her.

"Hi Sakura, how are you?"

"I'm doing fine; I just wanted to talk to you about a decision I have come to."

"Sure, go ahead and sit. So what's going on?"

Sakura took a deep breath and walked to the chair in front of Tsunade's desk, sinking into the soft leather.

"I want to join ANBU."


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So this is my first Naruto fic so I hope everyone likes it, I'm totally in love with the Sakura and Kakashi pairing so I got inspired to write a fic about them. So far I have about 8 chapters planned out so ill try to update regularly. Unlike other fics (no offense) I'm not going to have Sakura and Kakashi just fall in love out of the blue it's going to take time, drama, and a whole lot of heartache.


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