Blossoms in spring

Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon or any of the characters.

Warning: Do not take this too seriously. Its just a one shot - just pretend the digital world never happened.


Hikari Kamiya grasped a petal from the air with a radiant smile. The cherry blossoms were in bloom, working their magic in the spring light. The wind had picked up, and the pink flowers floated from the branches into the air, blocking out the sun with their radiance. Giggling, the brown haired girl ran through the path of the park, bathing in the flowers that danced around her. After days on end stuck in Japan's electronic and digital culture, the flowers of nature lifted the soul from its iron prison.

Her cell phone rang suddenly, disrupting the moment of piece she had discovered. She jumped slightly and flicked it open, the faded pink color blending in with the dancing flowers. "Moshi Moshi?" She said into the speaker. Hello?

"Hello, is this Hikari-chan?" A pleasant sounding male voice sounded on the other line.

"Yes, who is this?" She asked, letting the petal in her hand flutter away with the rest of the beauty of nature; to go free like nature was supposed to go.

"It's Takeru from class," The boy said with a slight laugh. "Did you forget me already?"

Hikari frowned at the electronic appliance on her ear. "No! Your voice sounds different on the phone!" She glanced up at the flower petals.

"Hey, Hikari-chan! Walk forward about ten steps."

She scowled at the phone and flipped a hand through her hair, a rain of cherry blossoms exploding from the tendrils of hair. "Why?"

"C'mon, just do it, okay?" His calm voice goaded gently.

"Okay," She took ten small baby steps forward. "Okay! I took ten!" Her green eyes lit with mischief and she giggled at her trick. The flowers still fell so hard from the sky that it seemed like a blizzard of sweet smelling snow.

"Ha ha, very funny!" He grumbled into the phone. She heard a click, and then the tone of dial tone.

"Hey! Did you just turn off on me?" She stared down at the screen in disbelief. "That was rude!"

"Was it? I'm sorry." She heard the boy's amused voice coming from behind her. It almost echoed in the flowers, a light tenor that dipped slightly from puberty.

Hikari spun around to retort, but suddenly found her face full of roses. Her eyes widened and she backpedaled her feet in surprise. She looked up and met the soft blue eyes of her classmate. "What are you doing here Takeru-kun?"

He laughed, an amused smile slipping over his features. "Oh, I thought I saw a beautiful girl dancing with flowers that shared her name, but then I noticed that it was just you." His laugh echoed in her ears like music and he slipped the flower bouquet into her hands. "I'm just kidding. It was entrancing." A red line of embarrassment scrawled itself across his cheeks and he scratched his cheek with one hand, looking to the side. He shuffled his feet slightly in uncertainty.

Her face heated and she swallowed slightly. Then she laughed and spread her arms, spinning around and almost disappearing in the beautiful wall of flowers. "Hey Takeru-kun! Guess what?"

He looked at her with a slightly raised eyebrow. "Huh?"

"Daisuki desu ka!"

His laugh met her bell like laugh and caught her free hand in his.

I like you!