Bella Swan is the type of person who doesn't care much for anything. Edward Cullen is one of the populars aka the Black Bloods. Bella doesn't believe in "Prince Charming", Edward Cullen is a selfish rich boy who now has the responsibility of keeping an eye on Bella.

Bella lost her mother to cancer, Charlie is leaving Bella and moving to a different state, she has the option to stay in Forks with the Cullen's, will Edward and Bella relay on each other or will the competition between them only raise to a higher level. House mates,"Prince Charming", emails, secret admires, screen names, text messaging, blackmailing, scandals, and more. These are the normal things the students at Forks High University have to deal with every day. But don't forget the there's the Queen Bee who is determine to ruin everyones lives.


The Way Idiots Really Run

" And in knowing that you know nothing, that makes you the smartest of all." - Socrates

I am one in a billion. One who now stands alone. One who is separated from the rest of the population. I am Bella Swan, also known as the Devil's Heir.

The "Fork's Universe" is made up of rich, popular, beautiful, and snobby people. You have to make sure you're in the right crowds. So everyone says, but screw that...why should we be?

If I wanted I could be popular, I could... but I prefer not to be...

Everything in my life is okay, but what I don't know...will ruin me for LIFE!