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10,000 years ago

Janus stood configuring the stasis pod, a non-aging stasis in which the daughter of Elizabeth Weir could one day become the next protector of Atlantis. Although still an embryo, she had the abilities of the Ancients, the intelligence of her mother and the wisdom of her Ancient father, known to be Moros of the Ancient Council. Already named Ganos-Lal, which meant 'Protector of Wisdom", Ganos would protect Atlantis.Beginning to grown in a nine month gestation, from an embryo to a seven year old, she'd come from her hidden and undetechable room once the original protector, Morgan La Fey 'Ganos Lal' was no longer able to protect the city. Knowing the Ancients and her mother by picture memory, Ganos would be able to do what no one Atlantis could. Similar to the Orici, but good and having no wants except to protect her city and people, she would be able to co-exist with her mother and people.Once finished, Janus left the city to slumber days later with Elizabeth to save it, unknowingly her daughter with her.